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PIR DATE: December 13, 2019

Started by Donita. Last reply by Donita Nov 5. 5 Replies

Anyone else’s recruit have a PIR date ofDecember 13, 2019?Continue

Arrived at boot camp October 2nd

Started by Donita. Last reply by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MMN Nov 5. 26 Replies

Hey everyone- my daughter left for boot camp October 2nd. I missed a call from her last Friday telling me that her graduation is December 13th. I feel like the worst mom in the world for missing her call. Really didn’t expect her to call so soon but…Continue

Soon to arrive @ A school

Started by Bigfamilysimplejoy. Last reply by Deanna Sep 12. 4 Replies

So, I have a question that hopefully one of you could help with. My daughter graduated last friday(9/6), and she has to wait till the end of this week before she leaves Great Lakes for Virginia to go to her A school. I know I can send her phone to…Continue

BC August 21

Started by navymom_2011. Last reply by Bigfamilysimplejoy Sep 9. 3 Replies

Hello everyone, anyone else has a daughter that left on the 21st? My daughter was supposed to leave on the 20th but they overbooked and she flew out the next day. I received my call Wednesday night and boy oh boy was it though. Now I I’m waiting for…Continue

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Comment by ShawnMom on October 23, 2019 at 11:54am

My girl was in a 900 division as well. It was great to get to see her in the live-streams of the two PIRs prior to hers. Another tip for future letters...At some point she will know where she will be sitting in the hall used for the ceremony. Have her tell you in a letter. (My girl drew me a picture). Then be prepared to stalk the ladies room nearest where she sits prior to the performance. (Yep, I was THAT mom.) I got my first hug in the restroom before the ceremony. 

Comment by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MMN on October 23, 2019 at 11:48am

NavyCorpsmenSGMom - Here's the link to the 900's Division group.  My son was also in a 900 division - he was a "body snatcher".  And yes, you are correct, they work the 2 previous PIR's so you may have a chance to see her if you watch.

900's Division

Comment by NavyCorpsmenSGMom on October 23, 2019 at 11:39am

ShawnMom- Thank you for the advice!  I am def. going to do some of those things.  I already journal a lot, it helps me get all my emotions out without any opinions! LOL  :) I have been writing her everyday since she left, i never thought about numbering them, I have been writing the dates on them.  I will start numbering them and try and send them in groups.  I actually signed up with my sister to do our Church craft fair, I love making things! So that will for sure keep me busy for a good solid month.  We took some pictures together before she left and I am going to send those to her, a few at a time.  Her recruit officer gave me her ship and div on Monday, the entire address actually.  I went ahead and sent a few of my letters to that address in hopes that it reaches her before they switch things up, if they do. Yes, we (my husband and I) will be attending her PIR along with our two younger children.  I ALWAYS have my phone on me and on ring anyway for a few other reasons as well but this is for sure a good reason to have it on me too!  When she made her "I made it to BC" call, I was on the phone walking around Walmart by myself.  I felt horrible that I wasn't at home with my husband because it was supposed to be a speaker phone call to both of us!!! :( 

JayDee659- Her recruiter gave me her division and ship number on Monday.  I am finding out through this page that may change just as fast as it was assigned to her.  As of now she is in division 904 (Flags/Sticks). I knew that she was going to try for a 900 division, but I didn't know where she would end up.  I believe that I found it on this website someone that 904 is Flags/Sticks, but I could be wrong on that as well.  

B'sNukeMoM⚓️MMN - I think that is what her recruiter initially thought it was going to be and told her and us that before she left.  But through this site, or another one, I cannot remember, I think that her PIR is going to be 12/20/19.  If she is actually sticks, then she will do PIR 12/6 & 12/13? Like i said I am just trying to read and gather as much information as I can, I have no clue if it is accurate or not LOL!

Martha- Sounds like you and I have a lot in common.  My daughter was not in the marching band but from what I have read about this 904 div I was told she is in, she also is in Flags/Sticks.  This is also my oldest daughter, I too have 2 younger children, 16 & 9.  It is affecting us all in different ways.  Her dad and my husband, took it really hard a few days prior to her leaving and then the day of when she left for MEPS.  He and I have talked about how she can be sensitive at times and worry a lot.  We are worried about her mental health/stability with what we know about them trying to break the recruits down to build them back up.  I just worry about the breaking them down portion of it all ya know.  Her and I are a little different when it comes to situations where people may be screaming in your face.  I have been an athlete my whole life and have had some really tough coaches.  I can handle that.  I also work for the Fire Department here, not as a FF but I have been through some of their training stuff, so I am familiar with a male dominant work field and how it is to be one of very few females.  I just pray everyday that she digs down deep and finds that inner strength inside her.  

Thank you all for commenting to me and reaching out!!! 

