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Just want to hear some stories. =) 

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I was a waitress at our local diner, he was bestfriends with the owers older son so he would come by with him all the time and he also worked as a busboy on some nights. We started flirting and talking alot, he would even ask a girl that worked there(it was mostly family in the diner so she was a niece to the owners) things about me and found out my favorite flowers and then would bring me flowers every week. After a few weeks we started talking more and I would meet him at starbucks after his weekly pt at the recruit office and then we would go to the park for walks. After dating for a few months he proposed to me at the park we would always go to. While he was in bc I had a dream (after I watched "where the heart is" for the 100th time) that we got married at the diner where it all started, I wrote him in a letter about it and he loved it. So when he came home for Christmas stand down we got married at the diner. We will have been married for a year on December 19th, we have a beautiful 17month old daughter and just gave birth to another girl. So this is our version of a fairytale =)

We met on June 26, 2009. I was enrolled in sumer classes since my major was extreeeemely taxing. That night I was going to stay home and write papers since I had 8am class the next morning. Well, my guy friend called me and said he had friends over at his house from the neighboring town and he didn't want the party to be lame, so I should bring my friends. I told him no (several times), and then eventually fell to the peer pressure. Thankfully I did!! I noticed a very cute guy across the room when I walked in, but didn't think anything of it since I was literally wearing my pajamas! Lol. He and I started talking and before I knew it, he asked for my number in a very nonchalant way. I completely expected to NEVER hear from him again. But, he texted me the next night to hang out. Of course, since I didn't do my papers the night before, I really had to stay home and do them that night. I asked him if he was going to a friend's house the following night. He met me there and we have been insperable since that day!!! Well, that was until Nov3 when he left for bootcamp. It has already been a long ride, but it is making our relationship so much stronger. I have realized that I NEED him in my life and I absolutely cannot imagine life without him. He's gonna be the one. :)

Super cute stories!

We met on-base. I'm an alcohol marketing manager and promotional model. One of my accounts is the JBA shopette. It's so funny...since it's a DC joint base, Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy guys ALL come in, and always flirt and try to pick me up. I'm super professional and always turn them down because I consider that fraternizing. Broke the rules on this this one!

One day, as I'm conducting a wine tasting, this guy stops to talk about the wines. He asks great questions, tall with a southern drawl, wearing glasses and covered in filth from modifying his car. But something about him is super attractive... He buys a bottle and asks for my number...the other tasting girls are like "You're soooo lucky! He's cute!" Me? I'm not impressed and didn't think much of it because usually guys just want to say they scored a promo chick lol.

Forward a month and half...I'm just too busy working (eg. club nights, bar crawls, special events) to see him, but he texts and calls me regularly. Through our conversations, I find out he's in the Navy Ceremonial Guard, from Texas, smart, sweet, traditional and kind of different considering the slick DoD contractor types I usually dated (trans: too much money, too cocky former high nerds...too much money and too many toys...usually wind up dumping them lol). I decided to give him a chance and promised to see him after I worked the US Open. Best decision of 2011!

Got to our date and waaaaaait a minute! He's even cuter then I remembered with amazing yellow-green eyes, shares my off-sense of humor, a refined palate and is a political junkie. He cleaned up NICE...not bad for a simple Texas guy originally from Baton Rouge! We went on a second date and wound up spending two days together "adventuring" all around DC. We've been adventuring together ever since! By our second month of seeing each other, he informed me that I'd better decide to be his girlfriend. Funny how that convo came after I told him I'd be repping Jack Daniels at the Air Force One Golf Tournament...hahahaha!

We share a lot of the same tastes -except his love of organ meat and venison...ew- values (eg. traditional, Catholic, etc), humor, directness, integrity and we're super affectionate. He makes me try new things and I smooth out his rough Hill Country edges. I love that he's a traditional's so incredibly sexy...fixing my car, cleaning out all of drains in the house just because, opening doors and carrying my assorted bags full of shoes. Makes me happy to slave away in the kitchen. iron his clothes and run a bath for him. I'm excited to support him in his career and our mutual goals!

