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My son shipped out on 6/20. Any others with that date? My husband went back to work today I'm home alone with my two little ones (4 and 6) and just inside my own head today. As an Army veteran myself you would think I would be more OK with this then I am. He's my oldest child, 17, (my next is my stepson who is 16) and I'm more upset that our lives will just never be the same again I think. I bought a big map and put it on the wall with makers for where we are and one for where he is so my little ones can follow him on it through his basic and A school (Florida). Idk where I'm going with this post I'm just all over the place! Help!

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My youngest just shipped on 6/20. Its so quiet with an empty house now. Im in Ohio. This is my second child to go into the military so it may be a tad easier as I know what to expect but im still worried to death and missing him like crazy

Hi Tarahlou, your feelings are oh so normal. I had those same feelings that the family constellation I was used to was now gone. My sailor is our only son and only child so we had an empty nest. I can say now that we are 2 years into our son being a sailor that you do adjust and it is fascinating watching your child progress into being an adult. To us they are still our babies and we are still wanting to protect them. To them, they are wanting to be young men with respect for themselves and their accomplishments. It’s hard when we can see that there are so many gaps in their knowledge and experience but I dare say that my mom and dad thought the same thing about me! I guess the best advice I can give is rejoice in their accomplishments, praise their courage, encourage them that they can do this if they are down and don’t burden them with feelings of missing them. They are in a new and stressful situation and need to focus on doing well. Write letters frequently so they know they are loved and supported. It’s okay and right to grieve your own loss of the change in your relationship with your son. He will always love you and he will always be your son and THAT will never change. Hang in there mom!

My son shipped on 6/20, got there around 11:30 pm. I too am going insane obsessing about everything, wondering what’s he’s doing every day & yeah my biggest sadness is that things will never be the same again

My son left 6/18 my daughter leaves 6/27. I am a Marine vet. NOTHING prepares us for this!  It’s funny thinking back I gave no thought to how my leaving affected my family.  It just was what I was going to do. My how the tables gave turned. I feel lost too. But...we know first hand that everything is going to be okay. We also know we are going to be okay!  But dang, it is hard!  Hang in there my friend!  And thank you for your service too!

I’m an Arizona mom as well. When I had days like that while he was in boot camp I would write him a letter or do something that would make me feel closer to him. I also remind myself how extremely proud of him that he is taking on this adventure. Good cries helped too — I’m not gonna lie. Lol. My son’s PIR was 4/13 and I still have days like this. He is in A school now and we have more communication, which I am grateful for, as I will typically reach out to him those days. PM me if you would like. And last but definitely not least, thank you for your service. ❤️

I hear you mom, loud n clear. My heart hurts every time I read posts from Mom's whose child just left for BC. It takes me back to Sept 2017 when my oldest son left home. Things did change ...but for the better. We have grown so much closer. Closer than we have ever been. He's expressed his love and appreciation,for what my husband n i have tried to do for him his whole life, with the most thoughtful words imaginable. Remember to write letters n and cards as often as possible expressing ur love n support for him as well as updates about happenings in town , sports etc. Sharing good news with him will help u feel more connected. Encouraging the other siblings to write or draw pictures would be fantastic too.  Overall, pray n strengthen ur faith. It's the only thing that got us through it. Finally, thank you for your service to our country. You already ensured the protection of our country. Now u can hold ur head up high knowing u raised a fine young man who will ensure the protection of us all. God bless.


My daughter also shipped out on 6/20.  She is my younger daughter and her sister graduated high school and college and moved to CA for a great job opportunity.  We are from NJ.  I am on my own in my empty nest and I totally get how you feel.  It's like an emotional roller coaster.  I try to focus on how good this step is for her and that she can do it.  Then I see her swing set and walk by her room, and things get tough.  I am a teacher, and school just ended, so I go from cleaning the house like a fiend to plopping on the couch and not being able to do too much.  I'm also from a military family, but this is really hard.  Hopefully, when we get our kids' addresses and we can finally send letters to them, then we'll feel better.  I'm in this with you and all of the other parents of our 6/20 group.  Hopefully this basic training time will pass quickly and we'll be able to cheer our kids on at graduation! My daughter is a hospital corpsman and will be heading to San Antonio, TX after PIR.  Hang in there! We've got to just breathe and keep on keeping on.  :)

My son shipped out on 6/20 as well also my oldest,  I have a 15 son to be 16. And I completely understand how you are feeling/ thinking.  It's only been 5 days and it seems like forever to me.  Received lots of information on here and support, comfort with the information,   but it still miss my son like crazy.  I have no date but because I still haven't recieived his box. And I habe too wait patiently to receive the form letter to give a date.

And I completely understand when you say you think your life will never be the same.  I said the exact same statement to my father in law who is as well Army Veteran. He said this to me " Rubie you may hear me and not listen right now,  but you are absolutely correct, he will not be the kid that left your house on Wednesday. Your life will never be the same.  He will be a man, a responsible one when you see him on graduation from BC. But what's wrong with that,  you raised him to be respectful, hard worker, do for others even if they may or may not return the favor. So be the proud mom that when people ask about him you tell them, my son is great and my hero. Because he standing up to protect this nation, allowing others his generation, younger generation and older to speak their minds or do absolutely nothing. The Lord watches over the Men and Women doing for others, pray,love and have faith'...

Now he was right, I heard all he said but at that moment I did not pay attention to what he said. Like a new country song you remember the beat but not the words. When recalled the conversation he is right. Know I haven't told him this because that retired Sergeant Major doesn't Neff to know everything lol. Jk i will tell him today.  

You and your son and family are in my prayers.  

Hi! I got the call around midnight 6/20 as well that my son had arrived safely. Do you know how I join the group with the other 6/20 Mom’s. I sure hope we all get form letters this week!

Hikergirl, join the group, DEP-Leavin for bootcamp in JuneYou will meet others with loved ones who left 06/20/2018 or last week who may be in the same TG and have PIR together. I left more info for you on your My Page.

Tarahlou, I left info for you on your My Page.

I have a 6/20 shipper, too!


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