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All Hands Magazine's full length documentary "Making a Sailor": This video follows four recruits through Boot Camp in the spring of 2018 who were assigned to DIV 229, an integrated division, which had PIR on 05/25/2018. 

Boot Camp: Making a Sailor (Full Length Documentary - 2018)

Boot Camp: Behind the Scenes at RTC

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**UPDATE 4/26/2022** Effective with the May 6, 2022 PIR 4 guests will be allowed.  Still must be fully vaccinated to attend.

**UPDATE as of 11/10/2022 PIR vaccination is no longer required.

**UPDATE 7/29/2021** You now must be fully vaccinated in order to attend PIR:

In light of observed changes and impact of the Coronavirus Delta Variant and out of an abundance of caution for our recruits, Sailors, staff, and guests, Recruit Training Command is restricting Pass-in-Review (recruit graduation) to ONLY fully immunized guests (14-days post final COVID vaccination dose).  


RTC Graduation

**UPDATE 8/25/2022 - MASK MANDATE IS LIFTED.  Vaccinations still required.

**UPDATE 11/10/22 PIR - Vaccinations no longer required.


Please note! Changes to this guide happened in October 2017. Tickets are now issued for all guests, and all guests must have a ticket to enter base. A separate parking pass is no longer needed to drive on to base for parking.

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NAVY CHALLENGE COINS:  As we find info on the coins we can post it here so it's easy for everyone to find. 

So we know that NotDaMama found this coin at Power School Graduation.  Hopefully at the next graduation in October someone will find them again and can pick up some extras for others to purchase.  My son has PS graduation in December and if I don't find one before that time then I will definitely be on the lookout and purchase extras.

Also, Craig on the DEP site sells coins on Ebay - go to and you can also purchase them at  You can also go to Northwest Territorial Mint at


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Craig - thank you for joining our group!  As you can see we have had quite a bit of discussion regarding Challenge Coins.  I know speaking for myself I would LOVE to have some type of nuke coin that would represent the journey my sailor is taking.....and I do believe that there are many others on here who would like a nuke coin too. 

NotDaMama suggested some type of coin that says "I survived the pipeline".  I'm sure we can come up with some designs/ideas for a coin....

Feel free to ask lots of questions - we will have someone on here who can answer them for you!


Hi Guys, and welcome Craig. 

What it means to be a nuke will never fit on a coin.  “ Rough Waters Ahead”  DEP, MEPS, BC at GL, Indoc, A School at GC, T-Track, PS at GC, Grad Hold, Prototype in BS.  It has been an Amazing. journey, with an emotional roller coaster that 6 Flags would envy.  Sports fans would consider it 2 years of sudden death playoff pressure, if you don’t pass, you’re out.  I knew I had a bright kid, but never imagined what he would be able to accomplish out on his own. 

Please excuse me but I’m still on the coaster.  4 more weeks of Prototype left and I’m in a news blackout, he’s not volunteering info, and I’m not bugging him about it.  This is it, the Super Bowl, for all the money, 4th quarter and I don’t know the score or even who has the ball.   This is, and has been, the pipeline from a parents view point. After 2 yrs. I’m still not sure if we gloriously slew the Dragon or had a, look on the bright side experience.

Not wanting to Jinx anything,  I think it would be SUPER if a bunch of Navy Moms got together and commissioned a coin to commemorate this extremely difficult and elite accomplishment.  If you survive the pipeline…’re a Nuke. 

love your post! Not Da Mama  seems incredible what they go thru and learn! My son is in power school and seems to be enjoying it... exciting to know what comes next   keep your info coming   

**** Time to learn Navy Traditions and Courtesies ***


The Navy Coin tradition:

The United States Navy has a deep tradition concerning coins.  I will explain both the Enlisted coins, and also the Officers coins.  The tradition honors both totally differently. Time for you to learn the difference.  