Now to get him ring shopping! ;oD 

It doesn't matter how long you've been together! Love is love! Whether you've had it for 4 weeks or 4 years!

They are worth it! I hate being apart from my SR while he's at Basic too.

But time is going by and before we know it, it'll be graduation day!

Mine left the same day. how cute. where is he camp at?

We actually met in third grade but I hardly remember third grade and he of course remembers everything. But we never talked again until ninth grade. I was in the color guard for the band so I was always hanging out with the band people. Well I actually started dating my sailor's best friend at the time who was a band person. My sailor actually got his best friend to ask me out! I said yes of course. So I started to hang out with my then boyfriend and my sailor, I hated him. Haha. I could not stand to be around my sailor, he got on my nerves so much. We hated each other for two years. In tenth grade I finally ended things with my boyfriend. Well all of our friends did birthday parties and they decided to do a joint birthday party for me and my sailor (we are only four days apart). They all knew we couldn't stand each other. He chased me around his house throwing cake at me, I hated it! Sometime after that we became best friends neither one of us know when or how it happened. We helped each other through relationship and family problems. I drove him to school every day so we talked a lot. All of his girlfriends hated me because he would text me the most. I'm sure most of you hear that saying that a guy must really love a girl if he texts her while playing Xbox. Well I was that girl he always texted, not his girlfriends. Last March he ended things with his girlfriend and about a month later he told me that he liked me, I admitted to him that I liked him too. Well for some reason he had this thing about me asking him out so he would always say "So when are you going to ask me?" I kept saying well not now you just ruined it! We were on our way to pick my cousin up from school and he kept bugging me about it. I had planned on asking him right before my cousin got in the car. He finally gave up and before I could say anything he finally asked me out. We have been together for a year and 7 months. He is the most amazing boyfriend I could ever ask for.

this is so cool :) love reading some of these other stories! So funny how life works out.


Well, my husband and I went to high school together. He was cute but also a crazy... like class clown does not begin to describe him. We didn;t hang out really outside of school but none the less we would talk before school started and flirt a little. One day he even told me I looked like a leprechaun bc of a dress I was wearing (It was green and to this day I have only worn the dress like once or twice but I never wore it again in school). I also snuck him off campus one day bc we had closed campus lunch but I was in a special program where I left at lunch. I graduate and leave most of my hs friends behind. but only moved 30 minutes away. He found me on myspace and we started talking and emailing. He came out to visit me once and we had fun, then the next scheduled adventure (not an actual date just hangin out) his car's transmission and engine went out. So he canceled and just stopped contacting me. I didnt care too much I was focused on school, playing college ball, and working.


A few months later, he calls one night and wants to meet up the next day, I worked right by his parent's house so we made plans to meet up after I got off. Well 4 oclock rolled around and he never showed or called. Yet again, it didnt kill me or come as too much of a shocker.


Fast forward, 2 and a half years. I am moving into a new house and desperate for a roommate, I call a friend of mine and see if he is still looking for somewhere. Sure enough he is. The day he is coming to move in he brings two friends. One being my sailor. I had just gotten home from my second job as an umpire for softball and I was walking outta my room. I had a pair of pants and a sports bra on and almost ran straight into my sailor bc he was walking down the hall past my room. I didnt hear them come in at all! I quickly helped them unpack and changed out of all my umpire stuff and drove back to the city with them to hang out for awhile. That weekend we bought some booze and had ppl over for housewarming parties. Saturday night of our party weekend was just close friends and nothing too big. I had just gotten home from work and was tired and cranky. My sailor poured me a drink and mind you I had been flirting with him ALL week and he was barely even saying hi to me. UGHH. lol We decided to hop in the hot tub and I made sure to sit next to him. By the time I was a few drinks in I was being really obvious with my flirting... Get a clue right? lol So finally I just put my feet in his lap and say rub my feet please with a pouty face :( lol so he did. When we went inside he got my number. My roommate/his best friend tried everything he could to get us to not get together but it drove us even more to do so I think lol. Here we are :) married... never in a million years did I think I would get married to this kid... much less fall in love. No one believes that I am married that knows me, everyone from high school thinks it is the biggest prank someone has ever tried to pull. They never thought we would get together lol. Oh btw he has no recollection of the time he was supposed to meet me after work. He was wayyyy drunk when he called and made plans and he tends to forget stuff when he has been drinking lol he even asked me one day why we hadnt started dating sooner!! lol boys! He also claims he was flirting with me the whole week after we moved into the new house!! Apparently by not talking to me or looking at me haha. :)

