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Seamen Recruits are here getting medical treatment for minor injuries. FIT DIV is also in this area. 

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It's hard not knowing! That is the purpose for this group. Most likely if you are here your SR has had trouble keeping up or not passed a PFA due to some sort of minor medical issue. Often it stress fractures bringing SR's here. Know this when you don’t get a call that is a very good thing. Calling them is not a good thing and it can negatively impact your SR to have his or her “Mommy“ calling!  They are harder on them in this DIV than any other. They want them up and out. The best thing you can do is sends tons of mail. Send scripture and motivational mail. I know my SR said reading the Bible was considered a sign of weakness here. When you get a tearful call motivate. Stay positive and encourage you SR. This is a small detour to greatness and getting the I'm a Sailor call!  Recruit family and friends…“Navy mom friends are the best“…to send your SR mail as well.  NMH for you all!!

Discussion Forum

Broken Pinky Finger

Started by Liz. Last reply by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MMN Oct 3. 3 Replies

We got a call Tuesday 9/17 from our son that he was being set back 2-4 weeks because of a broken pinky finger that had happened 10 days prior. He was beginning week 4. We are beyond worried because…Continue

Vision Waiver

Started by Proudmomofsailor79 Oct 2. 0 Replies

My son was just transferred to Ship 4 as he didn’t pass his vision exam on intake. He did require a vision waiver when he went through MEPS. They are now requesting another waiver. Does anyone have…Continue

Scripted call from SR - Don't Come to Graduation - I'm sick

Started by Tiffany. Last reply by AmyLynn Aug 23. 9 Replies

Last night I received a call from my SR that I wasn’t looking forward to and need some serious advice and encouragement. The call was pretty scripted started out with him stating his name and not to…Continue

Update on my son

Started by bethvac65. Last reply by AK907Tammy Aug 20. 3 Replies

So I heard from my son and found out what happened. He said that the second night he was there, he had a couple episodes of sudden muscle spasms and legs starting to give out. Later that night, he…Continue

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You need to be a member of RCU SHIP 04 DIV 741 to add comments!

Comment by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MMN on June 14, 2019 at 2:35pm

RCU will definitely be a test of their mental fortitude.  Do whatever you can to encourage them to stay positive.  They can get well and back with their division (or moved to another division depending on how much time elapses) - it happens all the time.  They must be strong!  Hang in there!

Comment by RALVDA2019 on June 14, 2019 at 1:27pm

Oh I did not know that this division is minor medical. That also gives me hope. I read that stress fractures can take as little as 1 week to 6 weeks to heal. I am going today to get a bunch of cards to have them ready to send.  I have not heard of the psych test but I am interested in that too. I guess out kids are in the same place. I hope they help each other

Comment by 2BoysMomTN on June 13, 2019 at 10:23pm
Hi everyone. We were set for PIR on 7/19 but I got the call earlier in the week that my son has been moved to Ship 4, DIV 741. He has a minor medical issue that most likely is going to require an outpatient procedure. He is very bummed. It happened in week 4 and he was sounding happier than I've heard/seen in a couple of years. One of the petty officers told him they might SEP him until he gets procedure on own or it goes away (can happen but no set timeframe or guarantee). This has him very upset. That is the last thing he wants to happen! I was glad to see 741 is minor medical while they heal. That brought some comfort. Others have said this can also be a psych test pass ?? He has appt on 6/17 so I hopefully will hear from him. Any info/advice is most appreciated!! Thx!
Comment by SuzyPWarrior on June 13, 2019 at 10:16pm

I also had the mental image of all these wounded recruits being like sailors sent adrift in a dark ocean at night. Up until now there were RDCs watching over them telling them every single move they needed to take but now they are in an ocean of limbo with no horizon of hope in sight. We need to be their guiding light to send them hope and prayers to not give up on themselves or their Navy graduation. It can and will happen but they need to know they have more power than they see, to just "swim" toward it. It's just over the next couple of waves!!!

Comment by RALVDA2019 on June 13, 2019 at 9:49pm

Thank you all for your kind words. I am struggling and very sad tonight. I just don't want my SR to give up. I think it will be a big mistake if he does. I am also sad that now it will be longer til I see him again.

Comment by SuzyPWarrior on June 13, 2019 at 9:01pm

@RALVDA2019--I can relate to your pain! Don't give up hope and you can PM me any time. I joined SHIP 04 RCU group but not the SEP group. I'm trying to stay positive that SEP will not be the route my SR takes! My observations about RCU, for whatever it's worth: Since the recruits are technically still "in training" I think the Navy uses more intense psychological tactics to test the recruits' resolve, mental/emotional fortitude, etc, even beyond what they would experience during regular BC. It seems they try to "encourage" the recruits in RCU to go ahead and SEP out, but this might just be a training tactic to weed out those who aren't mentally/emotionally ready for service. My SR (who currently has stress fractures in his legs) says "RCU makes bootcamp look easy by comparison" I don't think he was referring to the pain in his legs. He told me before he went into RCU the pain wasn't too bad except when he was running and there's no running in RCU until you've seen a doctor and are beginning physical therapy. These are just my thoughts. I've got other prayer warriors sending mail and encouragement to my SR, to hang in there and not let the negativity take over. I told him "You're still getting paid, and this is just a mind game you have to win to prove what tough stuff you're made of. Turn everything around into a meaningful (if not 100% positive) experience. You'll need this lesson in fortitude in order to make it as a Sailor. I'm sending up prayers for all those in RCU.

Comment by Sarah's Human on June 13, 2019 at 5:04pm
RALVDA2019, the other mom whose SR just went into RCU is SuzyPWarrior.
Comment by Sarah's Human on June 13, 2019 at 5:01pm
RALVDA2019, my son completely severed his right fibia and though RCU is no fun at all, he healed well and is moving forward. It’s a rough time for our kids and us parents but unless your SR has an unknown bone issue there shouldn’t be any long term problems.

There’s another mom whose son is in RCU right now who is reading and posting here. When my son went into RCU I met a mom whose son was in at the same time and having her to talk to helped tremendously. Look at the end of the top thread and if you like, send her a private message.

Hang in there. RCU is hell but your SR can make it through.
Comment by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MMN on June 13, 2019 at 4:51pm

Hopefully the stress fractures aren't too serious. Most likely he will have some time to heal and then they will put him back in a division.  Hopefully someone else whose SR has been through it will chime in.  Encourage him to stay positive - this is just a minor setback.  Hang in there!

Comment by RALVDA2019 on June 13, 2019 at 4:48pm

I just got the stress fracture call myself, just minutes ago. I am sick to my stomach. My husband says as long as he heals, he will be just fine but his graduation has been postponed and we are in limbo. I am so sad. Can anyone share the chances of a full recovery?


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