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Roll Call: Name your sailor's sub!

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name of sub your sailor is on

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Any Wyoming blue moms out there?

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Comment by CO-TwinSalorsMom 8 hours ago

My other sailor was stationed at Norfolk and one night a guy who was a driver for a delivery truck got on base in the middle of the night. He tried to board a ship and overpowered the female on guard. He took her gun and was going to kill her but another sailor on duty jumped in front and was killed. a third sailor on guard killed the gunman. My son's barrack was right close and he and his bunkmate heard the shots. Sad event but shows how they are trained and what for.

Comment by CO-TwinSalorsMom 9 hours ago

Oh it is a FB group.

Comment by CO-TwinSalorsMom 9 hours ago

Hey Amy here is a group I am part of, It is a closed group so you need to ask to join. My neighbor told me about it.

Loved Ones of Hawaii Submarine Sailors

Comment by CO-TwinSalorsMom 9 hours ago

Kitty My boy is a nuke in Pearl Harbor. What boat will he be on? Maybe they will be on the same one.

Comment by CO-TwinSalorsMom 9 hours ago

Kitty, Mine is 6'4" and was known in GC while at school as, "The big tall dude who is always happy" Wonder if all tall guys are easy going. He said he looks at the floor a lot on the boat. 

Comment by Confetti 17 hours ago

 Ombudsman only contacts when underway.  Your son will get an address in about a week.  Remember the time difference.

Comment by TJ Proudnavymom 18 hours ago

WLH my boy had all of the security training as well.  As an MT he is responsible for protecting the weapons and launch systems against whoever would try to access them without authorization.

Comment by WearsLargeHats yesterday

Kitty, funny that you should say that about pointing guns, as I have been pondering that of late. My son just completed Security Reaction Force B training (search SRF-B on YouTube, lots of videos involving pepper spray), along with firearm quals on 9mm, shotgun, and M4 rifle. That is all to qualify for armed topside watches to guard the boat in port and on surface. So, yeah, he might have to point guns at people or wrestle them to the ground. I had never thought about that aspect of the job, and it felt strange to think of him doing that, which got me thinking about my reaction. I mean, duh, it is the military and that is what they do. He is even in the weapons division, and the difference between a Baretta and a Mark 48 torpedo or a TLAM comes down to range and scale. A SSN is a warship, a weapon. It is kind of sobering though -- there are people out there who want to do harm, so our sailors are armed and ready. We just pray they never have to actually use force.

Comment by Shea yesterday
Amy L. My son has been in Hawaii for over 3 years. He's on the Louisville. There's a closed Facebook group you can join called Loved Ones of Hawaii Submarine Sailors. It's a mixed group but it's mostly moms who sons are stationed there. The lady who runs the page is very helpful. Your son does have to put you on the list in order for the ombudsman to communicate with you but I'm sure he will. Some ombudsman are better than others from what I can tell. They are usually a wife of an officer. Hawaii is a beautiful place and there's lots to do, I'm sure your son will love it!
Comment by elizabeth_fl yesterday

Hi Amy L. so sometimes they have groups on FB (you will have to ask to join usually) for the area in which your son lives, so hawaii in that case. Anyway, these groups are usually for wives or girlfriends to get info abt a new area they are moving to yada, yada but I have seen people ask questions along the lines of "does anyone know who the ombudsman is for such and such boat??" The first 2 times I got placed on ombudsman lists I didn't get a letter, but I did get a phone call & an email. Even as a wife this is very comforting lol. I didn't know if you wanted to take matters into your own hands but you could try looking for pearl harbor navy wives or something to that extent and see if you could locate her :) 


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