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What the heck is the Peanut Butter Shot? I just got a letter from Nick and he said he got that strangely titled shot last Monday. I've done a quick search on the forum but didn't find any comments about it.

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LOL Its pennicillin Shot...they call it peanut butter because it is so son wrote about it alos. Another Mom told me her son said it hurt like hell.
That's it? Just a penicillin shot? I had one years ago and, yes, it hurt.
I hadn't heard about that until now. Tyler never said anything. When I read that I thought someone was taking a shot of liquor. Hehe! Shows where my mind is.
That's funny, Tammy!
OK - so I am wondering if the Navy knows my daughter has a PCN allergy! UGHHH I have to call the recruiter to find out. I would hope that she would remember and tell them no and for the life of me I don't think it ever came up. Worst case I am sure they have medical there and an epi pen.
Colleen: My son is allergic to PCN, too. He heard about the shot before he left so I reminded him (again, and again, and again) to tell them he was allergic. I wonder if there is an alternative shot they give those who are allergic?
Suzanne, My son is allergic to PCN. When he called he said they were giving him something to replace the PCN. I was trying to get as much info from him as I could, I'm not sure now what he said about the PCN. Maripat
OUCH!!! I'm allergic to needles! That sounds really painful. I hope I'm never diabetic! Ouch Ouch!!
I got the same kinda letter from my dtr. She explained it as a shot with a very thick serum. After the serum is injected you have to rub it in. You have to rub the lumpy area it pruduces so that the body can absorb it. They call it the peanut butter shot because it's thick and leaves a lump.....I t also hurts for a few days......................No fun there.........Shawn
my son is allergic to pennecillin as well, I thought it was the gama gobulin, that stuff is thick and they shoot a huge needle full?? Its so they don't catch wierd diseases in 3rd world countries!?
I don't know what's in it, but it sure didn't keep any of the recruits from getting sick. Everyone's kids on our PIR 8/15 blog was sick for weeks. My son said it hurt like crazy for days.
oh my God, My heart just dropped to my stomach at the thought of my son having to deal with the shot much less being sick.. I got a call one morning early (here,) but I didn't catch it, and it was Robben, in a very (defeated)and low voice, he said," hello? Its Rob, hellohello" and he hung up, I let my daughter and his girl hear it and we all agreed he didn't sound good. That was 2 weeks into it, and it was another week b4 I got a letter, and another week until I got a call and Iv'e recieved 1 letter last thurs. Did the kids tell u guys they were sick?


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