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At 10:09pm on July 19, 2011, priscilla; FC wife said…
Hi, Anita! Just wanted to stop by and see how you're doing. Long time no talk. :)
At 5:20pm on June 4, 2011, Brenda Sue said…

What a coincidence!  Mine will be in Rota soon - but just for a few days.  He is finishing up a deployment and headed stateside.  My son carries his laptop with him because he goes all over!  This deployment he actually go to spend some time on a ship.

I have Skyped with him while he was in other countries.  It does work quite well.  Sometimes he cannot be in a private place (like when he was on the ship) - so we just typed back and forth.  At least it was "real time" conversation". 

My son does not get stationed in Rota - that is just a jumpling off place for his other deployments.  So, he has spent several weeks there - but that is all.  I know that they have gotten to do some fun things while in Spain (like horseback ride through some mountains). 

Hope this helps - but my son does not tell me a whole lot about where he is and what he is doing.  I don't pressure him for too much information either.

At 9:05pm on May 18, 2011, MWD Mom said…
So I was way too "long winded" and had to post part already ha ha, surprise, surprise!! Anyway as I was saying,  Sorry to be secretive but I so don't wanna break any rules either!!!  I felt so bad a week or two ago I posted some photos of David and  the family from the day before he left.  Just as I was hitting enter I realized I hadn't blurred out our last name on his uniform, I so knew better but it was too late at that point!!!!  Sort of the point of no return???  I got a very nice note saying I needed to blur it then it would be approved for the sight!! I felt so stupid but replied back that I realized it slightly too late but I'd be glad to fix it ASAP!!!  OK enough please check facebook, K???  Thanks!!!  If I don't hear from you before the weekend have a great one!!!  I hope to get some flowers in the ground, I bought them last weekend and had good intentions but they are still sitting in the garage.  Heck I haven't even gotten my veggie garden in and I so want to do that. Dave has been "under the weather" so to say, he had neuro surgery on C5 almost three years ago, they knew C6 was an issue also but did a single nerve block back then to see exactly which was causing the pain.  He's been great since with a flare up here and there, until Friday evening.  He was sore/had some pain but this time it got worse and didn't go away.  I knew it was horrible when he agreed for me to make him a doctors appointment with the pain management doc who did the block.  We went today and they don't feel he needs surgery at this time so they are going to try injections and see what that does.   We are hopeful the steriod injection will do the trick this time, if not off to OR he goes!!!  Lastly you and Yankeemom make me jealous you live close enough to have lunch!! ha ha
At 8:53pm on May 18, 2011, MWD Mom said…
Oh, OK I misunderstood "marks", I didn't realize they did such a thing but I suppose they have to grade them some how huh???!!!!  I'm not sure going back to the "old way" would be needed, as the MWD process is mostly instruction on handling a dog.  I su,ppose being in a little longer and going through the MWD process makes one more comfortable with the Navy in general.  That in itself would be a huge help I'm sure.  If he is still really interested in the program he may want to "hang out" at the kennel some, that way he can get some "on the job training" and see the in's and out's of how they do stuff in "real life" and not in class.  Or at leas that's something that would be helpful to me, I prefer to sort of see it done or do it while being taught.  I so can't just follow directions and then do it!!!  Ha ha Which isn't always a good thing, Dave (hubby) get slightly impatent with me, but I keep telling him we all learn in a different manner.  But then again I suppose when he has to "show" me time and time again it gets old to him!!!  I drive absolutely crazy with computer stuff!!! Once again I have to remind him just because he knows how to do it doesn't mean I do!!! I suppose I'm a slower learner at times, especially when it comes to electronics, he can pick something up and figure it out, as does David.  Our daughter and I not so much!! ha ha  As for David needing anything can't think of anything at the moment, but I will get you his address as soon as I have it.  Maybe a short note or card might be a good thing, or at least I do so......  I do have a favor/request but I'll message you on facebook about it since I'm not so sure about the rules on here and don't want to step on anyone's toes so to say!!!  I'm going to check the "rules" and if it's OK I'll come back and put the request on here.
At 1:02pm on May 17, 2011, MWD Mom said…
@Anita: yeah it's been a long time!!  hope you are doing well!!  David is on deployment currently, so yeah any prayers for both of us would be great!!!  Sorry Nick left MWD, it's not for everyone that's for sure!!  So he got bite three times?  Were they bad bites? Any bite hurts!!!  As for going back later might be a good idea, back when David went through his MWD training his class we the very first one to allow "pipeliners" which is what they called people coming right out of basic and into MWD.  It used to be you had to be at least an E5 or higher.  Hope Nick enjoys Spain, David has been an loved!!!  Especially the sangria!!  As for passports, I'm sure Nick is flying on a military aircraft to Spain, they don't need to go through TSA or customs, so he may not need a passport right now.  Did he say he has already applied for one? Is he excited about Spain?  How long will he be there?  That's some place I'd love to visit!!
At 5:39pm on March 21, 2011, Hunters_Mom_12/092_MAA said…
Hello Anita and thank you for the reach out and message. Where do I find the updates you wrote me about? I sent you a friend request.
At 10:34pm on March 16, 2011, tennismom3 ship 07 div 043 said…

