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My son left yesterday, Aug 13 - I'm surprised at my emotions.

We have had a long journey to get to this date.  It finally came.  He swore in around 10:30 am. We had about 5 minutes with him, then they went inside to get some paperwork buttoned up and then bus to Chicago.     

I knew it would be hard, but I can't seem to pull myself together.  It's not like me to cry in the first place, so this is really something.

I keep thinking about the things I imagine him dealing with and feel like I need to somehow suffer with him through it.   He is very prepared and ready, but still, I think about that moment he pulled up to the training center,  the moments of chaos and confusion around,  the yelling and unknown expectations.   For some reason, those are things that are griping my heart.   

We received our phone call around 12:30 am.  It was very brief and scripted.   He sounded calm and just like my boy, but all business.   I tried to respond and say I love you, hang in there, but it was already silent on the other end before I could even speak.     I've sobbed almost like I'm grieving and I don't understand it really.   He is excited and this is a dream of his since childhood.    I guess the pride I feel is part of the overwhelming emotion.     

I keep thinking, maybe I'll feel better tomorrow once I am imagining that he finally gets to sleep some.   Yet....what do I know about what is going on there/??  nothing really. lol!  ( Just all the stuff we have read and seen, and that may or may not be accurate.)

I guess I am writing for two reasons - One is to ask you mom's if you were caught off guard by your intensity of emotions?   and Two - to say to anyone else that 'might' read it, you are not alone if you happen to find yourself this way.    I have no idea what is normal.     I just hope it can pass soon.

I am strong in my Christian faith, and have prayed for my son all his life,  I would love to say that I am so filled with trust and faith that I have no fear, however...I've prayed so much for him the past few hours that I feel like God might be wishing I would move on to another subject.  ;-)   (ha!) .   

oh, and....I have a new love and passion for all things NAVY!  ;-)

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Thank you!  I wonder if Sunday (today) was their P-5 day or if Sunday is no processing making Monday P-5 ? (for those that arrived late Tuesday night). Just thinking out loud.  I'm always thinking about what they might be doing every minute . lol!  

I think about my son constantly wondering what he’s doing also. I was hoping that today or yesterday was P5 so they can move to their divisions. I’m dying to know if he is passed P days and his initial PFT. I know he was ready but he’s on the small side. He has been training so hard while in DEP’s. Just bring on the form letter! Trying to be patient but I’m excited to get a letter sent off to him.

 My son shipped the day before , but maybe they are in the same group. when I was lucky enough  to talk to him to help him with some security questions, he said that the form letters had all been filled in and would be sent once they passed... that was on Monday  P-5 for my son. He arrived Monday 12th 

Claire did you receive your form letter yet?  When is your son's PIR?  Mine is 10/11/19.  I can't wait!  DIV 376.

 hi Donna816 When I spoke to him briefly he said PIR was 10/11, but I have not received form letter yet . That was the day of their PT testing , so hopefully everything went ok with that and we will receive the letter soon. I have about 10 letters to mail to him . I cannot  wait. 

I will let you know when I have heard from him.

What I do now if that they were told they can only invite  3 people to PIR which has him completely stressing. He is so torn , because he does not want to choose between his brother who he is extremely close to and his girlfriend of 3 years ..  so hard !!!

When did you get your letter? 

I received my letter on Sat Aug 24th.  Just the form letter is all I have received so far.  We did send out some letters that we have been writing as well. Hopefully soon you will receive your form letter.  It would be great to "meet" someone at PIR.  Our PIR letter confirms only 3 guests.  I should clarify that we live in the midwest.  Mailing time could be different depending on where you are located at.


I just came home to the form letter.. it was so great to finally have it and know at least he has got this far. His PIR is 10/11 too, but he is in DIV 374

I am counting down the days.

Going to get a Sandboxx letter done tonight , see if it will get to him quicker than snail mail,. Tomorrow I can start sending out all of the 10 letters i have already written . Lol!

Were does your son want to go for A school? Does he know yet? 

That is such great news that you got your form letter.  It is such a great feeling!  I haven't used Sandboxx yet so I will be curious about what you think.  I did mail off letters that we had.  I can't wait to hear from my recruit.

A school will be in Great Lakes.  So he won't be going too far away just yet.

My son left the same day. I can relate. I was completely unprepared for how it would make me feel. They are probably making friendships and will have great stories to last a lifetime.

My son shipped on the 12th and I was a mess. He was so emotional before he left, that  it just broke my heart. 

I did speak to him at the airport before he got on the plane, and when he called to say he had arrived safe, my phone glitched and I could not pick up. His call went to voicemail and  I thought I was going  to die!

I imagined him struggling with his emotions, being so homesick and tired and there as nothing  I could do about it . 

I think these feelings are normal ... we raise these kids for 18 or so years and then suddenly we have to let them go. I have so many friends with kids going off to college for the first time and they are all a mess, but they can talk to their kids make sure they are doing fine ... we cannot.

However, I  have heard from him since... he had to call to get security questions answered and I was able to chat while we were filing out the paper work together. He was good. He said the 1st week was really like a week long MEPS , but that he liked his rack mates and his RDC and was excited for things to get started for real. I know he will have moments when he feels down  and homesick and tired, but it made me feel so much better. I  just wanted to let you know that he is doing fine and hopefully your son is too. 

I have been writing letters every day, even though I don't have an address to send them to yet... but it helps me feel better writing funny little things that I know would make him smile and words of encouragement that I would say to him if I could speak to him.  I plan on him getting a letter or note every day... that is what I can do  for him right now. I am trying to keep myself busy too. I have asked lots of questions of this group too and have found it so helpful . I spend hours every day, just reading the info.

His box came in and I found that so hard :(

Your son will be fine :) Hang in there . It will start getting easier as the count down begins ... at least I hope so . 

Oh you are giving me so much hope. I’m so glad you got a call and a few mins to talk. I’ve been such an emotional wreck but this week has been a little better. Good luck to your recruit!


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