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What to expect after Boot Camp Graduation?

We raised my nephew after my sister died and he's currently in Great Lakes and will graduate (yeah!) this month. Of course we're going to the graduation! I was wondering if anyone had any tips about graduation and about liberty. He said originally that he'd have the whole weekend off to visit with us in Chicago, but now his paperwork says that graduation is from 9AM-10:30AM, and he's "free" til 1PM then will be sent right away to CT for "A School". My husband thinks that may change, but I was wondering what experiences other families have had with this? Do you get conflicting info on Liberty after graduation? Do they ship them to school the same day? Thanks! Alice

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Comment by Jules on April 6, 2009 at 5:44pm
It sounds like he migh be a Grad and Go.... but it should say exactly that on the graduation packet.... Ask Sue (Purple Pig) she is on this site... she works at Great Lakes... and is AWSOME... she will answer anything she is at liberty to answer! :o) She was a GREAT help to our graduating group in these types of questions. She can't give you information about YOUR recruit specifically... she can just answer general questions.... but I would start there. However if his papers do say Grad and Go... then you will only get an hour or so after PIR... then he will be taken to the Airport ... some families go and sit with their Sailor at the Airport to spend every last second with them till their flight leaves which could be another couple of hours! Good luck to you and Bless you for stepping in and raising your nephew for your sister... I'm sure she is smiling down on you! :o)
Comment by Alice Valle-Riestra on April 6, 2009 at 5:52pm
Thanks so much, Jules! My mom died in a car accident 6 years before my sister, but I often feel like they're both smiling and with us. I'll try to find Sue on this site and I'll look at the paperwork to see if it says Grad and Go. If you know how to reach Sue, I'd appreciate that info. Thanks again! Alice
Comment by Jules on April 6, 2009 at 5:59pm
Go to my page... and she is one of my friends.. you can click on that... it's literally a picture of a purple pig.. so it won't be hard to miss, haha! She was such a help... and a real hoot too... I lOVED her... we all caught up with her at PIR and had our picture taken with her!!!!! :o) PIR will be AWESOME!!!!!!
Comment by valerie minton on April 7, 2009 at 6:18am
my son just graduated on march 27th from boot camp they get day liberity not the whole weekend we would pick our son up @ 7-8 then he would have to be back @ diffrent times like the next day after grad. because some recruits came back late they had to be back by 630 then if they have to stand gaurd duty they have to be back for that but what we did is on saturday when we picked robert up my oldest son & girl took him to chicigo then they just spent the day there & came back in time for him to return to base. so you can make your plans the night before but they dont get the whole weekend to come with us :( & they kept robert so busy all he wanted to do is rest so dont get upset if he just wants to realax! but it is great to see them grow! good luck to you & your nephew! & have a great time. valerie minton


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