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So my son DOR'd from BUD's and immediately regretted it. He is now in a holding pattern waiting to choose a new job. He wants one that will get him back to BUD's as soon as possible. I have not been able to find much information about what happens when somone DOR's, and what are the best jobs that help them get back quickly. He is looking at this very logically and realizes that he was missing something, and needs to take more time to get all the pieces in place. He knows that he will come back stronger.
Please share your experience, hints or advice.

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Replies to This Discussion may want to seek some advice from her..
good luck to you and your sailor
Thanks - Joyce and I have talked - She is a good source and had great perspective. :)
I was going to point you to our Joyce as well - wishing the best for your son!
I know this sounds stupid, but what does DOR stand for?
Sheila, NO question here is ever stupid.... LOL
I'm so sorry to hear this he was doing so well. Hopefully he will find another job in the Navy that is as rewarding to him. Can he go SWCC ? that would at least put him with the seal units. Hugs to you!!!
Under the radar ~ Make sure he knows how proud we are of him for taking on BUD/s,that is something not many atempt to do and that deserves some credit !
He will find his path in the Navy :)
And whats nice is now he knows more about the jobs he will be going for !
Thank you Molly,
He DOR'd during hellweek. Physically he passed all the required tests to get to hellweek. There is no shame, just regret for making an impulse decision in a moment of doubt. His biggest regret is that he has to leave his buddies who he has really bonded to. I am so damn proud of him. He is strong, and will be an asset for the Navy no matter what. My big concern is that he will end up with a job at the bottom of the barrel and be miserable. He has done his homework, and he has a plan and knows what his rights are. He is ready to move forward so he can come back. He went in yesterday, and the computers were on the fritz so nothing happened. Today he is telling me that everything is closed because its Friday, and it is a 3 day weekend. This is the part that is driving me nuts.
One thing I have learned is that the list of open jobs comes out at the beginning of the month. At this point, he might as well wait another 2 weeks until the new list comes out if what he wants is not on this months list.
On a positive side, he scored high on the ASVAB, that he pretty much qualifies for all the jobs out there. It gives him lots of choices.
Oh that is good news that he may have a bunch of choices because of his ASVAB. I also like the idea of waiting for the start of the new month to get many choices.
As for leaving his buddies ~ Yeah that happens all the time. You leave your BC friends, your school friends, your ship family when you move duty stations. That is a very hard one to get over :(
Give that sailor a big hug from his navy mom Molly :) Just making it to hellweek is impressive
Ouch..feel your son is in the same position....I love our country..and am honored that my son wants to serve it...but they sem to get screwed around
And if they have a back up on their contract they shound go there right??? But that is not happening. I think if someone has gone thru that much training and hard hard work and for some reason does not make it thru, they should place them somewhere that the training they have already recieved gets put to use. Why waste all that time and money you spent to train them? They must have done well on their ASFAB test and PST's to get where they are right? The Navy does not NEED to take someone who made a 89 on their ASFAB and put them to work chipping paint off a ship.
I agree, This is why I think the Navy is loosing so many bright young people today. They do not retain a great number of people after their first enlistment ,because these young people do not feel the military is making the best use of their time and efforts. It is really to bad. Most go in and get the schooling and take into the private sector. Much more was done when my husband and I were in to try to keep you in.


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