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Anyone been to this area for the OCS Graduation and would have suggestions on where to stay for the ceremony and activities. My son is scheduled to graduate Sept 11, 2009 if all goes on schedule. I have his children, wife, and my husband traveling. Would like a nice hotel to accomodate nearby.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will look into the for the area. Looking forward to this trip as I have heard Navy Graduation is a remarkable experience!
Congratulations to you and your son. My son is scheduled to graduate from OCS on Friday November 13th. Did you attend the HI Moms program? If so what should I wear? Also do you have any information on the morning of graduation (seeing them exercise, eat, etc) and what to wear to the graduation? Where did your son go after graduation, my is going to Pensacola.
Hi azmom. Thank you for the congrats. Yes I loved the Hi Mom's dinner. Fancy catered buffet in a grand ballroom in the officer's club with open bar. You can wear dress pants and a fancy blouse, dresses and skirts were fine also. Something you would wear to a fancier evening dinner is what I felt more comfortable in. There was any type of nicer casual, to fancy long dresses, gowns,pants, Guys in suits with ties, or dress shirts no ties and khakis or dress pants. Be comfortable though. It is a really neat dinner, you meet all the class instructors and the mood is comfortable. Enjoy it. The graduation they lined up before 830 am. We stayed at a hotel close so we could get back and forth to the base. I got up with my husband and son, my son was allowed to stay with us at the hotel Thursday to Friday On that Fri am there is a 5 am run you can do with them on base, and then you watch them go to chow hall and eat breakfast military still. We returned back to hotel and I just wore nice pants and a nice top to graduation. Take lots of pictures. The ceremony was over by 1030 am. We had to start the drive back home, stopped for an over night in Albany to see my other son. There are alot of nice places to eat in Newport. My son did not want to stay, so we left right after graduation. My son is preparing to move to South Carolina, near Charleston with his wife and 2 babies for the next year. He is in the nuclear program and wishes to work on a sub after all the training. We will miss them. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves.
Hi!! Our son is graduating from OCS in Newport on Oct. 30. I thank you for this info as I had absolutely no idea what to expect for this event. I have not received much info from our son during the past weeks. He said something about a private ceremony and then said he had canceled it. I was not sure what that was all about. I did grow up as an "Army" brat for 22 years so have a fair idea about military life--but obviously not about any type of boot camp or the graduation. I found a discussion linked with this site that had some videos about the OCS experience and then got suddenly dumped out of the site and cannot find it again. Can someone help me find this again as I would like to have my husband watch this before we go to Newport?. Had I known the type of info you provide on this website I would have been here all along while Aaron was in training. He is going to Pensacola after OCS. Thanks so much for the sharing!!!
Congratulations on your sons graduation! Here's a link to the award winning video the Providence Journal did on Naval OCS:

The private ceremony your son was referring to would be private commissioning. If you have a family member or close friend who was or is an officer in any branch of the service they can do the commissioning. My husband would not have let anything stop him from commissioning our son in May. It could probably be rescheduled even at this late date. My profile picture was taken at that ceremony.

Our son is in Pensacola too. They seem to be liking it there, although he's action oriented, so finds the classroom a bit tedious. I told him to pretend like he's teaching the courses, which brings the material to life. Again congratulations to you and your son!
Hey Mom25!!
Thank you so much for answering my questions. Our cousin who is an officer in the Army was going to be there and I guess that is where the private commissioning would have come into play. But, the Army has need of him elsewhere at the last minute and so that, I guess explains why it has been canceled.

Congratulations to your husband getting to have the opportunity to have this great honor with your son. It was probably a not-a-dry-eye-in-the-room moment. Awesome.

A million thank yous for the link to the videos. We were going to search for it in the computer history, but your reply came in before we could do that.

Our family used to live in Pensacola and it is such a beautiful place. In fact, our son was born there. This will give me reason to visit and renew some special acquaintances. Perhaps we will run into each other sometime. :-)

Since we have not received any information at all about this graduation experience, is there anything else I should know about so we do not miss out on things? We are staying just a few minutes from the base in order to be able to get on and off easily. What is meant by "HiMom" activities?

Thanks so very much.
Hi Moms is a social on Thursday evening for the Ensigns-to-be family and friends. Usually it is a dinner at a nice restaurant or the O Club, but sometimes is only cocktails and appetizers. The OCs plan this themselves, hence the differences. You get to meet the DIs and OCS staff, as well as your son's classmates and their families. My son's room mate's Mom and I found each other here on N4Ms, and it was a delight to finally meet her and her family. There is usually a slide show and some sort of demonstration with the OCs and their DI. Ask your son for the details. Our son wasn't very forthcoming, but we managed to figure it all out. The OCS graduate Moms group is a great resource.

Thursday earlier in the day, usually about noon, is their change of command, where they hand off to the next class. It's not essential to be there, but if you're in the area ask your son what time it will be, and don't be late! It is brief. There's a victory run at 5:00 a.m. on graduation day that families and friends can participate in or just watch. After that you can go to the chow hall and watch them eat breakfast by the numbers. We arrived at graduation at 8:30 and were done before 11:00. We arrived the weekend before graduation and our son was able to stay with us or in a separate room with our daughter-in-law every night. We were staying on base in the BOQ. That is apparently unusual, but perhaps they cut him some slack because he found out a week after she arrived here from her country that he was selected and reported a month later. He did have to get up at 3:30 every morning, as he was in charge of PT. Usually OCs can stay with family the night before graduation if they want to. There is a lot to see and do in Newport and that part of the country. Enjoy!

Any tips on visiting Pensacola? Our SNFO told us to come during craw fish season, so I assume that means April or so. The one and only craw fish boil I've ever been to (when he was a little tyke) is one day I will never forget, for a number of reasons! - Chris in CO
Thank you for the information. It is especially helpful and will get us where we need to be. We plan to arrive on Thursday but I see now that we will need to get in earlier than we had been thinking.

Pensacola has some wonderful seafood eating experiences. We loved fresh red snapper, shrimp, and mullet. The craw fish boil I am not remembering, but it will be delicious, I'm sure. Just ask the "locals" where to go and make a list of what comes up most frequently. The beaches are unbelievably beautiful--and I can only compare them to the gorgeous ones in my home of Puerto Rico.

I just finished watching the videos in the link you sent and am sending it on to our son's siblings so they can get a feel for what he has been doing these past 12 weeks. I think they have absolutely no clue.

I am so proud of him. Can't wait to wrap my arms around him.

Thank you so much for this information. My son keeps telling me that he does not kow. He just does not want to ask. He will head to Pensacola and he did tell me that he wants to leave right after graduation. My daughter, sister and I will fly back to Tennessee and my son and husband will drive back.I can not wait to see him. Thank you again I just need to shop. Blessings.

Hello - My son just began his training at OCS in Newport RI.  We would like to attend the graduation...but the dates/times and details are difficult to find on the website and we, of course, have no contact with our son.  Does anyone know where I can find the details...and what to expect at the graduation?  THANKS!!!


Is your son in class 01-14? If so here is the Facebook page for that class

This is the best place to go for information and support. Good luck to your son!


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