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Seems like it was forever ago he started the DEP program, but on November 3rd, my son Mike is due to go to bootcamp in Michigan. Reality's hitting and I'm a wreck. He seems ok, trying to stay focused and running a lot, getting ready, excited about his going away party which will be this Saturday, Oct. 24th. Just wondering if anyone else has a child leaving this time. Sure could use the company

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Hi Pat My son, Matt, leaves Nov 18, I'm good for now, just went to lawyer to sign power of atty, than went to his fav restaurant to enoy time together. Don't want to count down the days it's too sad going to miss him so much. He's 23 yrs old and ready, school was not for him, he is so excited and training 4-5 times a week, with an ex-seal. I know deep in my heart this is the best thing for Matt. Please keep in touch and keep smiling
Hi Jacki, Mike is 24 now and school wasn't really for him either.He did finish 2 years at the Community College but still wasn't sure what he wanted. Now he seems so sure and focused. I know this is the best thing for him too and most of the time I'm really excited for him. Just once in awhile it pulls on the heartstrings. Guess thats part of being a Mom. Keep thinking the holidays will be strange without him here. My thoughts are with you and Matt. I'm here if you ever want company.
Hi Pat glad your party was great, enjoy every minute of the next week with Mike. The holidays will be tough I was just tellingone of the girls a work I wanted to have christmas and thanksgiving on the Sunday before Matt leaves, have to convince my husband to put up the tree LOL.
I think that is an awesome idea. Wish I would have done it!!!
Just saying Hi, it's 20 days today Matt leaves and I seem to keep crying, how you doing.....
Hi, I'm having a hard time holding back tears too. It's 7 days today for me. Guess a little to close for comfort. Mike seems to be a little quiet and distracted now. I guess reality is hitting him too, though he's not saying that..this is going to be tough! Guess all we can do is go with it. The way I see it we deserve to have our tears. I'm here if you need a shoulder!
Thank you, same here, you'll be an old pro for me by the time Matt leaves! Did you get Mike a calling card and is he taking his cell phone, I heard they can use it til they get on the bus for BC. Matt's being stubborn with that among many other things.I feel like I ("he") should be taking care of so much more. Do you speak with Mike's recruiter?
Just so you know we are also in the process of moving too, that's another whole story, but it seems like the people buying my home are having a mortgage situation. I'm just upset because I don't know where to tell Matt to write to us, hoepfully all will work out.
Oh my gosh, Bootcamp and moving, you poor thing! talk about stress. I never talked to Mike's recruiter at all.I haven't gotten a calling card yet, keep asking Mike when he'll know what he needs, and if he knows if the recruiter picks him up or we take him, ect, and vague or not sure yet replies. I was hoping they could take cell phones but I guess not to boot camp. I'll keep you in my prayers that the mortgage situation clears in time for Matt to write, thats the last thing you want to be worrying about.Do you have someone close by to your new house ? Maybe you could use a friend or relatives address until you're set and then let Matt know in a letter? Now that we're talking I realize I'm pretty clueless as what to expect here. Have you spoken a lot with Matt's recruiter?
Hi question you having a problem with this site finding replies from moms, I am... anyway no I haven't spoken to the recruiter seriously thinking a phone call needs to be made soon, but he comes home from training talking about moms calling the recruiter station and they make fun of the kid. But I really need answers. Did you get the calling card, make sure you activate, also if he has a checking account bring deposit slip and most important addresses and stamps. Left you a message somewhere else did you get it. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND LOTZ OF HUGS & KISSES. Best of luck Mike,
Hi Pat! My son Nathan is 23 yrs old and he left on November 3rd for Lake Michigan. Which, by the way was my birthday. It had to be the worse birthday ever. He has a wife and a 2 yr old son. Things have been really rough. I have never been so sad. He did send a letter to his wife. He had 3 letters together. The first 2 were okay but then the 3rd one was so sad. He wanted to come home. Very homesick. His Dad and I immediately wrote letters to him about how proud we were of him and he can do this. Then I just read on here that they don't always get their letters until later. Ok, that bothers me. I wish he would call and tell us he is fine. I and everyone else in the family would feel so much better.
My son Alex leaves 11/03 too. He is so excited and I love to see such a peace about him in regards to this decision. He will turn 23 while in bootcamp. There is a poem that I remember and love, it says, " Good parents give their children two things.....Roots and Wings!" Blessing to all the Navy moms and their Sailors. P.S. Pat how was your party?
Hi, the party went great. I'm exhausted but it was all worth the effort. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Alex. Our boys are off to a great new adventure, but we still have a week of some quality time with them. I'm happy for that. I hope you have a wonderful week with your son and wish him my best. And thanks for the lovely poem, it's beautiful and so true.


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