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I knit and have recently joined a group called "Socks for Soldiers", that knits socks for military personnel. Haven't knitted any socks for them yet, but will do so after returning from a family trip next month.

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You might want to check out this group - Click Here
I clicked on Click here, and it brought me to where I thought It would.. I belong to this group among others. But I never knew there was actually a discussion group about hobbies, much less knitting and crocheting. Gotta love it. now I found a spot where I can talk about just that. I have to get going on making some blankets for the sailors. But first I have to finish my ufo that I have been working on since my son was in basic.. Its beem 4 yrs. Yee gods , I am trying to get it to 6 foot long, have less that 2 feet to go. Using a round needle keeps the stitches on , but it is also a pain.. If you stop then go back to it, you forget which way you were going and maybe one sides ends up longer than the other. When It gets done, it should be 5'wide and 6'long. Almost rug size.
Hi orionswife,
I knit but not very fast, my grandmother taught me how to knit socks years ago. My first project became my husbands Christmas Stocking. Yup, married almost 30 years and we still have stocking for our married daughters & their famlies and our Son, who is in Great Lakes right now with his PIR on the 4th of Dec. 11 016
We are so very proud of him.
Sorry, this is my first day with Navy for Mom's, I am so excited.
Could you pass on to me more info on this Project, "Socks for Solders".
Thank You!
I enjoy knitting. My grandmother taught me. I will hae to check out "Sock for Soldiers". I have not attempted socks yet, so I think this will be a good time to start.

 I am also a knitter and would be interested in this group.

I tried to find more information on "Socks for Soldier", but was unsuccessful on finding any information.  Any information you could pass along would be appreciated.


Thank you

So cool to find a knitting group on here. :)  I learned how to make socks last year and love being able to make them. I'm want to make a pair for my daughter for Christmas but worry about whether or not she'd be able to wear them with her uniform.  Hubby is crocheting her a bed size afghan for Christmas.

I am knitting an afghan for my son while he is in bootcamp (whenever I am knitting something for someone, I often pray for them while I am knitting...this seemed like a perfect way to keep myself occupied with something productive during the weeks I can't hear from him.) It is a sampler afghan, made up of 20 12-inch squares....the patterns I have chosen are an anchor, knots, and a pattern that looks similar to waves. However, once I finish it I may start on the socks!!

Sounds like a wonderful afghan for a sailor!!

I bet it'll be gorgeous when you're done. It sounds like a lovely pattern. Would you mind posting pics when it's done?

I will definitely try....althought I warn you now that my computer skills are LESS than amazing!! (Note: no picture on my profile!!) :-)

Hi, I knit, not very fast or proficient. I knit for my family and the Prayer ShawI ministry at my church. I have made scarves, prayer shawls, belts and hats. Have not tried socks as yet, but would like to.

Hi,  I would love to learn how to knit.  Any one in the Phoenix area like to get together and teach me and talk about our wonderful kids.


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