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Hi everyone.  I will be staying at a hotel overnight to be able to catch the Bush for the upcoming Navy Tiger Cruise.  Does anyone have any information on transportation to the Naval Station?

The Tiger Cruise folks are telling me that they are no longer providing shuttle service to the Naval Station and that Tigers are now responsible for their own transportation.

The cab companies are telling me to wait until the week before I need the cab to make my reservation because only certain cabs can get on base and they don't know which ones will be available at this time... but I hate to wait to the last minute to arrange my transportation.

If I am reading the bus schedules correctly, the bus that services the Naval Station runs only early in the morning (and later in the afternoon) - too soon for the other bus line to get us from our hotel to the connecting station in time for the bus that goes to the Naval Station.

Does anyone have any information on how other folks who don't live in the area are getting to the Naval Station day-of?  You can contact me privately if you feel that the information shouldn't be publicly posted (I tried to limit the specific information posted here).

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I know they are not telling anyone about the homecoming yet, and my guess is similar about the tiger cruise.  I would do an online search of cab companies near Mayport, I would imagine they will list that they serve the base, and can tell you better how close you can reserve.  I would expect they have gone through many Tiger cruises and know the drill.  

I'm also doing the Tiger Cruise & have no info on transportation. If you find anything out, would you please pass it on. I will definitely do the same! Super excited to see my sailor, ever done a cruise before?

Got to do a Family Day, but have never done a Tiger Cruise... I'm getting excited too!  Maybe there will be plenty of taxis with gate badges available and booking closer to the cruise date isn't that big of a deal... I just much rather prefer to have it setup further in advance ; )  And I don't know how many Tigers there are... maybe there aren't that many of us and I'm over-thinking this ; )  I'll post anything further that I find out.

I haven't received anything other than an e-mail from my son telling me to be there, that my registration fees are paid.  Does anyone know if we will receive any sort of confirmation from registration?   I booked a hotel a little over 3 miles from base, hoping for the best in regards to transportation to the base being that close, not even considering that only some would be allowed on base. 

My sailor received confirmation of my registration, so perhaps your son got something?  I haven't gotten any more information on transportation... I'm just going to call the cab companies again next week and see if I can get one scheduled.

Has anyone checked with your hotels to see if they offer shuttles? They must have guests going to Mayport all the time. My Sailor did indicate that alot of crew members will be leaving the ship in Mayport and she thought there was a bunch of Tiger Cruise ppl coming  on board. I do know she said to wear jeans and sneakers, nothing fancy like boots, she said they will get scuffed on the stairs. She also said the ship is freezing, esp at night so wear sweats for bed, a robe for taking showers and plastic flip flops for the shower too. I have no idea what we are going to be Im dressing for comfort.

Yeah... the hotels that I called down there didn't have shuttle services of their own - they all use the GO Shuttle which runs from the airport to the hotels and back, but nowhere else.  Thanks for the other tips... I read that we should dress comfortably and that it can be cool aboard the ship but didn't know it really got cold.

The original paperwork from the Navy said that they would provide a shuttle from the hotels they recommended to the pier the morning of, but we also found out that now they won't be doing that. We are staying at the Quality Inn Mayport and need to drive our daughter to the pier that morning to get her on the ship.The hotel said that they don't provide a shuttle and they are filled with people for the Tiger Cruise. There might be a lot of people scrambling to get to the pier that morning. My sailor said that there is a meeting for them this Sunday concerning the Cruise so we might hear some more info after that. The Navy shouldn't have said that they would provide transportation from the hotels to the ship if it wasn't true :(


Can't wait for the Tiger Cruise. Heard from my daughter and she suggested warm PJ's.... Hope to see you all soon!

Just booked my cab through Checker Cab 904-345-3333 - they are able to guarantee a cab with a badge to get into the Naval Station at this time.  Now here's hoping that they have some sort of checklist at the gate of who should be showing up for the Tiger Cruise so I can show some ID and get in ; )

HELP!  How many days is the Tiger Cruise?  I'm working on something for us (song) and I need to know   :-)

2 days


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