Comment by Martha on October 23, 2019 at 11:00am

NavyCorpmanSGmom welcome! I am a newbie at this too, my daughter left 9/3, she was SUPPOSED to have her PIR on 11/1 BUT was held back one week along with others to fill up her division (she is in 953 flags div so part of the performance division she used to be in marching band in H.S) but when she left I had no clue this was happening. It took about 2 1/2-3 weeks to get the formal letter then a real letter. BUT I was that mom who followed this page and all the fb pages as well to find out all the info I could and I also had met a female recruiter that wasn’t my daughters recruiter but was helpful with all the female recruits helping them prepare for boot camp she gave me her number and I text her a couple of times lol she was so kind and helpful and she actually like a day before I got the formal letter told me my daughters ship and division haha and you can’t go by that either b/c sometimes in can change but man was that a little weight of my chest to KNOW where she was. I started writing her immediately after she left numbering the envelopes and dating everything, I pretty much journaled her lol. It has been a roller coaster ride and the ladies on all these pages/forum have ALL been SO sweet and kind and understanding. The first two weeks she was gone I thought I was going crazy (ok one day or one minute and not ok the next) don’t worry that’s normal! I vented on one of the pages and it was so helpful. So vent here it’s a safe place for sure, have Kleenex on hand, cry, breathe, get hugs, write, take pictures of the things that remind you of her,  (I use the “page” app on my iphone yo up load pictures in a news letter and send her pictures and memes :) that I would send her if she was here) then print it out and mail. Also, most friends, family, co workers will not understand at all and that’s ok, the mamas here DO that’s what’s getting me through, the heavy heart was strong in the beginning and had gotten better not easier but better. She’s my oldest I have two younger ones but it’s a transition in all of our lives so be patient and kind with yourself. Also we should be friends on here :) my daughter is also going to be HM hospital corpsmen! 

Comment by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MMN on October 23, 2019 at 10:46am

NavyCorpsmanSGMom - you might be looking at a 12/13/19 PIR.  (Count 9 Fridays, but it could go a week either way.)  And the other thing to remember is no news is good news!  You also won't be getting the box sent home - that has changed now and they keep everything there in storage.

Hang in there!

Comment by ShawnMom on October 23, 2019 at 10:41am

And my crazy girl actually enjoyed parts of boot camp. 

One other crucial suggestion. Keep your phone with you at all times, the ringer turned up, and answer every call (you can politely say, “no thank you” If it is a solicitor). I wear mostly skirts without pockets so I bought a belt clip for my phone. I was NOT going to be one of the moms who was typing to us through their tears due to missing a call from their recruit because they were in the shower,  mowing the lawn, or just stepped out for a minute to get the mail. You can’t predict when they will call nor the number or even area code they will call from as it varies, so keep your phone with you. 

Comment by JayDee659 on October 23, 2019 at 10:23am

NavyCorpsmenSGMom, welcome!  The first weeks are hard but you can get through it!  As I read your post, I glance over to where the first letter I received from BC is on my desk.  It took me about 2 weeks to get it.  I think the first call came before the letter just due to mail service.  

Once you find out what division she is in, join that group.  You'll get an idea from other moms when phone calls are being made home and where they are in the process.  It's all very helpful if not a bit overwhelming.  I remember getting upset because all these moms whose kids were in my daughters division were calling home.  No call from my kid, worry set in.  Turns out she was taking extra duty so that she could make a special call home to me on my birthday.  :)

ShawnMom is right, keep busy, number your letters and hang in there.  This is a great group for helping you keep your sanity!

BTW my daughter said BC was nothing but a thing and she found the demands to be fairly easy.

Comment by ShawnMom on October 23, 2019 at 10:11am

Welcome NavyCorpsmanSGMom! It took a little over two weeks for me to receive the form letter, and three weeks before I heard from my girl via phone and “real” letter. Those first few weeks are rough on us moms but we make it through and so will you. Start writing everyday and by the time you have her address you will have a stack of letters ready to go. I numbered the letters so the timeline would make sense even if they didn’t arrive in order. I recommend keeping yourself busy and calm. Participate in activities that are comforting or preoccupying. Spend time with hobbies and meaningful work, invite a friend to lunch or a movie, make yourself a cup of tea and put it in a pretty cup, take walks in nature (don’t forget to take pictures to send your recruit), journal, read something uplifting. These are the tools I used to get me through. Will you be attending PIR (boot camp graduation)?

Comment by NavyCorpsmenSGMom on October 23, 2019 at 10:01am

Hello everyone!  My daughter just arrived at BC on October 16th.  I am hoping that all is going well for her, but I am a little nervous that it may have gotten all too real for her.  I am not sure how she is handling it all since it has one been a week and I have only received the "I made it to boot camp" call from her.  I cannot wait to receive the 1st letter.  How long does this normally take?  Anyone have any advice for me as a fellow Mom of a female Sailor?

Comment by Mamabear on October 22, 2019 at 12:44pm
@Molly's proud mom my daughter was on the Florida/Georgia line by Jacksonville up until a month ago. She is in Guam now. Missed out meeting you in Arizona and now in Florida. I will be in Vegas over Thanksgiving.

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