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In light of observed changes and impact of the Coronavirus Delta Variant and out of an abundance of caution for our recruits, Sailors, staff, and guests, Recruit Training Command is restricting Pass-in-Review (recruit graduation) to ONLY fully immunized guests (14-days post final COVID vaccination dose).  


RTC Graduation

**UPDATE 8/25/2022 - MASK MANDATE IS LIFTED.  Vaccinations still required.

**UPDATE 11/10/22 PIR - Vaccinations no longer required.


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Just want to hear some stories. =) 

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Zack and I met in fourth grade (I think?) and we couldn't stand each other because we both thought the other was smarter. We didn't really talk much after that year until high school. I was a sophomore, he was a junior, and we had both been dragged to a school dance by friends. I had just gotten through a rather nasty breakup and so I spent most of the night sitting against a wall wondering why I had come; he just sat down next to me and we started talking about music. We got to be really close friends over the next year and a half or so, while I continued a horrible on-and-off relationship with the same guy I had just broken up with (yes, I was stupid :P ). Finally, that relationship ended once and for all; I told Zack about it the day before his high school graduation, and his almost immediate response was to ask me out. We went on our first date three days later, and we've been together for a year and a half since :)

My sailor and I met at the grocery store where we worked. I was 17 and he was 16 years old.  We became friends first and then we started dating:))) We have been together for 15 years and married for 10 years!!! We basically kinda grew up with each other.

My fiance and I went to the same 4-12 school. He was an annoying 4th grader whose mom worked there, and I was a fifth grader in After Care who couldn't stand him. My family moved away in 7th grade for my mom's job. In 10th grade, we moved back, and I first saw him again as a cute altar boy at 7:00am mass before school. When I got to school, he was hanging out with my friends. Almost a complete year later we started going out after becoming good friends. We've been together for five years now. He officially proposed a little over a month ago, though we had already agreed to get married when he decided to join the navy several weeks before.

My boyfriend Corey and I met back in elementary school. We stayed friends through middle school but lost contact when we went to different high school. Four years went by before we talked again. I was on vacation with my two best friends in Myrtle Beach when I got a message from Corey on facebook. We immediatley connected and as soon as I got home from vacation we hung out. That day August 14, 2009 he asked me to be his girlfriend :) Our relationship has thrown us many curves but we've made it through. Corey is perfect for me and I feel so lucky that he is part of my life! I'm excited to be on this journey with him as he starts his career in the Navy. The distance apart has been hard but our love is strong and I know we'll make it through :)

I hope everyone gets to see their sailor over christmas. I do. I can't wait! Everyday I fall more and more in love with him.These stories are great =) Thank you all!

sadly I wont :( He is deployed, second christmas out of two we have missed. but next year we should for sure! have a great Christmas with your sailor and hug him extra tight for all the ladies out there missing theirs!

I met my sailor when I was a Freshman in high school. He was a Senior. We were both in the JROTC program through the highschool and they were doing a fundraiser by selling cans of beef jerky for 50 cents. It was my first year living in California since i was in 4th grade because when I was in 4th grade my Mom and step dad moved to Washington State and took me with them. When I was in 7th grade i started to get into bad stuff such as gangs and drugs ect. So i decided I didnt want to be apart of any of that bad stuff so I moved to CA and moved in with my dad, step mom, and 2 step brothers (now divorced). But I joined the JROTC out of curiosity and my sailor was on staff at the time so he was always in my class (bravo company) and he noticed me in class and also when I would walk home after school. He finally spoke to me by asking if he could be my first customer and buy some beef jerky (after he 'borrowed' 50 cents from another freshman). After that he went home and added a bunch of Courtney's (he didnt know my last name) on facebook until he found me and then deleted the rest. Then he chatted me and we talked until I said i had to go and he gave me his number "If i still wanted to talk to him" (rolls eyes! such a cutie <3 ) and so i texted him. a couple weeks later I asked to the Military Ball (annual dinner and dance ran by JROTC) and he said yes and then i think a week or so later he asked me if he could be my boyfriend xD such a gentlemen <3 i said definatley <3

We have been dating for over a year and to be honest I think he is the one ladies <3


Love my Sailor/Navy SEAL <3

Well I'm a British gal living and working near Seattle. I don't know many people here yet and a friend suggested I went to church to get to know folk. As a professional horse trainer I decided to go to the local Cowboy Church.

