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has anybody had a child graduate from c school at dan neck virginia?

if so where did you stay and were you allowed to go to graduation ceremonies?

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C schools pretty much don't have graduation ceremonies. Even less so than A schools. None of mine did, but then again, I wasn't at Dam Neck.

Guess this is a very late post, since I am posting this response on 10/16/2011.

Anyways, here goes for anyone else with this question.currently.


My daughter graduated on 10/7/11 from C school at Dam Neck Annex, VA.

My daughter got reservations for my husband and myself at the Gateway Inn/Lodge right on the base.  She had to make the arrangements for us in her free time and then I paid with my credit card when I arrived. We arrived the night before and only stayed for that night. Parents and friends are definitely allowed and encouraged to attend the graduation ceremony which took place where they have classes in a "theater" sort of room. 

The graduation ceremony didn't last long.  The captain and a leutinant commander spoke, but briefly and then each graduate was called up to the stage to receive their graduation certificate and they announced where they were going for their next command.  Although you can rush up to take photos, there is a formal Navy photographer there taking pictures of each graduate as they go up individually, and you can leave your email to get a copy of this photo.  I hope so,because my photographic skills are lacking.  There is also a pose for the group picture.  There were not very many friends and family members there when we went, but I guess that could vary.  But for us there was alot of room and alot of empty seats. 

After the graduation, my daughter had to immediately go to her next command up in Washington DC, so she had to go over to medical to get her medical records to carry with her.  That took at least an hour then we had to pack her vehicle and then we were off to DC.  I went with her up there and then she took a few leave days after which I took a one=way flight home to FL.

It was a good graduation ceremony, but much simpler than the Boot Camp graduaton up in Chicago.

Good luck. I know that your son/daughter will appreciate your presence at this moment in his/her life.  It's quite an accomplishement. Not an easy school to complete.



Thanks Wendy.. My daughter will grad. from C school at Dam Neck in Dec.  She is hoping to come home afterward, before she has to report to her next command at the end of Dec.

Thanks for the info!


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