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Iwakuni duty

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Is it true 36 month duty

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Comment by Blondie 1 hour ago

hope everyone is having a good week.  we've been very busy here. spent tue. with Melissa, Wednesday got electric fixed, a new transformer.  thur. morning got plumbing fixed and buried again. and spent 4 hours at the private beach on base. of course doing laundry, sorting baby clothes, setting up nursery....made lamb stuffed peppers, homemade chicken pot pie, bratwurst and zucchini, broccoli, finishing everything up, going out to dinner with a few of our favorite couples and then Halloween party!!!  sadly tomorrow we head back home because sunday we have a funeral 2 hours north of home.  my son's father in law passed away. 

hope everyone has a great friday and weekend.  HUGS to all

Comment by Anti M on Tuesday

There's also some good video in the comments too.  I find resupply fascinating.  And yes, they lose stuff into the sea now and then.

Comment by Anti M on Tuesday

@Wheaatonpup ... the packages are only tracked partway, and not always through to the ship if it is deployed.  It can take a long time if the mail must be airlifted.  Letters are light and may be taken easily by air, while packages might need to wait until a portcall or a resupply from a tender (more likely to come in by air ...).  Yes, they have mailcall when a batch of mail comes in.

Here is a site with a couple videos of resupply at sea, and this is also when they might receive mail.

If they are at their homeport, hard to say why he doesn't have his package, he may have missed seeing his notice to go pick it up.  He should check with the mailroom.

Comment by Wheatonpup on Tuesday

Does anyone know how long it takes usually to get a package to the USS Ronald Reagan?  I mailed mine Oct 3 and tracked it, It supposedly arrived Oct 22.  I'm not sure if he got it then or does that mean it arrived to the ship? or someplace else? How do they get mail? Is there a mail call? Thanks!

Comment by Blondie on Monday

made it to VA late friday night, a couple close calls but made it safely.   fist things first got my H UG, then loved on by doggies, the daughter pulled her top up and said give me your hand and proceeded to have me touch her fat, baby and more baby then said daddy if it's not to weird....

Saturday morning cleaned out their fridge, washed down the shelves, drawers, doors....went shopping and stocked the house.  Made chicken and rice.  Sailor had been sick early morning but nothing all day, she ate well.  Saturday night planned our workweek and watched a movie.

Sunday, went to Church, stopped at store again (I always forget something) got home and made brunch, fresh sausage and fried fresh potatoes. She wasn't sick and ate 2 sausage patties!  We all went to Lowes and got lumber, back and fixed walls and mudded.  Sunday night made steaks, mashed potatoes and fried broccoli.  She ate well.  She had a hard time sleeping sunday night.  Toilets wouldn't flush, Hubby did what he could but didn't have his tools or truck with him, called the home owners insurance. 

this morning she was sick,we taped up the room. finally got her to sleep @11am so then we painted.  Plumber showed up....can't fix it so they opened the main and all wash water goes on ground, so we can shower, still can't flush toliets.  Just as she's leaving for school and Joe is getting home from work, and I want to make supper, stove ticking, lights dimming, furnace they have an electric problem!  Hubby gets tester out and starts looking, one ground is gone, no 220 in whole house, called electric company.  So daughter is at school, guys just left to go get root killer for drain, I can't cook they will bring something home and we'll all eat when daughter gets home, late!  so I jumped on her to check in, then gonna shower and get a glass of wine.  I'm only dog sitting.  lol

Hoping sailor sleeps tonight and won't be sick in the morning, planning on leaving around 4:30am to go see Melissa and kids!!!!So HAPPY about this, you don't know.  She keeps the kids twice a week other days they go to day care.  She's not allowed to drive....Can't wait to get THAT hug and play with Alexie and Davey.  Hoping to stay and cook supper for them and see Dave but depends how daughter is feeling or if she gets to go.  We could spend the night and come back wed......

Off to shower while I have the time and house to myself.  I'll check in later, hope all are well.

Comment by Blondie on Monday

Momof2 SO glad he's safe, that is the main thing!

Maggs, Poor Angel no wonder she's the devil cat!

Navyfan, we had this problem twice, better to be prepared.  Our sailor was MOH for her sister, Sister said we'll put a chair there with her picture on back and dress laid over.  She was also Oldest Son had her for his Bestperson, we were gonna try to skype.  they both turned out fine, she made it home for both.  But she was a date to a skyped wedding when her date couldn't get leave for his brother wedding.

Good luck, plan for the worse and hope for the Best! Prayers going up.

Comment by Kim on Sunday

Momof2, phone the phone company and tell them the circumstances.  They should find a way to reduce the charges if you ask.  They are usually pretty good with that. 

Also, they will all put his phone on hold while he is overseas with no monthly fees.  You can have it turned back on when he is in the states and they will prorate.  Do not take no for an answer on this one.  Some customer service reps are uninformed on the zero fees for active military.

Comment by Navyfan on Sunday

Thanks. Guess we better have a plan B person to step in just in case sailor can't make it but we'll give it a try.

Comment by Anti M on Sunday

@Navyfan,  That is a huge maybe.  Special permission not so much, but if they have leave on the books, and the command can let them take it without hurting the mission, then yes.  That's just leave.  If their ship is in the middle of a deployment, the chances are extremely variable.  I wouldn't count on it as the Navy makes sailors miss their own weddings, and births of their own children.  He should ask, and everyone cross their fingers.

Comment by Navyfan on Sunday

Does anyone know if the Navy will give special permission for a sailor to attend the wedding of a sibling?


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