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Hello, I just heard that 4 SR's in a different division had their call home privilege revoked. The parents had to be in a horrible state, not getting that call. For what reasons would the RDC's do this? And will they get another chance to call home? It seems to punish the moms more than the SR's. I think not having info on what is going on has to be the worst for these parents desperately waiting for any communication. Anyone have any insight on this?

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Buttercup, Breaking rules or poor performance can cause phone calls to be withheld. As hard as this is on families, phone calls are a privledge and can be taken away as a means to motivate improvement. These recruits are being trained as warriors in the greatest navy in the world. A bad attitude or lack of attention can risk their health and safety and the health and safety of their shipmates. Drill commanders use a variety of means to impress upon recruits the importance of attention to detail and complying with rules and orders. Withholding a phone call from another recruit may be what it takes to get another SR's attention and to keep your sailor safe.
It's hard to say who this is the hardest on. Both recruits and moms need to be couragegeous, strong, and persevering on this Navy journey. A tall order indeed. Both sacrifice a great deal to join and support our US Navy. Let's all hope and pray and these recruits learn what is needed and that their parent's phones will be ringing soon.
Hey does anyone know what division these recruits are from? I know it's hard to come by information, but just wondering. It seems that my SR calls me every two weeks, but I didn't receive a letter this week which is concerning for me. I just hate the not knowing. You would think this is my first time at the rodeo, but it's not. It's still my flesh though, so I'm rightly concerned as I'm sure other mothers and wives are as well
KiddGreen 1978 keep in mind that "no news is good news." Some weeks in boot camp are busier than others and there isn't much free time to write. You would be notified if there was a significant problem. Chances are your SR is just busy at work learning what s/he needs to know. It might not be your first rodeo but it is the first one for your second pony. :-)
Our Navy mom hearts are tender. Hang in there and keep writing to you recruit.
Thanks ShawnMom! I do try to remain calm. Lol and you're completely right. This is the second rodeo with a new pony and yes, no news is good news! I'm actually sending out a letter with a page of new memes that he should like today. Thanks ladies for all the support! Go Navy Moms!

Well said Shawnmom!

Yes, phone calls are a privilege. They can be given at any moment and taken away just as fast. I can guarantee that in any given week and probably any given day there are more than four recruits that don't get to make a scheduled call.

Absolutely. Mail can be withheld/delayed for the same purpose. It is a motivational tool and it works. The commanders at RTC know exactly what they are doing and they do an outstanding job of turning out thousands of sailors who will be prepared to defend and protect this fine country of ours.

The mail can't be withheld from the recruits. There might be a delay f the RMPO is not doing his job, or is having trouble handling both training and the RMPO job. If that is the case he will be replaced with a new RMPO which will need to ne trained. Mail is not, nor can it be "withheld".

We aren't talking about a 10 year old at camp. We are talking about grown adults who should be able to function away from their parents. If they can't then maybe the military isn't the place for them. They are learning that in the real world actions have consequences and that sometimes those consequences can affect those around you. Back in the day you got letters and that was it. Phone calls are a new thing and while it is nice to hear from your son or daughter, they should be able to go 8 weeks without calling home. Parents also need to get used to the fact that, once deployed, you may go that long or longer without hearing from them.
Hold tight Ladies. It feels as if this conversation is going left a little. Please remember that this is a place of support and learning for moms as well. Not accusing anyone of being rude, but I'm sure like anyone on this site, we all have questions about the process. I know I'm a little protective of my second son, but I think it's because he's the baby. Lol. I'm sure every mother can relate to this feeling of not knowing at least once or twice in their life. Please handle moms with care.

Blessings on this wonderful Sunday,
- KiddGreen
Sorry if I sounded harsh. It is hard not hearing from your son or daughter when you are uses to seeing them everyday. My oldest is finishing up at Great Lakes right now and it was hard for the first one to leave the nest. But I also know that I raised a capable young man that can take care of himself. Even though I love to hear his voice I also know that he is learning how to live and thrive out from under my protective wing. I have also taught him that there are consequences for your actions and sometimes that is not getting to call home. His division lost their calls because they failed to work as a team but once they did they earned their calls back and he was able to call home and I was happy to talk to him. I guess it can be harder on some moms than others when they don't hear from their kids.
Agreed. Let's remember to be diplomatic and gentle with "mom feelings" even while discussing some of the harsh realities of boot camp and adult life. Since we can't see a smile or frown on the face of the writer we need to be especially careful with our words. We all have our tough days. What a gift it is that that we have each other as companions on this Navy mom journey.

Well said! I'm having a rough day today. I was sure I would get a call yesterday and I'm still waiting. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know he was having a tough time already. I just hope he's not being punished because, it does make me feel that way too.


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