Thanks Anita! That is a huge help! We are flying to San Antonio from Colorado tomorrow morning. We are very excited. ;)


At 12:11pm on February 10, 2011, MWD Mom said…
I just realized Nick is the same age as David was when he joined!!  Did he go to college some before he enlisted?? David did he went for three years and then quit in his first semester of his senior year!!  He has started taking classes again but has stopped for now because of his deployment next month. 
At 12:08pm on February 10, 2011, MWD Mom said…
WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so happy for you guys!!!!!!!!!  Way to go Nick!!!  I know you guys are so happy, I know how we felt when Favid found out he got MWD!!!  David said this is the best job in the world!!!  Please keep me posted on how things go!!   
At 2:41pm on February 9, 2011, MWD Mom said…
Any time that's what we are here for, to help each other!!!!  Hang in there, I'll be thinking of you guys today, please keep me posted!!!!! 
At 8:05pm on February 8, 2011, MWD Mom said…
Sorry i had to start in another window it wouldn't let me finish, anyway my brother in law was in Japan two different times for four years each and loved it!!!  Also remember the flip side of if, you can go visit him and basicly pay your own airfair and then stay at the Navy Lodge for like 75 bucks a night, not too bad a price!!!  That's how we went to HI and next month when we go visit we'll stay at the one in Norfolk because we'll move the kids out of the apartment a week before David deploys and then go back and move Kayla and Caroline back into we hope base housing right before he gets back from Afgan.  I'll keep Nick and you in my thoughts and prayers, I know this is hard as can be, but everything happens for a reason and we may not understand what or why at the time but it will all workout!!!  Just be sure he knows he can go to the kennel and help out and get into it that way!!  Keep me posted!!!!!!
At 8:01pm on February 8, 2011, MWD Mom said…
Sit tight don't worry just yet!  For sure they will know that girl isn't really interested in doing it, trust me!  David said that they really watch the ones who say they want MWD, so if this is her first mention of it i feel sure they will pick up on that!!!  David (i spoke to him for a few minutes today) and he asked about Nick, I filled him and said it might not be too late because he was given orders to Bahrain at this point in class and then they told him he was in the MWD class.  So there is hope! The other very, very important thing David said is that if Nick truly wants MWD and doesn't get it out of A school, then he needs to offer to work the kennel on his free time, that way his command will know he is truly interested in doing it.  There is a guy who has been in the Navy about 18 months or so (out of BC that long) he is a regular MA but wanted to MWD but didn't get it, so he made sure the kennel master knew that he was interested in it.  So they have allowed him to work with the MWD handlers and feed, bath, clean up after, walk the isck dogs, take dogs to the vet and dental and stuff like that and he is now leaving for MWD sometime early next month!!!!  So just be sure he knows this, and if he doesn't get it it's not too late!!  The other thing is David's MA class was the VERY first class to ever be able to go right from MA to MWD, in the past they had to be an E5 or higher just to be a dog handler.  David's class of MWD was called "pipeliners" because they pipe lined them right into MWD.  So it's not been long that they have allowed any MA into the class.  Also David said that the higher your over all grade is has a lot to do with getting into  the class, but that shoudln't be an issue for Nick as you said he had a pretty high grade for the class.  Keep me posted, I'll be thinking of him. Also I know Japan is a long way away, trust me it will be hard but we'll al be here for you. 
At 4:57am on February 8, 2011, priscilla; FC wife said…
Thanks for the advice. :) I'm so anxious to meet my little nugget. Only 16 more days til my due date. I have my weekly doctor's appt on Wednesday, so I'll ask if it's possible to induce me at 39 weeks, which would be 2/17. If baby comes before then, I'm really super praying that I have a long labor. I just want Stephen to be here for the birth. I think it's eating him up inside more than me.
At 12:55pm on February 7, 2011, MWD Mom said…
I'm not sure if he has sent a fb request or not, he is so busy with getting ready for deployment and getting ready to move his wife and baby here!! I'll aks him again, he was really funny when I told him about Nick he just grinned when I told he wanted to do MWD!!!  He loves it, his speak at his re enlistment made me cry!!  He spoke about how much he loved his job and it was the best job on this earth and stuff!! I so hope Nick gets it!! I didn't realize this but David said that they don't even take somebody from every MA class, he said very few get to do it.  So if they have recommended your son chances are he'll get it he said!!   Oh yeah he won't be able to have his car if he goes on to MWD, they can't have personal cars at the school house is what David told me.  Maybe it's different now I'm not sure.  I'll be keeping him and you in my thoughts, let me know as soon as you know!!!!   
At 12:04am on February 7, 2011, priscilla; FC wife said…
32 boxes is definitely enough. He'll probably get all PopTarted out, lol. If he goes to any of the HEBs (south Texas' main grocery store), he'll be able to find em. The closest one if he's at Lackland is on Marbach/410. A little rough of an area, but areas close to military bases are typically that way from the 21yrs I've been around, haha.

