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I have read article after article about boot camp during the holidays but they are all so outdated. Is there any current information on being in boot camp around Christmas. I know my wife won't get the day out like the ones graduating close to Christmas since she'll only be in week 3ish, but will Christmas/New Years cause her weeks to be delayed. I've seen posts about delays and hold around Christmas to fill certain divisions, but I don't know if that will affect her. She leaves for boot camp the last week of November. Also, is it still a strict "they'll get no calls on Christmas" like I've seen in some of the 2010-2013 posts or is there a chance? Will there be a chance we'll have a line of communication through letters by then or will it still be too early? Any advice/information/tips would be so helpful! Thanks!

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Would like to know this as well my fiancee arrived at bootcamp October 9th so Im unsure of her PIR dates but if she graduates before christmas/ New Years what will happen? Its like they never really have any updated articles or information on things like this

Hi Manny_RSM To guesstimate the PIR date, count 9 Fridays, after your recruit arrived, including the Friday of the week that your recruit arrives at RTC, to get the most likely PIR (graduation) date, but know it can be a week before if she filled up a Div. from Prior. or a week after is her div. didnt fill up and she has to wait for more. Also here are some sites to read on.

See Arrival and What Happens at RTC and Ship/Division--How it Works

The Form Letter will arrive in your regular mail around nine to fourteen business days after the recruit's arrival at RTC since it is not mailed until a division’s 1-1 Day of Training, which takes place after have taken and passed the first PFA, which is on about the fifth business day after arrival (later if the division that your recruit was tentatively placed in upon arrival did not fill until a later date). See Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) and Fitness Improvement Training (FIT). Also here are the PIRb for Dec. as you will see there are 2 weeks with No PIR.

PIR: December 07, 2017 TG 05 - 9 Divisions (039 - 046, and 905) Eligible for the 2018 RTC Thanksgiving Adopt-A-Sailor program. Your recruit will send you info on that.

PIR: December 14, 2018 TG 06 - 9 Divisions (047 - 056, 906 and 907)

No PIR December 21, 2018

No PIR December 28, 2018

She will proceed to A school after graduation, wherever that is.  All school commands take part in "holiday stand down", where the students have the opportunity to take leave and go home.  It is two weeks around Christmas and New Years.  Most new graduates will have only earned five days of leave, but can borrow a few more.  Travel home will be at their own expense.    If their school will be long, it is worth it.  If it is short, they must consider whether they also want to take leave after A school.  

Amanda0602--It will be a complete crap-shoot.  Since she will have arrived only 3 weeks earlier she may be in week 2 or she may be in week 3.  There are a lot of variables including how many recruits are arriving, what day of the week she arrives, if she has a P-hold for any reason, Passing the run.... There is no way to predict what may or may not happen.  Usually it is business as usual althoug many recruits try and push back their ship dates till after the first of the year.  Depending on when and if she passes the run that will determine the likelihood of having a phone call or not.  Letters are not likely since you usually only get the form letter by week 3, so you won't have an address to send it to.  NO GLITTER or MUSICAL cards!!

  The best advice is celebrate all the Holidays early and keep our cell phone charged with the ringer on the loudest setting at all times.  Don't expect a call but count your blessings if you get one.  Christmas day is treated like a Sunday Routine, As is New Years Day.  Otherwise it is business as usual.  You cannot visit unless they are 2 weeks or less from graduation and it is Thanksgiving or Christmas. Otherwise The first time you'll see them in person is PIR.

Christmas Day will be holiday routine since it is a holiday that is religious in nature, but New Year's Day will be a HOLD day and will be treated much like a Saturday with about 5 or 6 hours of training, but nothing new.

Christmas will include a very nice meal and most relax the rules about talking during meals on that day.

Since those divisions in the 01/04/2019 TG will be gone from RTC due to the Christmas Adopt-A-Sailor program, then that will help with having fewer at RTC and some divisions will be making calls Christmas Day, not all though since that would be impossible with the number of recruits still at RTC. I am sure that most of the RDC's will try to  schedule a call somewhere near the holiday. Have your phone available every day between 8 am and 8 pm Central Time and be pleasantly surprised when you receive a call. See Phone Cards and Phone Calls. 

See What does ??? mean? (A Guide to Navy Abbreviations and Terminology) for more on holiday routine and more.

Things at RTC do change some (like the change to tickets instead of gate passes and the changes with the PFA), but how Christmas and New Year's Day are handled has not changed. Each year there are some posts on what will or has happened for those holidays and those posts are very similar each year.

Some who arrive around the holidays may end up with 10 Fridays instead of 9 due to weeks when there is no PIR, but most will originally be scheduled to have the typical 9 Fridays unless they fail the initial run. Your recruit should not be affected by the possibility of weeks without PIR since her PIR date should be in January and the skipped weeks are in December and in February due to the holiday stand down in December. See Arrival and What Happens at RTC

Every recruit has six actual weeks of training after Phase 1 (P-days) and even when there are holidays, there are still enough days to get everything in without extending the time at RTC.

My son will be in A School at Thanksgiving. Do they get a few days off and can they come home for that time?

CupcakeHoarder, no, he will not be able to go home for Thanksgiving unless you live within the Liberty Limit for his "A" School IF he has phased up and is able to go that far and have overnight Liberty. 

Check your My Page.

Thank y'all!


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