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NUKE moms

A place to come for support and guidance for anyone with a loved one in the nuke program ⚓️.

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Comment by ProudOfK 8 hours ago

StacieG5 - we just visited GC a few weeks ago.  I highly recommend a Carriage tour.  We had a super driver/guide.  My husband and daughter aren't able to do a lot of walking so it was a great way to see and learn about a lot of the city.  Also 2 great places to eat are Red's Ice House by Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant and Page's Okra Grill which is near there.  Our nuke had been to Red's Ice House several times and I see why he really likes it.

NancyJo - what you shared about how your son communicates sounds so much like my son.  When we're with him in person I feel like we're very close and can have some great meaningful discussions but he does not like to talk on the phone or even text that much.  In high school he was never one to spend time on the phone even with his friends.  So at times now I will find myself getting worried either from what other mom's are posting regarding things going on or because of my sons lack of communication - then when we do skype and especially when we went to see him in GC I could see that all is well and any worrying is for naught.  So I just keep reminding myself how little he likes to talk on the phone.

It also reminded me of our conversations when I would pick him up after school - 'What did you do in math today?' - 'math stuff' - 'what did you do in science today?' - 'science stuff', etc. etc.

I'm encouraged and impressed by the attitude of those of you whose sailors find themselves either struggling or on a different path than nuke.  With such wonderful supportive mom's I'm confident your sailors will do well in whatever path they end up on.

WonderGeekWoman - sorry to hear graduation got pushed back.  It sounds like so far my son's grad date hasn't changed - I think they may be making up some of the time by forgoing any extra time off for Columbus day.  So hopefully there are no more hurricanes - hoping Maria doesn't come anywhere near SC.

Welcome to the new moms - The Unicorn Navy Nuke's Mom good luck to your daughter.

Comment by The Unicorn Navy Nuke's Mom 12 hours ago
Hi everyone! I'm happy to have found this group! Thanks so much B'sNukeMom!
My baby girl just got to BC last Monday. She's going to A school after graduation in Goose Creek.
She's PIR 11-10-17
Comment by WonderGeekWoman 12 hours ago

PacNWMom - your group sounds like an absolute blast! Wish I still lived on that coast!

B'sNukeMom - Speaking of being their best cheerleader...I sent my son a Snapchat message with the cheerleader filter and he sent back a scowling pic of himself (he rarely uses a filter) with "That's terrifying" on it. LOL! Sometimes I think his sense of humor died his senior year of HS, living with his dad. But I also think that he may not have made it in the Navy if he hadn't had that year.

I'm so much looking forward to A School grad. It got pushed back a week and that's ok. Gives me another week to make my crowded craft room into a space for him to sleep in.

Sorry I don't comment much. I read almost all the messages in email and laugh, cry and pray with you all! So grateful for this group!

Comment by sjm4mom 12 hours ago

Thanks everyone for your very kind words. The nuke program is definitely not for everyone. My son is now at Groton for sub school, then Sonar A school arleys Nana, the only advice I have for you is to tell your granddaughter to be patient. My son was at DTP for almost 3 months before he was sent to his next training.  MoMom, good luck to you and your son. If it's not his path, he will find what he is meant to do. 

Comment by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MM 15 hours ago

MoMom - continue to encourage your son - your job is to be his biggest cheerleader!  He'll have ups & downs (often times within the same day lol!).  For my son it was Power School that was a struggle - he had to recomp - but he did it.  He enjoyed Prototype the most - he liked the hands on.  And now he's getting his degree in Mechanical Engineering - he wants to continue to be involved hands on.  It all works out.

Comment by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MM 16 hours ago

PacNWmom - wow - I'm glad they figured out what is was (and wasn't) and you are feeling better now.  That has to be a huge relief!  Your "Pints & Crafts" sounds like fun - I wish I was closer so I could join you (I'm not a beer or wine drinker but I could have a margarita ;p )

Comment by PacNWmom 16 hours ago

B'sNuke, Thanks for checking up on me. I ended up quitting the Whole30 after 2 weeks, when I found out my illness wasn't costcondritis, it was pneumonia! It took 2 trips to my PCP and one to urgent care before my doc finally decided to do a chest x-ray. He was really surprised when he looked at it. I hadn't been coughing at all, just pain in my chest. Luckily a quick round of antibiotics did the trick and I'm feeling much, much better. I'll probably do the Whole30 again another time.

I just got back from 4 days at the beach with 15 other women. We are all part of a "Pints & Crafts" meetup group. We meet every Thursday evening at a bar (a different one every week) to drink beer and do crafts. Most of them are knitters, which I do not do. I'm a cross-stitcher. We did all sorts of fun crafts over the weekend: Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, sewing, soap making, bath bomb making, sugar scrub making, paper-crafting, jewelry making and hair dying. Plus great food and drinks! It was really wonderful!! So much creativity, laughter and love!!!

Comment by JayDee659 17 hours ago

MoMom, there was a young man in my daughter's A school who had problems with math.  In talking with my daughter he found that she was killing the math but had some problems with something on the mechanical side.  They teamed up and helped each other out.  My daughter is now on an aircraft carrier and that young man is now her husband and is assigned to a sub.  Life has a way of working out, sometimes better than we could have planned.

Comment by NancyJo (CVN70) 17 hours ago

You're right, CSW. I think the best advice is think positive and keep doing your best. No effort is wasted and if a new rate is in the future, hard work will pay off in the next rate. To even qualify as nuke in the first place means he is a smart cookie. He just needs to do his best and see where it goes. I've been here more than 7 years and I've seen a lot. He'll be OK! MoMom, you can reassure him on that.

Comment by J's/S'smom 17 hours ago

MoMom A school math is just one small snippet of the nuke pipeline. There are nukes that struggle through A school, who have no trouble in Prototype--all 3 phase of the pipeline are very different. Chances are he isn't struggling with the math, but the speed and methodology.There are some nukes who failed A school and even Power School math, but graduated Prototype without a problem. There are some nukes who got their all time lowest grade in the pipeline on that first math test. Tell your sailor it's really too soon to feel doomed. :-)


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