Currently I'm 37wks3days - due date is the 24th. I'm going to wait for her to come out on her own, but am so ready to have my little angel. Definitely having an epidural considering I can hardly tolerate the cramps/backaches I've been having. :/
Stephen plans to come home on the 21st so he can be here for the birth, however, if I go into labor prior to said date, I'm going to call him asap so he can leave Great Lakes on the next flight out.
I kinda want to be induced so he can definitely be here for the birth and spend the rest of his paternity leave (10days) w/Madeleine and me. Don't know if my doc would allow me to be induced on a particular date though? Last Wednesday, my ultrasound said baby is 6.5lbs, but I hear that's hardly accurate.
Any tips on labor & delivery? My mom will be with me, but both of her births have been natural & 20 yrs ago haha. Oh, also I do plan to breastfeed for at least 6mos if I have enough milk. I'm super tiny (5'3, 102lbs pre-pregnacy, 137lbs currently).

Thank you! :)
At 8:30pm on February 6, 2011, MWD Mom said…
Oh man!!  Well the same thing happened to David too, except that at one point they said he was in then they came back and said no everything is on hold for now. Then maybe a week at the longest they came back and said he was truly in.  I'll keep my prayers going that he gets in!!  I know there is a class for MWD starting sometime mid-next month, because there is a kennel support person in Norfolk heading to that class.  So maybe he'll get in  that same class!!!!  That will be our prayers!!  I know it will be good to see him in SA!!!  I know I so enjoyed seeing the kids this weekend!!  The only thing is I kept thinking OK getting there Wed and not leaving until Sunday that's a nice long visit, but nope it went by too fast!!!!
At 11:14am on February 4, 2011, Sharon*MA mom* said…
Anita- Thanks for the address clarification. Mine looks pretty close to yours, so hopefully his cell phone will arrive shortly. Can't wait for more frequent phone calls!!
At 11:52pm on February 3, 2011, MWD Mom said…
Any news on the interview process? I have thought about and your son all day!!! Please keep me posted, we are in Norfolk, VA a four day weekend! David is re enlisting tomorrow, I'm so excited we will be there. Please keep me posted on how things go, I also told David that he may get a F/B friend request from your son, he said OK!
At 2:11pm on January 29, 2011, MWD Mom said…
I just deleted a long post! Sometimes I no like my iPad!!! Ha ha. I have to run to the grocery store when I get back I'll look for you on f/b and re write my looooooonnnnngggg post!!! I'm so mad I deleted it!! I have lots to tell you about MWD and yes maybe we can get the sons on f/b, David is really good his job! Thats not just the mom in me, ha ha he's been a MWD since October of 07 and both of his kennel masters have told him he needs to be a kennel master at some point or even a trainer!! Both in Hi and in VA he was given the meanest dog to "break in" because he has been able to handle them and turn them around. When he first got Va he was given a dog who had already bitten six people. He worked him for a short while but then had to give him up for the narcotics dog deploying with him. Oh FYI.........your son will get bit, they tell them in MWD school it's not if it's when! David has had a few minor and some nasty ones too! Ok gotta run I'll be back to tell you more about Davids process of MWD school and stuff. I'm looking forward to being in touch I'll need a sailor mom buddy while he is deployed!
At 3:32pm on January 28, 2011, MWD Mom said…
Sorry about a second post so close together but how do you friend somone on here? 

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