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My son is stationed at Pearl Harbor. He was awarded the Bluejacket of the year for the second quarter. What is this award? Can anyone explain

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Hi there-

My son is also stationed at Pearl Harbor on the Uss Lake Erie and also got awarded the Bluejacket of the Year just this week. Did you ever get an answer to your question about what this award is actually?




Every command recognizes their most outstanding sailors.   They do it by month, by quarter, and finally, by year.  It is also divided into paygrades, so junior sailors aren't competing with petty officers.  Then it steps up from the individuals commands to the fleet level, then Navywide.   A Sailor of the Year on a ship is great, but not the same as THE Sailor of the Year for the entire Navy.  Same thing with Sailor of the Quarter, impressive, but not as impressive as Sailor of the Year, although they are often the very same sailor.  

The award is based on job performance, professionalism, military bearing, leadership, personal appearance, initiative, even humanitarian work ... the sailor is outstanding in all aspects.  

Thanks for the information here. My sailor just advised that he got "put in" for the Blue Jacket of the Q. at his base. So, with this information I assume there are others at the base that got nominated, but now what happens? Is there some kind of selection process & hopefull that gets it.. what exactly will he get? He also has recently been written up for the NAM .. think I already told you that part a few weeks ago. Thanks!

Every command does the selection differently, they also get different things if they are selected.  Normally they get a plaque and a NAM or a LOA

Angie: How does the selection process work normally? Are there a group of sailors who all are nominated and then through some selection process (what is that?) one or more than one gets chosen? Thanks!

Normally the Chief's write up certain Sailors to go for the award.  Than the Sailors go through a uniform inspection and an oral board, where they are asked questions about everything from current events to military regulations.  Only one Sailor from each command is picked for Blue jacket of the quarter. 

Thank you! Do the prospective award winners usually have something to study first or an idea of what kinds of questions will be asked? And finally, when does this process take place in relation to when the sailor finds out they have been written up? Thanks again!

We never gave our Sailors anything to study, they either knew it or didn't. 

As far as the time line of who was selected...could be days, could be weeks before they find out


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