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My daughter graduated bootcamp on 8/1/08. I'm very proud of her.

She started her training for Gunnersmate on Wednesday of last week. She has called once and says she has been very disappointed in the "liberty" schedule. Many others in training have a lot of free time but she hasn't been that fortunate. She is discouraged.

I've been trying to keep her positive and tell her not to let this bother her. This makes her stronger, etc. She's only called once. Is it okay to ship her cell phone to her yet?

Please share any insight you may have.


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Hi Connie, Yes, if she has an address on the Navy base, you should be able to send her cell phone . . . I had the best luck with sending stuff USPS - 2 day. It was delivered directly to the building, where UPS and FedEx had to be picked up from the 'mailroom' in another building.
My son is headed back to Great Lakes to begin GM A school next week and I'd like to invite you to join our GM group . . . if you go to my page you'll see the groups shown down the left hand side of the page.
From what I understand liberty is earned in Phases and she should be reaching Phase 2 soon which will allow more freedoms . . . hope that helps:)!
Hi Connie:
My daughter is also in A school to be a gunner's mate she too gradutated on the first. I left her cell phone with her boyfriend who graduated but had leave not just liberty. He gave it to her Wed. she texts and calls also, used a computer and left a note to her myspace friends. Her name is SR Ashley Cook. She is 17 and he asked her to marry him Sat. of her liberty. I am still not out of the funk that weekend left me in. At home I have a job and a 7 yr old daughter that I am getting ready to start 2nd grade in a week. Plus I am a hairdresser and work 5 out of 7 days. Bless her heart I do hope that she is doing okay just send her a great big care package and I think it will be better. I have to do the same. I have to get ready for work. Talk soon. Sorry we couldn't have met in IL I'll have to see how close Ashley is in living qtrs. Give me her name and any info you want to share and I'll see if she can locate her or maybe they do know one another. Ashley did not introduce me to any friends that were staying there for that job. Have a good evening. I'll check this mail tomorrow.
Hi Vivian -

I met SR Ashley Cook at the Ramada Inn -- we were in the room down the hall. SR Heather Hoie is my daughter. Congratulations on the proposal for your daughter. That is great.

I work 10 hour days 5 days a wk myself as a Sales/Marketer. I wish I could go back and visit.

Her biggest struggle right now is keeping straight when they expect to "Muster." I don't know if Ashely has had that difficulty as well. The morning ones are set times but the others are random and not everyone gets told when they are?? Has she hit Phase 2 yet -- Heather is working on that now. I don't understand all the initials used in these emails (PIR is first) then Gunnersmate school?

Better get back to work - Talk to you soon!

My son is Chad. He PIR 6/27. He is now in ATT school waiting for GM school to start. Chad was been very unhappy with the Navy since PIR. But he did not liked BC at first, but before it was over he loved it. I think a lot of it is the - Hurry up & Wait - that really gets to them. He was told he would start GM 7/14 & graduate 12/18. But that did not happen. It looks as if in will the sometime in September before he start GM A-School. He was having problems with ATT but not he has got pass that part & thinks the next part will be easier for him. He said he should graduate from ATT sometime around the 28th or 29th. He is not really sure. GM will be after ATT. He is even talking about C School & what he might like to go into after A School. He said he should make Phase 2 sometime this week & has already made plans for this weekend. I mailed he his cell phone right after I got his address after PIR. Then I mailed his laptop the next week. They have a few places on base that they can use there laptop, but with so many of them trying to get on it was very slow. So, I got him a Sprint card to plug into his laptop. He has to pay $60 per month for the service, but now he can us his laptop in is room or anywhere. I mailed it all USPS.

Connie & Vivian if you have not joined GM of Moms please do.
Hi Sandra -

These initials are so confusing. Can you explain please? This is like a foreign language. Heather got past the boot camp and is now in her phases before Gunner's Mate school. She is confused about "Muster." She says that 1/2 the time they aren't notified of when to Muster that she is concerned of not being there on time. She says the ones in the morning are set times but the ones later in the day are not. How can she keep this straight so she doesn't get into trouble? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

She is getting her weekends off but this Saturday she has to stay back for a little while because she failed an inspection (they complained about her makeup). You know girls they feel naked without their face on. The only thing I could do is encourage her to do what is expected and stay positive. It's hard as a mom to be the listening ear and give advice on something you have no experience in.

She got her cell phone -- I'm mailing her laptop this wkend.

Thanks for all your encouragement!
Hi Connie, I know what you mean about all the initials. I really do not know much about them, I am just learning myself. Of course BC is boot camp. GM is gunner's mate. They all have to indoc classes right after PIR (bc graduation) I do not know what indoc stands for. Then they have SCC classes after indoc which classes are at night. SCC is a basic seamship classes they all have to take. Then they have ATT classes ( Advance Technical Training Program) that is what my son is in now. Then they get to start their A School. Hope this will help some.

What class is your Daug. in now? How is she liking it? Chad does not like it at all right now. I hope once he starts his A School things will get better.

I asked Chad about Muster & how he knew when to muster. He told me that they had a big white board as they go up the stairs that they write on to let them know when they are going to muster. Or they will announce it over the intercom. He said they did not have any girls there with him so he did not know how they let them know when to muster.
I logged into the Navy Mom's for GM's. Thanks!

She is technically on hold until next wk then her SCC classes start. How long does that usually last? So what's next -- ATT then GM. What time frame is typical?

She mentioned that their area doesn't use the whiteboard to list out when they are expected to "Muster." Hopefully, as she gets used to this process she will fee more comfortable.

I appreciate your feedback.

Connie G
Hi Connie,

My son is in "A School" in Pensacola so I'm not sure if the rules are the same, but I believe they are. I shipped his cell phone to him the first day he was out there and he took the first few days to purchase a laptop which he now has. I have spoken with him a few times a day every day, however, I believe he has a little more free time right now because he does not start school for a couple weeks. I tell you this because I wonder if your daughter just isn't aware of the things she can do or have, however they may be different at different bases and for different schools. Good luck and hang in there.
ok ladies i was reading your information and i too am so darn confused by all this. Kaleena graduated end of june and is in what i thought and i think what she thought was her a school there in great lakes. But apparently it isn't. She is a gunners mate and she too is getting very discouraged, she wants badly to finish her nursing, she had two years in college before signing on. now she said something the other day about she might not start her a school til this month sometime and then said soemthing about c school, what is that????? and is the gunners mate a school there in great lakes, and one more question, how do they work the holidays when they are in a school, a 3 hour ferry ride and she is home, just wondered if she can come home or not. she was home for 4 days to get married on the beach look at the pics beautiful!!! ok thanks for the help
Has your daughter completed the Electronics portion which is right before A school? The Electronics school is usually 30 days long minimum from what my daughter Heather has been telling me. She said the last time that most of the sailors are placed "on hold" until the A School starts. The hold can last a few weeks til months.

I was wondering about the holidays, too. I would like to make plans to see Heather but I'm not sure what they receive off. She mentioned that Christmas break starts on 12/19 and goes thru 1/2. Not sure if that means that she will be home during that time or not.

We live in Ks so she would have to make flight arrangements, etc.

Congratulations on your daughter's marriage! I wish her the best.



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