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CTI's Specializing in "Arabic" Language Studies at DLI

My son graduated from DLI in February 2008, specializing in "Arabic" Language studies. If there are other CTI moms that have sailors in that language study group, I would love to hear from you! I can be a resource on what to expect while they are at DLI and beyond. Most CTI "Arabic" Linguists are sent to Fort Gordon in Georgia after graduation. I started a group "Fort Gordon Navy Mom's" for those with sons or daughters that are, or will be, stationed at Fort Gordon. On the group page, I've listed resources for Fort Gordon, so if your Sailor is nearing graduation and you are interested in finding out what to expect, please check it out. If you have any questions about "Arabic" studies, DLI or Fort Gordon, please feel free to post them here or contact me via email. Best wishes to you and your Sailors in the new year and beyond! Sharon E

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My son is Mandarin... but in college he took Arabic. But the Navy assigned him Mandarin. The choices ( not his ) would have been Arabic, Korean , or Mandarin.

there is hope Amber... my son had two really good friends. Both at DLI.. they met fell in love .But both different languages. After first being assigned to different places. They now are assigned to the same base. It took a little while.. but they are finally together. They both flew out here when my son got married.. they are great kids and i couldnt be happier for them.

Thats nice to hear . All we can do is wait .
My Son is studing Arabic at the DLI right now. He is enjoying it. But I have a question.. he is having a hard time getting mail. I guess they do not have a mailbox that they can go to? There is a mail call and I don't know what is exactly happening but my son seems to miss it or something. He has a few very important pieces of snail mail that he needs. Does anyone know how the mail works? He got a package for his birthday right away but regular letters/bills he doesn't seem to get. Jilreen
Hi Jilreen, My son had similar problems with mail at times. Most mail is divided up according to which housing or building units they live in and must be picked up during regular business hours. If they've been moved or relocated to a different building sometimes the mail is not forwarded. Make sure the address for his other mail includes the correct Building # and address. Mail is not delivered to their barracks. My son often had such a busy schedule during the day, that it would take him a while to get around to picking up his mail. With packages, often they have to be signed for by one of the officers in charge and they will often notify the sailors that they have a package waiting that needs to be picked up. For other mail, it's up to the individual sailors to take some time out of their busy schedule (maybe around lunchtime) and get over to the mail pickup office for their building. I often had to call and remind my son to check his mail if I sent something important. Best wishes. Sharon
Thanks for the update Sharon... I heard from my son today and he did pick up his mail... I bugged him enough that he did go and get it, and called to tell me!. I am glad there is e-mail, phones etc... otherwise communication would be real hard. He mentioned today that he could get a PO box or something... but I wonder... oh well at least he got his stuff. Jilreen
Our sailor suggested that we use Priority Mail to get things to him. Apparently, they get notified when those come in but regular mail is very hit-or-miss. We usually send a "care package" (see the Flat Rate mailers at the Post Office) every month and include any mail that comes to the house. So far, since September, we've only one thing "lost" in transit and that was something we had sent to him from a third-party.

The other nice thing about Priority Mail is that you can get a delivery confirmation code that you can track on the site. At least then you know when your package arrives in the Monterey mailroom.
my daughter is there right now and she has a mail box. they didn't sign him a mail box?
My son just got to DLI this past Saturday and we have yet to talk to him. He did text us from the rec bldg. to let us know he is sick. But he now has medicine and should be up and about soon. His classes don't start until March I'll try to find the Fort Gordon group for more info even though the possbility of him being there is a year and a half away. I'm not used to being so out of the loop where my kids are concerned, but will have to get used to it. Where can I find more information on graduation at DLI? We're from the east coast and probably need to start saving for that trip now.

Thanks to all the moms on N4M for the info provided in these group sites. It'snice to know you're not alone.
Sorry to hear about your son being ill..hope he's feeling well soon. If your son stays in Arabic, he will most likely be at DLI for approx a year & a half. They usually know for sure at least 2 weeks prior to graduation. After they finish their classes they have to take the DLPT exams & pass before cleared for graduation. They have the Graduation ceremonies on base in the auditorium & the morning of graduation they also have the Officer Enlistment ceremonies during rollcall that you can attend also. I really enjoyed seeing everyone in my son's group graduate & my son gave one of the Graduation speeches in Arabic & English.
My son is currently at DLI and his classes don't start until Feb. Anything you can tell us about what to expect and how to support him best would be appreciated. We live close enough that we can visit often. I don't know if this is a good thing or not.
Hi Noe,
I started another discussion on "CTI" related to "Resources at DLI" should check out the links there & be able to find out pretty much everything you need to know regarding the base, visitors guide and other helpful links. I really enjoyed visiting when I could, it's nice that you are so close. Your son will probably be busy until he classes & phases up to where he can get more time off base for when you visit him. Best wishes to you all.


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