I had a lovely time, and must admit that a cute cowboy caught my eye...but I was like "I'm at church....I can't pick up guys"!!

Also this fella was very quiet, and wouldn't even make eye contact...grumpy bugger I thought...

Fast forward a few weeks and one of the sweet old ladies at church literally dragged this guy over to me...told me..."Claire-meet John...I think you will have lots in common" and walked off!

Poor John looked mortified but he asked me if I enjoyed "team ropin and twosteppin'" and I agreed to meet with him that Saturday night.

Well I met him at the roping and couldn't find him in the crowd...he was actually working with the calves out back, and I ended up helping him work the chute and move the calves around-my best date clothes and shoes got covered in cow poop! His reply was "if you're going to be a cowboys wife you'd better be handy with cattle"!

We went dancing and introduced me to his friends as "this is Claire...isn't she gorgeous" As we danced it felt like the best place in the world to be in his arms. He told me that he had noticed me the minute I came to church (even though I was usually in my scruffy horse riding gear) and was too shy to approach me.

Well, we had one amazing weekend together, and the following Wednesday I drove him to the USS Lincoln and kissed him goodbye. I was the first person to do that in all his time in the Navy. On the way to work I stopped for coffee and the gal asked if I was having a good day...and I burst into tears!

Since he left we have emailed daily, spoken on the phone when he was in San Diego and I fully intend to meet him off the boat in Virginia in May 2012.

I haven't felt like this about a guy in years and pray that our email relationship grows and thrives. Our church friends are praying for that too!

John has a ranch in Wyoming that he plans to return to in two years time and I want to be right there with him..riding horses and ropin cows and building a life together.

i met my boyfriend at a summer life guarding job :) 

i wasnt interested at first because months before i had gotten out of a crummy relationship and didnt want to get in another for a while. i told him that i wasnt interestedl..but that didnt stop him

weeks later i gave in and we started dating :)))

iv never been happier but i do miss him :(

how did you & your sailor meet :D?

Awee...I hope you see him again soon. I know how that feels. I met mine in high school. I met him junior year. We were both dating someone else but my ex introduced us and we became friends. One day I gave him a book that he said changed his life. After that we became best friends. He broke up with his girlfriend and soon after I broke up with mine. I knew I had started to get feelings for him. One day we were taking our daily stroll together in the park and he stopped me and told me he loved me. I was so happy, I told him I loved him too. We have been together for 2 years now. So happy I am in love with my best friend =)

Our story is long but here it goes..!

My now husband and I were friends of friends, he went out with one of my best friends for a while. He was the skater kid and I was the goody ballerina girl :) We ran into each other at a fast food joint and exchanged numbers. He was living out in Vegas looking into the air force, we were texting each other here and there and one night at 10:13 pm (remember that) he popped into my head and i sent him a message telling him i miss him, we went on and on. And a couple days later he drove 3 1/2 hours to see me surprised me in front of my house. We sat on his tail gate for an hour talking he gave me his jacket. We went to McDonalds as our first date and drove back to my parents to sit in his truck for hours and talk about anything and everything. He was descibing his "dream girl" and I descirbing my "dream guy" not realizing that we were describing each other. :) Anyways we talked forever he asked me to be his girlfriend 6 times accepting one then backing out in the morning but on 10/13/2010 i said yes. On June 25 he proposed when you know, you know :) 3 months later he went to basic graduated Nov 4 and we got married exactly a month after that :) We are very happy, on our own in WA <3 

Thanks for reading! (sorry its long!)

My sailor and I met in 4th grade, always getting into trouble tossing paper airplanes across the room, and sneaking kisses in the playground, and holding hands in daycare after school we have been together ever since. Im living a real life fairytail.


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