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When did your kids start finding out they recieved a scholarship?


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Our son finished his application in June and he heard before Thanksgiving. He began the process shortly after the new year, as soon as the application was available online, and the recruiter had him doing most of the paperwork, along with the interview, in May.
the earlier you get the paperwork the better... that means that you have more boards to review your application... My son waited and we did not find out until the end of March... A little scary!
What do you mean by 'waited'? My daughter finished her applicatin last week( Sept.20). It felt like we were starting early but we ran into snags trying to get anything done through her HS over the summer. We will both have nervous breakdowns if she doesn't hear something before the end of March. She is also going through NCAA recruiting fo Cross Country and track-so there are National Letters of Intents deadlines to consider as well.
My son completed the application/interview process in October and received his scholarship in late February. A Tier 3 major, he was contacted in early January and again in February by a 'scholarship counselor' in Pensacola who encouraged him to change his major to a Tier 1 or Tier 2 because of the limited availability of Tier 3 scholarships. In the end, he was awarded the Tier 3.
My son submitted his application in the late summer and was notified late November. He did indicate which school was his first choice and he could change his choice if desired. That would require more paperwork to transfer the selected choice. Consider your choices first and if you care to change---beware as quotas may be filled for that school.
My daughter began working on the paperwork in May and had everything done and in by July 1st. She got notification that she had been awarded the scholarship the first week of Oct. Early, early, early is key...then you don't have to sweat it! And if you don't end up getting the scholarship, you can always go in to college as a college programmer...they usually end up getting put in for the scholarship by their unit and can get it as early as second semester.
My son applied in November and found out in February he was accepted. When you designate your top choice school to take the scholarship at, you may want to consider putting your first "match" school not a big reach school. They don't automatically transfer the scholarship to the school you are accepted at, which caused us a lot of worry and stress. The hardest part is that the Navy doesn't start reassigning the scholarships to the schools as requested until at least May 15, which is several weeks after you have to decide what school you are going to. That was a big lesson learned for us, because we had to tell my son we would pay for one year ($37,000) but after that he was on his own, unless he got the scholarship transferred or went to our local state college. Thankfully, the transfer came through but it didn't look like it would for a long time. He was 23rd on the list to go to a program that normally takes 15, thankfully they ended up taking 34 scholarships this year.
Thank you all, I submitted everything already and I am sending in my new ACT scores at the end of September. I am really ready to get an answer!
My son was notified in November of 2008 for the 2009-2010 college year.
My daughter just submitted her application on Sept 20 and is now prepared to play the waiting game. From the info on this thread, it sounds like hearing in Feb is realistic.
How were your kids notiifed? Letter, call, visit to their schools?
Well, we found out by checking the NROTC web site daily around the time that the boards were finishing up. I remember because I was travelling and I logged in to check because he hadn't checked in a few days, so I got the good news first and called him just before he left for school. I was jumping around my hotel room because I was so excited for him...he really has his heart set on being a Naval officer. I had that kind of jumping-around-excitement when my daughter was accepted to college but we didn't get that for college acceptances with James because he wasn't accepted to a couple of schools he was really interested in. But month into college at Maryland, he loves it and really really loves his NROTC unit. Anyway, I think the fastest way to find out is by the web page...we got an email from his scholarship coordinator a few days later and the actual formal written notification a couple of weeks later. Good luck!
Thanks for the responses. I kind of wish I had pushed her to get all of the application stuff done sooner. But she was so critical of her 'comments", 'remarks" and essays, with endless tweaking and re-writes. It was a very traumatic event when she finally hit the SUBMIT button and sent the online application on its way. I am sure this is a good test of patience and will be good for two control freaks( she and I) to now just have to 'wait and see'.
I feel so blessed to have this arena for info and support and hope to hear more from all of you.


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