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my daughter will be a senior in HS. She REALLY wants to be a nurse, and is hoping to do it through the navy somehow. partly for financial reasons, partly for adventure and partly because her grampa was a PT boat captain during WWII. We haven't even talked to a rectuiter yet but I am so nervous that she's going to end up enlisting and not get the training etc. she is hoping for. I don;t understand half of what people are talking about on this forum. I know we have to go talk to a recruiter but I was hoping to get some more research done beforehand. Every website seems to loop back on itself without giving me clear information.

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Hi, my son is enlisting but I am a HS teacher and also a nurse. Add me as a friend and we can probably talk.
You might want to check with this group - Click Here

I don't know why you would think that she would not get the training she is hoping for!!
I cannot imagine company sending their people out as nurses without enough training!!
She would probably get better training in the Navy - and cheaper!!
What I meant was that I was afraid she would not get assigned to nursing but rather something else.
Hoppi, I did not know that only officers are nurses?? Can she come in as enlisted and get nursing training? What are corpsmen? Are they "nurses"?

Thanks - I send people to you all the time! Glad you are here, Hoppi!!
No, corpmen are not RN's. She must have a Bachelor's to be an officer. There are some training programs but mostly she would go enlisted and then hope for a Pick up to Nursing school.
Why would someone want to get their Bachelor's degree in nursing and then join the military? Wouldn't that be a huge cut in pay? Maybe if they had a lot of student loans to be paid??

What are corpsmen??
I was an AF nurse for 6 1/2 years. Nurses in the military are Bachelor prepared (BSN). Yes, it is a lower salary but it depends on what one wants. I went in after working as an RN for 2 years... by the time I got out I had the salary I left but WHEW what a life I had for those years. Corpmen are the medics ~ the training is very similar to LVN's. Start out at lower levels and then move up (Like a nurse aid to LVN) Actually, navy corpsmen ar eHIGHLY trained... different than nursing. I hope the mom concerned really looks into it. One of my studnets was told by a recruiter here in town that she would go to nursing school. She leaves on the 27th and will be a Yoeman(Administrative Worker). Hope this information helps
Forgive my ignorance. Do corpsmen (medics) enlist out of HS and get their training in the navy? Is it typical to do that and then go to nursing school afterwards?
That's basically it. Let me be the first to say tho that Corpsmen are INCREDIBLE!! Their training is top notch. I would often want to work with one over a nurse!! (And I am an RN). Most Corpsmen probably would go for Physician's Assistant (PA's)
Thanks so much - one of my biggest worries is that she will enlist and not get to do what she wants, Any way to tell what areas are "overmanned" vs. "undermanned"?
I feel like I have entered a whole new universe!
Pay isn't everything. I knew lots of enlisted with degrees who simply weren't interested in being officers. I'm sure some nurses want the military experience rather than a highly paid job. You kinda have to be there to get it.
Here's the link to the current pay scale.

Something to consider... when my son was looking at his Ensign pay stub he said what you need to factor in is the free college education or free job training the military is providing for you and how long you would have to work on the outside to "pay back" that money. He felt he was getting a pretty good check while he was "paying back" the government for his education. When you hit that 4-6 year mark in your career you have "paid" for your education and training. You will see quite a spike in everyones pay around that point. At that point the pay improves because they want to keep their investment so you really start seeing a leveling between the pay on the outside and Navy pay. A friend of my sons just recently completed his post grad work in Human Resources at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey. We had quite a conversation about how the Navy looks at compensation and retention. There is really quite a plan.


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