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The Navy Lodge Norfolk is located near Naval Station Norfolk's Gate 5 at

7811 Hampton Boulevard  Norfolk, VA 23505

Phone:  757-489-2656


Website:  Navy Lodge Norfolk reservations and information

You can make the reservation yourself by providing both your name and the name, rate and rating of the sailor who will check you in (called your "sponsor.")  If you are there for a homecoming, you can check in without your sponsor, but he/she has to check you in within 24 hours.  Otherwise your sailor must be present at check-in and show military ID.

Others nearby:  Navy Lodge Little Creek:  757-464-0215; Navy Lodge NAS Oceana:  757-437-8100

On a recent stay at Navy Lodge Norfolk I took these photos for us.  It's quite close to Gate 5 that leads into the base, so it's close to the ships and piers.  You need photo ID and a sponsor with military ID to enter the base, except for homecomings and your Ombudsman will have that info.

The Norfolk Navy Lodge was renovated in 2010.  It has 292 rooms in two wings (single, double, handicap-equipped, and eight suites), and features a coffee bar & TV area in the lobby, a small outdoor playground area, fitness room, business center, laundry, and a convenience mart that sells staples plus books, souvenirs and even liquor.   

Rooms have kitchenettes, TV with DVD player, and free wi-fi.  The lobby and rooms are lovely; I was impressed!    

RATES:  Single (one queen bed, fridge & microwave) $68; double (two queen beds, kitchen.with full refrigerator, stove/oven, & microwave) $76; family suite (bedroom with two queen beds & tv, living room with pull-out sofa & tv, and kitchen) $97.  No tax is charged.  

There is a free continental breakfast in the lobby 6 am - 9 am, with cereals, muffins, croissants, yogurt, fruit, juice, milk, coffee and tea.

They allow up to two pets.  Each pet's maximum weight allowed is 50 lbs; must present proof of vaccinations; and if there are noise complaints, you have to make other arrangements.

There are several gas stations and fast-food places close by.

The nearest non-Navy motels are the Hampton Inn and the Quality Inn, also on Hampton Blvd between Navy Lodge and Gate 5.  Hampton Inn:  8501 Hampton Blvd, phone (757) 489-1000  Website Hampton Inn - near Norfolk Naval Base

Navy Lodge 800 NAVY INN 800-628-9466 for the reservation policy and FAQs.

Remember to tip your Navy Lodge housekeepers, they are lovely, hardworking ladies! 

Kitchen in family suite has cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator.   The kitchen in the double room is same but with microwave only, no cooktop.

Microwave and small refrigerator in single room

Mini-NEX off the lobby

Continental breakfast 6 - 9 a.m.

Play area

Click on the e-brochure to enlarge (same to enlarge any photo above, too)

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nice place to stay. when I go to norfolk Im going to stay at the navy lodge. my son stay there every time he get leave.he lives on the ship but evry time he get a break he is staying at the lodge. it get expense but he has to get some down time off of the boat. I wish he could find someone to hang with that live close to the base. he has his truck so he can get around. he is single and no worries with girl friends.
we have stayed there a few times now and it very nice & clean. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It is very close to the gate and has several  good Restaurants close by. I love staying there you get a lot for the price. Right now m son is home for a nother week then he will be heading to Pensacola for C school but he will be heading back to Norfolk once he is done with that and join his new command. So he will be there at least 3 more years. We'll be staying at the Navy Lodge many more times I imagine ;)
How much is it a night?
Single (one queen bed, fridge & microwave) $65; double (two queen beds, kitchen.with full refrigerator, stove/oven, & microwave) $75; suite (bedroom with two queen beds & tv, living room with pull-out sofa & tv, and kitchen) $95. There is no tax.
I had to live there for a week and it was awful! We had 2 dogs & a 7-month-old so we had an awful smelling room. They had no carts when we got there to bring in our luggage so my hubby had to make 10 trips after a 15 hour drive in the middle of the night. They lost power for almost a day so everything in the fridge spoiled after they said it would be fixed in a couple of hours. Their solution was a flashlight and I got locked outside with the dogs and the baby. The staff was rude so I'd go elsewhere and it would probably be cheaper anyways.

Phone numbers for Norfolk/Virginia Beach area Navy Lodges: 

Navy Lodge Little Creek:  757-464-0215

Navy Lodge NAS Oceana:  757-437-8100

Just spent Thanksgiving week/weekend at the Lord right outside Norfolk NAS.  They were great - again!  Using a Nesco to cook the turkey, we were able to fix a "traditional" dinner.  We got adjoining rooms and it was perfect!

I had to google Nesco LOL  How cool, I bet that was a great Thanksgiving celebration! 

LOL...Marcy, I've had a Nesco for years...much better then the "normal" crock pot as it has a much further range of temperatures and even functions as an oven!  It was pretty awesome and my daughter got to keep left overs to eat for a few days after we left!

And I just realized my post should have said the Lodge right outside the!

haha dang that auto-correct!  I knew what you meant; it gave me a chuckle!!  :)


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