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My son is coming home for Christmas, and is bringing with him a sailor that would otherwise be alone for Christmas. I think this is just wonderful, but am really having trouble figuring out what to get this young man as a gift. Any suggestions? I just can't bear him being at our house for Christmas morning and not having something to open...

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Tshirt and baseball cap from your state,
digital photo key chain
axe gift set with shampoo,cologne and stuff
gloves and socks are always good for guys
shaving bag (guys shaving kit bags wear out fast when they travel alot)
hand held electronic address book. (less then 20 bucks at best buy)
boot laces
pocket knife or leatherman
small foldabel binoculars
hand held video games like solitare and joker poker ( 10 bucks wallmart)

hope some of these help :)
How soon will your son & friend be home? Would you have enough time to find out what he likes and shop?
Maybe a tshirt, a gift card, or a music name a few.
a rack pack?, they're pretty cool... I would imagine you'd still have time to order one.. how much were you looking to spend? has some pretty good deals on little funny things...
I just ordered one for my son & had it sent to him.
The rack pack is a great idea, I just bought one for my recruit. Thank you

How about a hanging toiletry bag? they are great as they can keep all the stuff they need and hang it in the bathroom when they are in the shower or shaving etc keeps everything neat and they do not have to place it on the dirty counters
These are neat. Where can you get these. I wouldn't mind getting one for my son for A school. What is the price range also? Thanks Karen!
These are from LLBean you can order on line. I love LL Bean as if there is ever an issue with them they replace it no questions ask

they run from 20 to like 45 at LL Bean you can find cheaper ones in the stores but like I said LL Bean no questions ask for returns
Karen , I also like this idea where can I get this and how much if you don't mind.
I love these bags, can you tell me where you found these please?
I just found a bag similar to these at Wal-mart for under $10.00, from American Tourister.


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