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I thought it would be nice to start a discussion for our children leaving the week of October 25th 2010.  Welcome everyone.  Kathy   

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Hi everyone! I am so proud of my son. He passed the IFA today. Yea. I am so happy for him. He did the run in 30 seconds under what he needed. All he has done is complain how he hasn't been able to make the run yet and how much he needs to work out and joining a BC workout at the gym last week and then he did it. He says he still needs to work on push ups but goodness he passed everything. Next week is the 30 day before BC exam and I hope everything is good. I feel such a relief because it has been months of struggling with PT for him. Isn't it funny/strange that there are so many stages to go through until they are sailors? I am sure there will be lots of these worries and then hopefully reliefs to go through. Have a good evening and I will enjoy this feeling over the weekend until new anxieties crop up like next week. lol. Kathy
awhh YAYY :) thats great. its definately something to be proud of, cause it sure aint easy :)
haha but after the new anxietys will come more new releifs :)
have a great dayy

That is awesome!! I know you are so proud of him!!!

Thank you for all the support you give me. Especially when I go crazy. lol. We are almost at the one month to go place and I need to make a check list of all we need to do before he leaves. I still can't believe BC is almost here. I was wondering if he should go ahead and get the flu shot before he goes. Maybe it would help cut down on sickness while at BC. What do you think? Kathy
yep only one month.
i gota phone call yesterday saying
there was an opening for the end of this month,
which is only a week or so away. and
that i could go... so i been freakin out
all yesterday, only to find the slots already filled..
its crazy though that in a blink of an eye.
you could go in early oh well.

good luck to your son. im sure he'll be fine.
its not as bad as it seems. and since hes
atheletic im sure he'll have no problems.

yeah i felt the same way.
this is my second call..

the first one was like in the end of june..
and i wasnt ready yet..
wish i woulda went then. oh well.
everything happens for a reason.

one months gives me time to
get down more in weight,
and get more physically ready
so i can be more prepared.
Its coming closer and closer, i should be excited, but im not, im just nervous.
Hi ladies, I haven't kept up on your chat here this past couple of weeks, so I'm running a bit behind and blind now. Just wanted to make sure that you had all seen this new post by our Navy Vet Arwen in the Main DEP/Future Sailors Group (If you go there instead, then click "view all" to find it) :

So, for sure the last PIR of the year WILL be Dec 17th. :) Just thought you'd all want to know.

NavyGirl, welcome! Saw your post in the main DEP Group too. My son was a HM, so let me know if you have an Corpsman training questions. Not many females going through that these days. You GO girl! =)

Speaking of medical stuff. If you or your Recruits do elect to get any flu shots or any other boosters, prior to ship out, then make sure they take a copy of their shot records in their wallet with them, Otherwise, RTC docs will err on the side of caution and give it to them anyways if there is any doubt! The "Ricky Crud" (various viruses) fells many Recruits during BC. :P Sometimes it progresses to worse illnesses that can delay their training. So, do urge them to take vitamins and eat healthy now, and try to get plenty of sleep, especially in the week prior to Ship out!

Getting closer now! Hang on. :-)
actually i do havea few. :)
i hear that corpsman training is
one of the most challenging
A schools? i have made good
grades all through highschool.
im just tryin to get a feel on how your
son did in A school?

did he go to C school at all?
Great news about PIR!!! Thanks Angie!! Susan
You are welcome Susan. I love sharing Good News! =)

NavyGirl-You'll probably find, as you talk to Sailors of many different Ratings, that they all think that their training is the hardest there is. :) SEALS/SWCC, definately the hardest physically, Nuke school, gotta be a complete brainiac (!) and on it goes. Depends on your abilities, ABVAB score, knowledge. etc. HM school IS a place where you will have to study, Study and STUDY some more! No distractions. There is lots of vocab to learn at first. If you are a former EMT, well, then it probably wouldn't be as hard for you as for some others. :) Those guys and gals tend to do very well.

My son was an A student in HS, well by potential anyways, he chose to take the easy route, make little effort, enjoy the sports and social aspects more and be a solid B student. He did better in college, when he didn't want to have to pay to take a class twice! LOL In Corpsman school however, he was motivated and worked hard. He graduated, with Honors, in the top 6 of his Class! :D No small feat. Very proud of him. No, he didn't go to a C school. Those slots are few and far between, it's often luck of the draw, the right timing. Lots of his (male) Classmates went to FMTB training afterwards. Many of them are "over in the sandbox" or stationed around the world now. He served Stateside as a Reservist first. He's Active Duty now.

You sound like a smart cookie too, I'm sure you'll do just fine. :) Here's some extra motivation though... the higher your GPA, the more chance you have of picking the Duty station assignment you want. (Want to go a particular Stateside Clinic, or maybe to Italy? Japan? Guam? The Mercy Ship?) Try to shoot for a scores of 80's and 90's only on your 12 tests. Sailors who score in the 70's or lower have to go to "Mando" i.e mandatory study sessions, on top of their other responsibilities. He was glad he didn't have to do those and really enjoyed his Clinicals at the end. :- )
My Son is leaving on the 26th of October from New York, he depped in Jan 5th and at the time it seems so far away. Now I cant believe its right around the corner. Im so happy to read PIR is 12/17, he is headed to Goose Creek, South Carolina for A School, hoping they let them come home for the holidays. we had his going away party this weekend, wanted to take advantage of the beautiful September weather in NY, had over 65 people for an all american bbq and it was a great success.
I've been away for N4M for a few months and today alone i've been on 4 times - Thanks for all the great info and support..


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