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High School student Navy concerns and questions

Im a senior in High School and im looking to join the Navy right after High School. I want to become a Master at Arms. But I have many questions.

What is "A school"?
Would I get a college degree while serving Active duty?
What jobs I can qualify for after 4yrs in the Navy?
Does Masters at arms get deployed often? If so when do I get a chance to visit my family?
How do I prepare myself for Boot camp?

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Comment by Denise-- Seabee Mom on November 10, 2010 at 1:55pm
Your going to get so many answers to these questions. For me I would say the best thing you could so is go talk with a recuiter. He is they one that should have everything you need. And have you tested. The info on line never ends. Visit Navy sites.
Also go to youtube and watch some of the videos. There is so many.
Also if you are in the DEP program that will help you get ready.
Good luck
Comment by Anti M on November 10, 2010 at 1:58pm
A school teaches you the basics of your rating, such as Master at Arms.

The Navy does not award a degree, although some of the training qualifies as college credit. When possible, the Navy encourages and assist with tuition while you are on active duty, in your off time. Off time is a relative term.

MAAs do deploy, are assigned to ships, overseas, there are a variety of duty stations. You would earn 30 days of leave each year at 2.5 days per month. That does not mean you get to take the days all at once, nor choose when to take them. It depends on what operational needs of your command are. You'd likely see your family once or twice a year. They can sometimes go to visit you too. Depends on where you end up. You will also have liberty, which is normal time off such as weekends and holidays when you do not have duty. Doesn't mean you can pick up and travel home, but the military is not 24/7 past boot camp.

Jobs? Pretty much the obvious, but many employers like veterans because they know the worker is disciplined, ready to learn and probably punctual. Vets tend to have better leadership skills also.

Your recruiter should have you in teh DEP program and will provide you with the physical and other requirements. You get to memorize things, LOL. Boot camp has classrooms and tests as well as marching and running.
Comment by Mary, Proud Mom of Nick on November 10, 2010 at 2:09pm
I agree, great questions and how smart of you to be thinking of your next step. I would take those questions to a recruiter and take a practice ASVAB test and that might have some impact on your questions. You may find that you are better qualified for a different job that you had not thought of. Or you may find if you are looking at going into the Navy after graduation that they is a year wait for the job you want so it's not too early to have a solid conversation with a recruiter now.

Good luck to you, I love a high school student with a plan!
Comment by Eaglemom on November 10, 2010 at 2:21pm
What Anti M said! lol
1. A school is the school you will go to after boot camp to learn how to be an MA.
2. You can get a college degree if you work on it during your off-duty hours. This takes a certain amount of self-discipline. You can also get a college degree AFTER your service time is up by using your GI Bill.
3. You will still have to take courses in order to be a police officer in your particular town/ jurisdiction because each state and town has their own ordinances, but like Anit M said you will have a leg up because you will have had the weapons training and discipline of the Navy.
4. It depends primarily on the needs of the Navy and secondarily, your choices as to where you get deployed; you get a list of positions/locations to choose from most of the time. The Navy does have many positions that are on land mostly guarding bases and providing policing for incoming ships. But they also have many positions on ships where they act as police officers for the fleet on the water. --i have seen my son (an MA) about once a year for about 2 weeks.
5. As Denise said, the recruiter is the best person to help you prepare. i suggest doing some kind of physical preparation before going to boot camp, because it makes it harder on you if you do not. You MUST pass certain running tests, for instance, in a certain time in order to graduate; so it is much easier on you if you practice BEFORE entering the Navy.

Good Bless!
Comment by BunkerQB on November 10, 2010 at 3:00pm
Check out this link. Google "Navy career" "enlisting in the Navy" "Navy Delayed entry program" or any combination of the words. You will have to be proactive. Create a good filing system for all your information and sources. If may be a good career choice. It may not. Only you can tell. Trust your instincts. Good luck.
Check out this site.
Comment by Nate's Mom (Wendy) ;P on November 10, 2010 at 3:45pm
Kevin..thats great your thinking Navy. And you are smart enough to get all your facts straight first. You exactly the kind of Sailor I would be proud to have work with mine. I suggest finding someone too that has been in or is in and will tell you the absolute truth. Good bad and ugly. And it doesnt hurt having someone looking out for YOUR intrests. Someone that has NOTHING to gain by recruiting you . I wish you the best!! This is a good place to start!!
Comment by Kevin1993 on November 11, 2010 at 1:44am
Thank you guys so much for the information you given me. It really helped me get an idea of where to start from. Sometimes I get caught up trying to be successful in life and also in school that I tend to get worried because I don't want to end up in a hole I cant get out of. I went to a recruiter but I was very eager to be there that I forgot most of the questions I was going to ask him, I have an appointment again this Wednesday to take the practice ASVAB test so Ill talk to him then. I'm an athlete so I don't worry about the physical part because I know I have what it takes. But I am a little worried about my education because in our world today its not the experience that gets a person hired its their their educational background. So I am hoping by the time I am 24 I can have a bachelors in Criminal Justice or at least a bachelors in something because I am not sure if I would want to study something different
Comment by Craig on November 13, 2010 at 3:30am
Your answers are embedded:
Im a senior in High School and im looking to join the Navy right after High School. I want to become a Master at Arms. But I have many questions.
ANSWER: Why do you want to wait until after high school to join? To be proactive, you could have joined during your junior to senior summer break. If you would have entered DEP during the months of May, June and July you were authorized to be placed in DEP for a maximum of 455 days (15 months) at the time of initial classification. You could have been that much more ahead. Now, if you wait until you graduate, you might not get in for a year after that. You're selling yourself short.

What is "A school"?
ANSWER: "A" school is where you learn the basics of your rating (MA), "C" school is when you are technicially more proficient in a certain job. Example: "A" school is like being an auto mechanic, "C" school is like being an auto mechanic that is an expert on Corvettes.

Would I get a college degree while serving Active duty?
ANSWER: You could, but most sailors fail to make the effort to do it. After working long hours, it's hard to go to school afterwards.

What jobs I can qualify for after 4yrs in the Navy?
ANSWER: Go to the Navy's COOL website

Does Masters at arms get deployed often? If so when do I get a chance to visit my family?
ANSWER - If your married, you could be without your wife for 2 years. I recently had a MA go though that. He was in Japan, she was in California. Totally sucky experience.

How do I prepare myself for Boot camp?
ANSWER - The best thing you could do is ask for a Dep handbook and start studying it.

MORE INFO - Go here to see more info on MA's..
Comment by Grasshopper on November 23, 2010 at 5:06pm

My son is an MA and decided the beginning of his senior year of high to sign the paper work to join the DEP program. He had to wait almost a full year to get in for an MA position but he knew that was what he wanted to do. He wanted/wants law enforcement! He's a great kid and very disciplined but he is very family oriented so boot camp was really tough especially since he left to go the week before Thanksgiving and missed all the Holidays with his Family. However, he survived and you can too! He went to San Antonio for his "A" School training and studied hard because they were told the top ranked students get the top picks of where to go. He was 8th in his class and when time came and billets (basically available openings) were posted he got to pick and his choice was still on the board...Norfolk, only about 3 hours from home. He is able to come home about every other weekend for now. He does understand though that when his 2 years are up and he has to choose again he will probably be sent overseas. He actually he hoping to go to Spain. He is now about to start taking classes toward his bachelor's degree. He is very happy with the path he has chosen.


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