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My son is graduating from college in 2010 and over the Christmas break told me he was seriously thinking about joining the Navy at that time.He has spoken to recruits and is getting very excited. The obstacle is that he has asthma. It is controlled but never the less, it is a condition for life. He has received mixed messages as to whether he would be accepted into the Navy.
Any thoughts? Is it even a possibility? If he did get in, would it be safe for his health?
Thanks, Jane

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I developed asthma while stationed in Japan ... it was never diagnosed while I was active duty for various reasons. So I don't know the official policy. I'd want to think about things such as what are his triggers? Can he avoid such triggers most of the time? Is it controlled with rescue inhalers or daily medicines? Is this a condition which affects him often?

I can't answer for him, but I can share my experience and if it brings up questions or gives you insights, I'm happy to share. Personally, I did fine with my asthma, the Physician's Assistant was convinced I was malingering as I do not wheeze, I get chest pain ... my triggers are mold and mildew and some types of air pollution. Which made Japan unpleasant some days, but never kept me from doing my job. My attacks were few and far between. I always failed the runs during PT, but eventually passed each one. Being on a ship during an emergency could have been a problem, but I never got the chance to find out.
Dear Anti M 9,
thank yo so much for your info and reminders that triggers are very important to think about.
your input has helped so much.
The only info I have is when we were talking to our son's recruiter and filling out the Medical info. My husband misspoke and mentioned our son had asthma meaning allergies and I corrected him immediately. The recruiter stop immediately and then gave a sigh of relief. He said if it would have been asthma we would have been through. So I would deffenantly check into it. My son is in the Nuke program and that could of had some bearing on the comment. but I do know it is a red Flag for the Navy. Do an internet search I bet there is some info out there about that. Try "Asthma in the Navy" see what comes up.

Good luck Jacquie
thank you so much for checking that out. Cannot be clearer that that ,I guess!
I forwarded the info to my son.
Many thanks,
You might have him check out the other branches of Military service they may not all have the same policies. He might also be able to join a reserve unit sometimes they have different criteria I know of several people that were able to join National Guard after they were disqualified from the Army for medical reasons.

I'm sure he can find some way to serve his country.

Best of Luck to Him.
I went to:,13898,rec_step04_quest...

Here is what I found:

what is the policy on asthma in the navy exactly? Do they check your civilian medical records at the MEPS station. I have had asthma past the age of twelve but don't use an inhaler anymore and am perfectly capable of doing all the physical training required.


Diagnosed with Athsma beyond age 12 is disqualifying, regardless of whether or not you use an inhaler. And yes they can check your medical records if something makes them suspicious, like an athsma attack at boot camp. This would lead to a discharge for fraudulent enlistment.


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