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Does anyone know if the Navy Lodge gives shuttles to PIR? Is it free?

Also, Can Taxi's drop you off at the Navy Lodge since it is located on base area I think?

Anyone who has been through this before?
Thank you :-)

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It was EXACTLY two years ago TODAY that I was there - and stayed at the Navy Lodge. If things have not changed, the "shuttles" are just taxis - vans. They line up at the hotels and take people to PIR (about 2 miles from Navy Lodge - which is NOT on base) for about $5 a person each way. They are at PIR waiting to take people back to all the hotels in the area. It may or probably won't be the same one you got there on.

Shuttle service is MUCH faster and easier for PIR - but I liked having a car for the rest of the trip. You are allowed to drive on base later - but just to the parking lot. You do NOT get to tour the base.
which hotel is closest to the navy lodge? and i do know the name of the shuttle is craigs shuttle service he knows all of the motels that shuttles.
I don't think there are any hotels near the Navy Lodge. It is in a residential section of town. Of course, it was two years ago that I stayed there (things may have changed). and. . . . I didn't drive around the area - it seemed there were 12 feet of snow everywhere and this southeast Texas girl did not drive more than necessary!
Thank you for the info! I have been told different things. I know there are taxis but was told that some hotels have their own shuttles and take people to graduation so I am tryign to figure out if the navy lodge has a shuttle or just taxis. but for the most part I have heard that the navy lodge just have taxis. Either way I am getting to graduation ! lol
Thank you for the info! :-) I will be calling to find out but I think you are right based on what I have heard from others. I think the navy lodge only has taxis. But some hotels have their own personal shuttles and take people to graduation for free which would be really nice.
Hello AshNichole4,
Join our local group SF Bay Area Navy Families. We have 4 members who went to PIR for 01/22/2010. I am sure they will be happy to share their latest tips and helpful hints.
Click on the link below and click on "+Join SF Bay Area Navy Families"
SF Bay Area Navy Families
Another Bay Area Navy Mom


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