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My son is leaving to go to BC this day is there anyone elses child leaving then too?

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I cleaned up BigD's room too. Well atleast washed his sheets and made his bed, he did most of it before he left =). Not being able to talk to him is the worst part! I am lucky in the fact this is the second time he has left home so it's not quite as hard but the no communication part is hard. I now have a totally empty nest. During the time he was gone to college I still had my daughter at home. Then he moved back from college just as she was leaving for college last year. Now they are both gone. I look forward to being able to write him and hear from him. I worry about him so much, because he is a quiet kind hearted person. We talked alot about what was going to happen in boot camp and he was very stoic up until the day he left ......he grabbed my hand and said "Mom I am nervous and my stomach hurts" just about broke my heart. But I knew I had to be strong for him.


My son left on the 18th from Phoenix, AZ. I wonder if he will be in the same group with the people that left a few days earlier....

I knew when I got home what was sitting on my porch....."the box" ...pants rolled up and everything he took except his wallet, address book and stamps. I also got a packet of papers he signed and his plane ticket too. It was hard :(

My son Matt left on the 16th. The box came today. His clothes were all inside out, cell phone in sneaker with socks wrapped around it. All I did was hold his clothes in my arms and cry. I know he is o.k. I know it but it is so hard to see your son's clothes and it was the last clothes I saw him in. It was so very hard.

Hi Matt's mom I saw you received your sons box yesterday, I received my sons Chris today it was so exciting! Just checking to see if you received your letter today? Just checking for a PIR date? Can't wait for that date and just to get his address!!! Thanks

Hello, Matt left on Feb 16, still do not get form letter yet. The day his recruiter picked him up I asked her if she could get his address for me. She told me after she brought him to MEPS that she cannot do anything else. I saw some posts from Mom's who's kids recruiter contacted the parent with the address I guess every recruiter is different. I cannot wqit to get his address I have letters written everyday from the first day he left.

Hello Matt's mom I rushed home today cause I knew Chris's letter would be here today! It wasn't of course. I guess we just have to wait And wait :( well I saw his recruiter as I was leaving MEPS and he told me to call him this week for his address and I've sent him texts and called him and no answer . Yep and just writing letters I forgot where I saw it but they said to number your letters. Till we get our letters!!!!

Hi , I am so sorry it took me so long to reply. I didn't see your reply until now. No letter yet I am chasing the mail man down everyday!!!!!!!!! Hopefully today I dont get my mail until 4-5pm which really drives me nuts!!!!!  I feel like the next 8 weeks is mental boot camp for all of the parents!!!!!

Stillno letter today!!! Hope you received yours.

My daughter left on Feb. 15th. 

She is very excited but also very nervous.  She is leaving a husband and 2 daughters behind.


I bet that it has to be hard on you... She will always be your baby no matter how old she is! 

My son reported Feb 13 and swore in on the 14th. My heart goes out to you!  

I think it is hard on me because I am not getting the packet of papers or the box.  It all goes to her husband.  So, I am feeling out in left field and the not knowing is the hardest



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