My Sailor and I met in high school. We shared some of the same friends. I was a sophomore, he was a freshmen. We both ended the year losing some friends and changing a lot. So, one day he came over to my house and asked me to hang out, since neither one of us were doing anything. That day started it all. :) We hung out everyday that whole summer. Started the next school year, still just friends, even though everyone could tell we liked each other more than that. So, we started dating February 2008. :) Now, we're engaged & waiting for him to complete A-School before we get married. This is the first time we've ever been apart. I'm going strong! :)

I love to really think of how me and my Sailor met, because it seems like fate to me. I came to Mass from NC last summer, and I had a few step cousins that I was hanging out with. At this time, I was just visiting and had no intention of moving to New England. On the fourth night of me being in Mass I was at a bonfire with a bunch of people. Turns out, it was my Sailor's cousin's house. I knew neither of them at the time. That night we didn't even say a word to each other. The next day a small group of us went out on a boat. I remember talking to him that day and him talking about being in the Navy and a few things. I wasn't honestly all that into him, but a few times after that day he tried contacting me. He left for deployment shortly after that, and I was in a relationship. Months later, after my relationship went bad, I randomly saw him on Facebook and decided to just say hi. Ever since that day, we haven't stopped talking and thinking about each other. I came to learn he was a wonderful, hardworking, loving man. He's my world, and I'm so lucky for knowing him. :)

My sailor and I met in Westbury, New York(his hometown) in the Fall of 2004. I was out of high school and just trying to enjoy my life i guess. i had just turned 18. (had a really strict mom, who wouldn't let me go out to the corner store lol) One day I went to pick up my lil sister from an aunts house and he was sitting on the steps. I didnt even bother to look at him or say hi cause i had a bf at the time. Fast forward a few weeks, i broke up w my ex and moved in w my aunt. My sailor lived in the same house but downstairs and i rented a room upstairs. My aunt introduced us and we started what i thought was a nice friendship. I consider him like a girlfriend that i never had. I would talk to him about anything and about all the things my ex would tell to me for me to get back w him. He was always there to listen to me even if he didnt like what i was telling him. We talked for hours and hours. As the days went by, we began getting closer and closer and would even walk me to work. One day he surprised me at work w flowers and a teddy bear. i was shocked and confused at the same time. I never knew he felt that way about me. It was very romantic. Make a long story short, we ended up moving together to Pennsylvania with his family until he graduated high school. (he is a year younger) We had a daughter in August 2006, got married in November 2007 and have been together ever since!

Well that's until he left for Bootcamp on November 9, 2011! I miss him sooo much. We have never spent this much time apart. But I'm here for the long run....and will support him all the way!!

We went to the same middle school and high school and lived in the same town. We talked a little freshman year in high school but I always had a boyfriend. In the middle of Junior year I was single and started noticing how he was such a genuinely nice guy and so I started flirting with him (he was shy and doesn't really know how to talk to girls) eventually we started dating and he told me he's liked me since freshman year. We have always been inseparable since and his family is like my own family now. I'm now a freshman in college studying nursing and on my birthday a couple months ago we got engaged. I'm hoping to get my first letter from him this week since he is in bootcamp =)

My Fiance and I meet on line. When i saw his picture , Its like I knew him for years. We started to talk and  we hang out almost every day. He lived an hour and a half away. But some how we always were able to see each other. Till one day he Pulled me into him and he gave me a kiss, and he told me he loves me. I smiled back and said I love you more. Since that day we been together ever since. And know Im hoping to get my first letter in a few days since he just left to boot camp :)


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