The challenge coin has a proud history in our military.  Just to help you understand this history and the tradition behind what a challenge coin is, I wanted to post this link to NBC news.  It will give you the true meaning, and they explain it so well.


However, thanks to our sucky economy, the Navy has cancelled presenting most awards to our sailors, one of which is the challenge coin.   Below is the official Navy message that was posted about 3 month ago. Sailors now can not earn a challenge coin.


Believe me, it really ticks me off because it is a tradition for sailors to collect them.  I have a huge collection that I received while I was in the Navy.   I truly cannot understand how our government can send Millions of $$$$ to countries that hate the U.S., but yet, it cannot spend 1/1,000,000 for a coin to those that defend it.


Here is the official Navy message:




R 161134Z MAY 13












RMKS/1.  In the current fiscal environment, we have significantly

reduced our rate of expenditure of appropriated funds to preserve

mission essential operations.  The following guidance is provided to

ensure Commanders are diligent with our limited resources as we work

through these budgetary challenges.


2.  The authority to use appropriated funds to purchase command coins

or other items for presentation such as plaques, ball caps, etc. is

suspended until further notice. Previously purchased items may be

distributed in accordance with existing policy. 


3.  This restriction does not apply to items purchased with personal

funds or to the purchase of items with the use of official

representation funds following appropriate review and approval.   


4.  I appreciate your continued support and will provide updated

guidance as the situation warrants.   


5.  Vice Chief sends.//





Many people will say "but they didn't officially earn the challenge coin". Let me tell you, no coin is officially documented on a sailor's page 4 entry in their service record. It's only the sailor that will remember when, where, and the reason for what the coin was given. If you did receive a coin from a command and you happen to lose it, the only way besides begging the command to give you another (which they rarely do) is to buy it. So does that cancel out the spirit of the reason you receive the coin? No. You received it for something you accomplished. Whenever my sailor pulls that coin out, he immediately remembers how proud I am of him. It's ever lasting.  Yes, tradition dictates that certain coins “out rank” other coins.  If you have a Vice President coin, that will out rank a Director of NSA coin.  It just how it works. 


Some will say it's only proper for the Commander or a military member to pass the coin, this is wrong.  It is proper for the family member to pass the coin to their freshly minted sailor.  Why can only a military member present it?  I’d love to see that rule.  The coins are even sold in the military exchange system.  It’s part of collecting coins. 




When a newly-commissioned naval officer receives their first salute, they must give (pay) a silver dollar to the recipient of that salute.  It a long standing 19th century tradition.  Navy tradition states that you have to buy your first salute, and then, earn every salute thereafter through your performance by gaining the respect of your subordinates.  Today, a naval officer “Pay” for their first salute is considered a way to show respect for those superior enlisted personnel who helped the officer achieve a commissioned status.


Tradition dictates that the first salute should be rewarded with a full sized Silver Dollar (No SBA’s, Sacagawea’s or Presidential, quarter sized alloy dollar coins).  It is usual that the Silver Dollar be one with some significance, usually minted in the year of Commissioning or an anniversary of the Officer’s Birth Year or the 100th anniversary of the Commissioning, etc, Thus a Mid being Commissioned in 2008 might give out an older US Morgan Silver Dollar in 1886.  (The 100th Anniversary of his birth year).  There are several gaps in years of issue.  There were no Silver Dollars minted between 1905 thru 1920 and 1936 thru 1971. 


Have you watched the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman” and Louis Gossett Jr (Sergeant Foley) and Richard Gere (Zack Mayo)  ? 


In the scene where the new graduates of Foley's class receive their "first salutes," you can see them giving Sergeant Foley a silver dollar prior to each salute.  It is also a tradition for the Drill Instruction (D.I.) to place the silver dollar of their memorable students in their right pocket; you can see that Mayo's dollar is placed in Foley's right pocket, rather than the left pocket as it is for, for example, Ensign Della Serra.


