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Ok, I am having mixed emotions and need advice on where to go from here. My daughter is being discharged for "mental" reasons from the Navy. Here is the short version of the story, she has asked several times to get out of her contract and then finally decided to leave for boot camp, once there, I truly believe she "found" a way to get out. She started by saying her chest hurt and then once looked over medically she was found to be heatlhy then it went from there and the next thing I know she is being discharged. It is unclear at this point what type of discharge (honorable, dishonorable) but my emotions are mixed because I feel as though this discharge with haunt her for the rest of her life. I was so proud of her for having a plan for her life and now I am hurt and dissappointed, has anyone went through this? How do I handle her? She sold all of her things, including her car because she was going to be stationed away from home after boot camp, so she is coming home to literally nothing. What do I do? Help!

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That is a tuff one. If they are sending her home she most likely wants to get out. They don't ship anyone home without a reason. If she is acting unstable or emotional that is a problem. The military is great for some but it is not for everyone/

Good luck!
Be there in everyway for her.
Poor kid....
Be kind
Support her Mom but dont enable her to not move forward with life.. encourage her to go to college get a job something... her discharge status will more than likely be a General Discharge or a Entry Level Separation (ELS) which is for people who have been in under 180 days (If I remember correctly).. Maybe one of our more knowledgeable folks can chime in.. My discharge experience is from when my husband left with honorable after serving 25 years..

My mom always tells us the story of her brother who joined the army and was sent home 6 weeks later because his homesickness was so bad he lost over 50lbs.. .. fast forward 30 years later he retired at the fire chief of a major city in the midwest ... so the status didnt hurt him at all... Debby
That is really great to hear, because she REALLY wants to be a police officer. Thank you!
I am sorry to hear about your situation. My daughter is trying to get out after being in 1 year. Her whole career is down the tubes. She got married and got pregnant on purpose I think. Now she wants to see if she can get out and move back home along with her unemployed husband and her soon to be child. What a blow that was. She is so down and sad. It hurts me to talk to her. I give them credit for trying and for making it thru boot camp. I think if they told my daughter she would be doing 70 weeks she wouldn't have joined. It's alot of work.
I paid to mail all of my daughter's belongings to her. She has 3 dogs and a cat and a husband I can't stand. I miss her so much but don't want to have to give in and allow the animals (and the husband) in my house. She is broke .... I could go on. It's not fair to us as parents. Good luck to you and keep in touch.
I wouldn't worry about the discharge "haunting her". She's not "offically" active duty yet and it is likely she will get an entry level medical discharge. Depending on what her DD214 says she may or may not ever be able to reenlist should she change her mind later.
My son just graduated bc last weekend,this is his first week of school ,he hated bc and wanted to leave,he now is trying to get out,my husband and i are so frustrated because the whole reason he joined was to support his wife and now if he gets out he has nothing but bills to pay without a job,he says the navy is not for him,ok i get it ,im still upset,he just got married before he went in and wasnt going to marry her if he couldnt support her,now what,she doesnt like to work and he has no education other then high school plus jobs are hard to come by
So sorry to hear. I fear we are about to go through the same with our son. He is deployed but now wants to be discharged. Like you, we ae worried about him but also worried he is making a huge mistake by seeking discharge. I guess all we can do is support them. Good luck to you and your daughter.
Hmmm. Sounds familiar. My daughter went through BC and couldn't take the wait for A school. As much as she had going for her, she just couldn't do it any longer. Say La Vie! Life goes on. It was shocking, scary, hurtful, mostly because I felt like she did not fully understand the consequences of her choice. She has been out for about 5 months now and has regrets. She knows that she could have had a path to success but chose to walk away from it. She too, sold everything, car, apartment full of furniture, gave away pets, everything. Now she deals with it. Going back to college, still doesn't have a couch, but she deals with it and will be fine. I try to make sure that I stress that I love both of my kids first and their choices second. Separate the person from the choice, or the navy, and you still have a great person who will just go down a different path. Take a good deep breath. Don't beat yourself (or her) up over this one. Be calm and give her will be okay.
Such kind words DeLane. Hope all goes well for both daughters


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