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Can anyone give me the scoop on the Navy Inn? is it actually ON the base? how can I contact them for reservations? Do they usually have rooms on short notice?

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Do you mean the Navy Lodge? We stayed at the Navy Lodge at Great Lakes when we went to PIR. Our son (since he's the service member) had to make the reservations for us in his name. Worth checking out--we were very satisfied.
I happen to have the number for the Navy Lodge handy since I just phone this am to extend our visit into the Monday following PIR.


The sooner you call the better, from what I'm told. I reserved as soon as I got the PIR date and was only the tenth room booked. Good luck!
If your son is a recruit and you are wanting to stay at the Navy Lodge for PIR - you can make the reservations yourself, just have your son's PIR date and his social handy (they asked me for his social which I didn't have at the time and I called and gave it to them later). They do get booked up quickly. It is not on base - but is down the road a few minutes. Not within walking distance though. I found our room to be very comfortable and clean. They had a microwave and a refrigerator in the room. No eating place within walking distance, but they did have quite a few vending machines with quite a few choices. There is also Pizza and chinese that will deliver to the room. They have a wireless internet connection but you have to pay a few dollars a day for it. I would stay there again, it was nice to be so close to the base as you are having to get your recruit picked up and dropped off on time.
There is also an internet site for the Navy Lodge that shows the Lodge, where it is in relation to the base etc.
The web site I was on had zero info. Do you have a different one?
Best is thru the website Navy Lodge. Military ID is required to check into any Navy Lodge, unless it is at the Navy Recuit Training Facilities. You need the sailors SS# to obtain a reservation which you can do on-line or by calling their 800 number. Most Navy Lodges are located near or on the Naval Base and a military ID is required to get onto the property so if your sailor is not with you then you can't get onto the property or register.
I did not have to give my sons SSN.....not at Great Lakes or in Pensacola
We stayed at the navy lodge for my sons PIR. I made reservation the day before we left and they still had rooms, but the earlier you make them the better. You can make the reservations yourself but have to give them your sons name. I just made my reservations at the Navy Lodge in DC for my sons honor gaurd graduation and samething there I had to give them his name and last 4 digits of his ss number. We were pleased with our stay and it is right around from the base. Good Luck
Hi, the Navy Lodge is not actually on the base where the ceremony will take place. You will need to take a shuttle or get a rental car to get there. I had to call and reserve a room using my sons name and SS#. Also, the rooms were nice, especially with the kitchen in it. The rooms are tax free and very inexpensive, clean. I paid around $65.00 per night for two double beds with kitchen included.
The Navy Lodge I had recently stayed at was up north in Washington. Very nice accomodations with two queen size beds, kitchenette, for $58 per nite. I enjoyed my stay there very much. I would recommend the lodge and on a return visit I would stay there again.
You can call the Navy lodge directly and make your own reservations. You just tell them that your son is graduating and give them his name.
Are you going by yourself or just with adults? If so Navy Lodge s/b fime if you have kids there is absolutley NOTHING to do. Good Luck!


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