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What jobs are there for recruits that are color deficient

My son is partially color blind. He passed one test at meps but failed it at RTC. He had a contract going to RTC for Nuke but now that is out, in fact what I can gather almost everything is out. Does anyone have an advice or help??

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We have the same situation with Rocky and he just told me that he will be sent on a fleet until a job becomes available. What is happening with your son? We understand that Rocky could become a yoeman but none of those positions are open.


Victoria (Rocky's mom)
Hi Pam. There have been a few recruits who were color blind, and stayed in. Click forums or discussions, and search for color blind. A few discussions come up. We had a recruit in Ship 17 for some time fighting discharge due to color blindness. He is still in the Navy many months later.
Thanks for the imput. I received a phone call today form him, he indicated he had seen a physician who discussed his situation and made him identify colored objects which he correctly identified. The Dr. said "Well it doesn't seem you have a problem seeing colors" Which is true, he doesn't have a problem just sometimes with certain shades. Anyway the Dr. indicated he would probably give him a waiver, that would be a answer to prayer! Guess we'll have to wait and see. Levi did seem encouraged.
Where did he find the physician? Was he an optometrist or an MD? Was he a Navy doc? I think my son should also be retested but I don't know how she should proceed.


I am not a navy mom but I am a navy wife and I hope I can join you husband just got to boot camp and he has really bad color blindness. They told him at MEPS the only rate he could get right now is medical corpsman so that is what he got. Hope that helps! :)
My son is color deficient as well. They tried very hard to recruit him into the Seabees, but that wasn't what he wanted to do. Then while reviewing the list of all available opportunities, Cryptologist was listed. That sounded interesting to him so that's what he signed up for and he loves it. He's been in 8 years and has decided to make it a career.
My son is both a linguist and a cryptologist... as far as i know being color blind is not an issue. He has been in 6 years in June :)
My son't life long dream was to be a pilot! He went through his entire life not knowing he was color blind until MEPS while entering the Delayed Entry Program. He was even trying to be a seal at the time. It cut out almost all the jobs. Now ..... looking back.... I truly believe everything happens for a reason. God put him where he needed to be and he is so happy! He is a Corpsman and he is very happy with this... despite the disapointment he had in the beginning ... it all worked out the way it was suppose to. :) Good luck!
Hi Pam-
We had the same thing happen with our son. He was to do Aviation Tech but got to boot and was told no. He is now in cryptology down in Pensacola. He'll actually be in A school for CTR. Good luck to your son....there are jobs out there for him!
My son is color blind also and I never realized that until MEPS. He wanted to get into the computer field but was not able due to being color blind.
My son is also color blind and we have known it since he was 5 years old. A very smart kindergarten teacher picked up on it and we had him tested at that time and it was confirmed. You can be in the Navy and be color blind however the jobs open to you are very, very few. Some I can understand and some I can not. My son is a culinary spcialist and seems to like it O.K.
My son also had the same issue-he wanted Nukes as well. He chose Store Keeper and has been in 9 years now moving up in rank really quickly. He has also decided to make this his career.


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