Here is a short video of that…


Cool traditions huh?


Craig (Providing funding for – Our Mission: Remember - Honor – and Teach

“To Remember the fallen; Honor those who serve, and to Teach our future sailors the value of freedom.”

Awesome info Craig - thanks for posting this!


Can you do the coin that's pictured here?  Apparently that's the one that most of us missed at the Power School Graduation.  I know I would definitely buy that one!!  Judging by the amount of comments when we heard about it, I bet quite a few would purchase one. 


Hey, all, just found this thread.  Not trying to horn in on Craig, but I am looking into having a custom coin struck for NNPTU (as opposed to NNPTC). I didn't realize, Craig, that you actually make them (instead of reselling them.)  Could you message me contact information - I already have a bid, and am working with NTM on artwork, but would love to give you a crack.  If you can make the Jan 24 graduation, that would be awesome.

It will likely have the trident and nuke symbol, round, with a USN logo on the back with an an engraveable space. They should be available in Feb (2014).   The logo will probably be more like the BS logo than the Charleston logo, with shared elements, but I don't think I am going to put BS on it so that the coin can be presented to sailors graduating from either unit. 

Let me know if you are interested. 

Oh, and as a followup, I did touch base with Craig, and he passed on the project, so please don't feel like there's any loyalty issue there.  Thanks, all!

Hi KTRSB NPTU1302 ..I see that your interested in a challenge coin for Navy Nuclear Training Unit there are two types that are available on the base for the Ballston Spa, NY hubby (Not Da Mama) has promised that he will re-post the pics and where to find them on base tonight when he gets home...he posted pics on or around 12/6/13 in the nuke group...

I'm interested in a Generic Coin that just commemorates the entire journey whether or not our sailors make it to Full Nuke or Not. Something like a Nuclear symbol--Rough Waters Ahead--Nuke in Training or something.. (the Trident symbol just means subs-what about the carriers?) My son did not pass prototype (95% completed) but I still want something to remind us of this intense roller coaster ride.

Craig designed all the boot camp ship coins (got mine-ship 11--but it was well after my son was out of boot camp)
He did a fantastic job. I love all the coins he has designed and wish I could get all of them but don't know if he will ever design one for just our nuke trainees..but I keep hoping that he will.

Your post sounds like your sailor is almost done with Prototype...Good Luck...Fair Winds and Following Seas

Hey, thanks for the input!

Yeah, I know, just getting into the Nuke pipeline is a worthy accomplishment, regardless of where someone ends up after trying his/ her hardest.  Believe me, I know - one acquaintance, when he found out that my sailor had enlisted in it, begged me to get him out - turns out he had washed out and was afraid of the same for my boy.  Mine is close - the orals are left and he is more confident of that than the 100%.  God willing . . . .

I did think long and hard about the trident.  My biggest issue is it's association with Poseidon, then I learned that the three-pronged fork was pretty universal and may be what is described in 1 Sam 2:13-16.  And that sealed it for me.

But you raise a good point, and I did feel that the emblem was lacking something.  And in thinking about it, and researching surface warfare pins, I did come up with the change that is perfect - a pair of crossed cutlasses as the third element of the design.  Thank you very, very much for that input.

You see, the cutlass is a very important symbol for me.  My best friend's car in high school was a cutlass. But more importantly, when my sailor was in Boot Camp, I won the RTC trivia contest (and got to have his picture taken) with an answer about a cutlass (the Navy one, not the Oldsmobile).  But most amazing of all, is that long before boot camp, as part of an evening honoring my son for turning 18, I presented him with a cutlass engraved with Heb 4:12. 

So, the image will have the nuke symbol, the trident, and a pair of crossed cutlasses, all overlain on top of one another.

Again, thank you very much for your input.

And just for those following along, here are the pix for the BS NPTU "coins" that Mrs. NDM was referring to:

I am thinking of something more generic, and engraveable, so that n...


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