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*****Special note--I noticed that there are starting to be some DEPPER's leaving in 2010 soooooo I have added to our months just go to the end and you will find the 2010 months there :)

This is our way as a group to keep up with ship out dates for our DEPPER's. The original instructions were long and I think the gist of it was getting lost somewhere in the translation LOL. SOOOO Please please please DO NOT post in the main box. Find the month that your DEPPER is leaving and click the "reply to" under the month that your DEPPER is leaving. Make sure that you only post your sailors first name and ship out date. That way it will show up under that month and not at the end of the discussion.

Once more people start posting, those that got stuck on the end will get lost in the shuffle. I want to make sure that every one is recognized and the only way people do not have to hunt for it is if it falls under the correct month. I have been taking the ones that post in the main box and reposting them under the correct month and deleting the original comment. I dont like doing that LOL....This is your DEPPER and should show up with your screen name.

If there are other dates you would like to post please read the N4M's rules and make sure that you do not post any troop movements, full names or anything like that.

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My son, Dillon, leaves December 7, 2009 from Sherman, TX
Ariel leaves on December 22nd from Denver unless they are able to move it up. She signed on for CTI.
Sarah leaves december 28th...but they said that she could actually leave anytime from the 1st of december to the 15th apparently they don't ship people to boot camp after the 15th
My Son Ernie ships out Dec. 28th. . to B.C...
My son Robert now leaves Dec. 15th.
My son, John, leaves 12/21 from Charlotte, NC.
We just heard my son will now leave on 12/14.
My son, Chris leaves for BC December 15
Ari got the word yesterday that they have moved her up to the 15th. Hope all everyone is well!!!
My son Alan leaves December 7
hi Claire, my son leaves for BC Dec 7 too. how are you handling it?


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