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I just wanna know if it is true that when a Sailor fails his PRT for 3 consecutive times, He/she will be Automatically discharge in the Navy and will lose all of his benefits and staffs? How true is it ? Is he gonna process for administrative separation? And how often does PRT in A year? Just wanted to clarify these things in my mind.

I would be thankful for your responses. GODBLESS


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Two PTs a year. I failed mine consistently every other time and I was not discharged. It is far from automatic, they put you on a program to increase your fitness. Quite a lot of work. If sailors could get discharged for not passing the PT, half the Navy would likely quit when they were having a bad year. And then there's waivers.... no, failing the physical fitness test is a hassle, but it would take several years to get tossed out. And if they think you're faking it, watch out.

Unless things have really changed.
There is a new instruction...I would get very familar with it.
A link would probably be helpful for Beath.

Me? I completed my stints years ago. A lot of years ago.
i read something on about the new rules. It comes from the command saying "they are trying to change the image of the navy." Wish i had a link but I dont. I go to or for a lot of info from the fleet command. hope i helped a little
i found the link its from 2007 but i don't think they have changed it.....

enjoy... its a boring read lol
Thanks for the link. Remarkably readable for NavSpeak.

It always bothered me that I could not run easily. Never had problems with stuff like body fat, but I developed an undiagnosed case of asthma in Japan. Slowed me down a lot, and I wasn't fast to begin with.

Good to see they're holding the command responsible; there were some years at my one command that our COC felt physical fitness was interfering with our work. The mindset was "get them through this anyway possible. and back to work on the gear." Not healthy. We had one guy so large he had to special order his uniforms. That needed to change, so that's good.


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