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Comment by JayDee659 45 minutes ago

Chipmunk they can't date in the same chain of command for the same reason many companies do not allow coworkers to date. There's favoritism, influence, distraction just to name a few. 

Comment by Chipmunk 1 hour ago

Wow, some days we chatter a lot and others it is pretty quiet. JayDee a few pages back you clarified what I think my son was trying to tell me. They aren't allowed to date in the same class or such so they aren't distracted.

B'sNuke - my son also told me the same joke "if the Navy wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one."

NancyJo - my husband reminds our children all the time, if you do what hormones tell you to do, the hormones will win all the time. In one of my first long conversations when my son arrived at GC he thanked me for several things, teaching him to always tell the truth and fess up if he was in the wrong, treating others with respect, and a healthy understanding of sex, drugs, and alcohol and also how to handle money. That came from dad as well and most lessons are learned as the results of various life experiences, but recognizing how to stand in wise counsel and Godly wisdom is usually beneficial to all.

Thanks for the suggestions on churches, and all the chatter. It is good to see lots of responses. Soccermom19 - glad to be a part of your extended family.

Now it is off to help out one of my children. Just because they grow up doesn't mean I don't still get two phone calls at once, or help with an earache, or I still need you to come see me for some reason. I love them all!!

Comment by topdog1p 3 hours ago

My son enjoyed Metro North church in goose creek while he was there. He then moved to NY for prototype he did find a church there i just am not sure of the name. He too was one that had not dated in high school and college before joining the navy. He says he sees girls he would like to ask out but moving around stopped him. I told him at Christmas in 2015 ask them and let them decide if they would be interested in a Navy man.  Little did mom now there was a girl he had in mind at the church he was intending in NY. They had been an item now since last April. She in NY and him in Bremerton WA. Time will time if it ends in marriage.  He did go visit for 2 wks last month.

Comment by NancyJo (CVN70) 4 hours ago

B'sNuke, it's so wonderful to hear about B since he left the navy. He's found love and is building his future. It warms my heart. Thanks so much for letting us share his journey. I have never met the man but I feel like I know him a little. He is a gem, as is his mother. <3<3<3

Comment by NancyJo (CVN70) 4 hours ago

Tom, wise words as usual. My son has had no problem working with women. He grew up in a house of women (he was the only male once dad left) and he treats us with respect, and I expect that translates to the job. He also appreciates strong women. He married one. My advice is for the moms of the young sailors, if any of you haven't had the sex talk yet, it's high time. People will be human.

I feel like this is my navy family too, soccermom. I have tons of family but you ladies (and men) have been my support for a long time and I appreciate each of you.

Comment by Tracie 4 hours ago

Yea as a female I’m kinda annoyed about the pregnancy sons recruiter tried a different route to discourage relationships with female recruits in BC he reminded them females do exact same thing males do and have exactly same amount of time for personal hygiene no matter what, so they are going to be just as stinky and foul as the males...

So much more non biased approach I think and kinda funny.

Comment by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MM 4 hours ago

I agree - that was a little uncalled for for the recruiter to say that about women wanting to get pregnant to miss a deployment.  I'm sure there's good & bad of both sexes but there's also many more amazing sailors of both sexes.

Of course there is another saying in the Navy that goes "if the Navy wanted you to have a spouse, they would assign you one!"  (It's a joke - not trying to ruffle any feathers ;-D)

Comment by soccermom19 5 hours ago

lazerguppie - wasn't that a creepy episode.  It really scared me to the core.  Of course I was only 5 or 6 when I saw it.  I am sure of that timeline because I remember seeing it in the first house I lived n and we moved to a new house on the day I turned 7.  So way too young to be watching that.

And to everyone else who I have now given a creepy visual or flashbacks. Sorry!!!  I just had to share with my Navy family. 

And saying Navy family is really special for me.  My son is the one who joined the Navy but has pretty much remained a loner, like many nukes who can be introverted at times..  I on the other hand seemed to be the one that gained the family. Something I always wanted to have - a really big, sharing, caring family Love ya all!!!

Comment by Tom 5 hours ago

My first experience with women in the Navy was on a submarine repair ship (tender) getting ready to deploy to the Persian Gulf following Kuwait.   We were told that the women (25% of crew) would all get pregnant, etc.   Surprisingly (to me), I had more men do stupid things to avoid the deployment than women.   I had two women that put off scheduled pregnancies because they so wanted to make this deployment.   I was so wrong about women in the Navy and this experience opened my eyes.   We were all hot, sticky, sweaty, stinky in 120 heat on a ship with limited air conditioning.  We worked side by side, loading stores, repairing surface ships, and having fun.  Were there some cases of inappropriate behavior? - sure.  But no more than in port.   

With regards to finding a partner while in the Navy.  That will be no problem.  It's retaining the partner that is tough.  With deployments, 3 section duty, long hours - finding a partner that will put up with that is difficult.  Unfortunately, I failed in that quest.  

Go Navy!

Comment by JayDee659 5 hours ago

My daughter is a Nuke and she has no plans for getting pregnant and the thought of missing a deployment or underway is out of the question for her.  It's unfortunate that some go in to the the Navy with the attitude of "how do I get out of..." but sadly some do.  BUT there are lots of incredible ladies in the Navy and I like to believe they are the majority.  All that I have met have been awesome!


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