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My son finally had a meltdown last week about how much stuff he needed to get but either didn't have time for or he simply forgot. He requested that I post some of the things that all NUKE's need in A school. He said that a great idea would be to send them the day before graduation to the indoc address as it never changes.The address is:

                                         FN, first name, last name

                                         class: INDOC

                                         101 NNPTC Circle

                                          Goose Creek, SC 29445

   This way all new sailors will have everything they need when they get their.


This is his list:


  •       -bowls/silverware
  •       -can opener
  •       -laundry det./dryer sheets 
  •       -ironing board/iron
  •       -personal hyg. (body wash, cologne, deoderant, etc)
  •       -twin sheets (they are provided but my son tells me they "suck")
  •       -sneakers
  •       -black socks
  •       -white/blue t-shirts (to replace the ones from boot camp, again he says it's a quality issue)
  •       -something to do (books, video games, cards, etc.)


He also said that he has picked up extra's of Navy issued things and highly reccomends getting extra of the following as soon as you get to GC:


  •    -NSU cover (1 or 2)
  •    -dress whites cover
  •    -ribbons
  •    -pt gear (at least one more set, two would be better)


I hope this helps! Also veteran moms please add anything that you think would help.


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I'd add a travel hot/cold drink mug so he can take it to class, his own, new pillow, a nice thick mattress pad.  the twin sheets should be the longer, dorm room type.  He'll eventually get his own t.v.  If you have netflix, or want to get it so he AND you can both use it, that will give him something to use to unwind at night and on weekends.  Usually the roommates go in together to get cable internet.

Are you on our Nuke Moms FB page yet?  Friend request me and I'll give you the details.


Hi! I'm new. My Nuke doesn't even go to RTC until summer. Would love to join please.

Also, my son has asked that we send energy bars/granola bars/cereal bars and energy drinks for his entire class to keep for study time.

I posted this to the general group before I realized you set up a discussion:

Here's some suggestions for things needed upon arrival.

My daughter went to Target on her first liberty and bought about $200 of things for her room, etc.  Fitted sheets was the first thing on her list.  :)  She preferred to pick out her own (plus she likes to shop) so I just gave her a gift card at PIR.

I sent sunscreen/bug repellent since they do a lot of PT outdoors in the sun and the bugs are problematic.  I bought it from Avon so it shipped directly and I added in some shower gel and hand lotion as a treat.

I also sent a filtered water pitcher and a filtered water bottle (like Brita or PUR) because the water there is apparently "skunky" tasting.  

Another thing she liked was a Subway gift card.  Online they had one where they will print it with any photo you upload, so I sent her a gift card with a photo of her and her brother in Hawaii from our last vacation.  A little reminder from home every time she uses it.  

I'd also recommend a coffee cup that is microwavable.  I got one online with a Navy Nuke design. 

I'm still looking for a good price on sneaker-balls (those balls you put in shoes while they aren't in use to combat the smell).  Boots are not meant for hot weather wear and five mile runs in summer heat don't do athletic shoes much good either.  

Finally she's asked for microfiber cloths to clean her glasses, wipe a whiteboard that she uses for study and generally shine up things for inspection. 

The Subway is within walking distance.  I believe my son lived there while in Charleston!  Microwavable lunch stuff helps also, for after late night studying and just for when they want to get away from everyone at lunch.  My son is now aboard the USS Missouri.

My son is now in BC and will be headed to Charleston on September 22nd.  Sorry, I'm new to all of this, but what is the indoc address? And if we were to send these items to the indoc address, do we just put their name on the box?


My Son is in BC  (maybe a week behind yours)  His PIR is set for  9-28-12 and I might guess He will be heading to Charleston on the 29th. 

I am new to this also and still a little confused on the address. 

Right now I would indicate the SHIP & DIV on mail  so this box would be SR NAME then CLASS and not the SHIP & DIV? 

Thanks for the question. (sorry I don't get it yet)


The ship & div are only important during basic. So it would be:

     FN, Last name, first names

     class: INDOC


What does FN stand for?

FN stands for Fireman.  this is only for the MM's coming right out of bootcamp.  Once they graduate A school they change that to MM.  the other rates have a differnt name comming out of bootcamp.

My son too, Sandra!  Dan is Ship 12, Div 306, what's yours?

Brandon is in Ship 11 Div 301


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