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Here is the compiled list for Navy For Moms groups by Navy Job (Ratings).

Click on a link to go to a specific group. Groups are sorted alphabetically. Please let me know if you know of a group that should be included. NOTE: The link to the each group will open up in the new window - to go back to the compiled list, click on the "GROUPS: Listed By Navy Job" tab just above the screen the N4M site (and below your browser info).

  1. AECF (Advanced Electronics/Computer Field) - FC & ET 
  2. Aerographers Mate AG Moms
  3. Aircrew
  4. Airman
  5. Airman Family and Friends
  6. Air Traffic Controller Moms
  7. Amphibious (Gator Navy)
  8. Annapolis Moms
  9. AO Moms Families (Aviation Ordinance)
  10. Aviation Boatswain
  11. Aviation Electronic - AE
  12. Aviation Electronics Technician
  13. Aviation Mechanist Mate (Aircrew) AD
  14. Aviation Rescue Swimmers, Moms of
  15. Aviation Support
  16. Aviation & Maintenance Adminstrators AZ, Moms of
  17. Aviation, Naval
  18. A School (Moms of A School Sailors)
  19. A School - Great Lakes, Illinois
  20. A School - Biloxi, Mississippi
  21. A School - Meridian, Mississippi
  22. A School - Pensacola, Florida (Corry Station too)
  23. A School - Pensacola, Florida Corry Station Holding or In School
  24. A School - Pensacola, Florida (Parents of A School Sailors in Pensa...
  25. A School - San Antonio, Tex
  26. A School - San Antonio/HM Hospital Corpsman
  27. A & Sub School - Groton, Connecticut
  28. A School - IT A Schooler
  29. Avionics Technicians (AV) Moms
  30. BUDS 283
  31. C School
  32. Carrier Families
  33. Ceremonial Guard Families
  34. Corpsmen Moms, A School Great Lakes
  35. Corpsmen Camp Pendleton
  36. Corpsman Moms
  37. Corpsmen Moms
  38. Corpsmen Moms and Dads
  39. Corpsman in Okinawa
  40. CS (Culinary Specialist)
  41. Cryptology
  42. Cryptology at Pensacola
  43. CTI Cryptology Technician - Interperative
  44. CTN Cryptology Technician - Network
  45. Damage Control Moms
  46. Destroyer Moms
  47. Divers (Moms of Navy Divers)
  48. Engineers
  49. EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  50. Fleet Moms
  51. Grad & Go Info   (note: G & G a term not used any longer at RTC)
  52. Gunners Mate, GM Moms
  53. Hull Technician, Moms of
  54. IC - Sailors (Interior Communication Electricians) created by Eliza...
  55. IC - Sailors (Interior Communication Electricians) created by Paige
  56. Individual Augmentees/Global Support Assignments
  57. Intelligence Specialist (Moms of IS)
  58. Iraq and Afghanistan, Moms w Sailors
  59. Logistic Specialist
  60. Machinist Mates
  61. Mass Communications Specialist
  62. Master At Arms, MAA Moms
  63. Master At Arms, New MAA Moms
  64. Master At Arms, San Antonio MAs
  65. Mineman Moms 
  66. MN Mine Men (Minesweeper)
  67. MSRON Maritime Expeditionary Security Forces
  68. Multiple Military Moms
  69. Musicians (Moms of Navy Musicians)
  70. Nuke (Loved Ones in Nuke Program)
  71. Nuke Moms
  72. Nuke Moms, Wives, Girlfriends
  73. Nuke (School) Moms/Families Ballston Spa
  74. Nuke School in Charleston, SC
  75. Nuke Wives
  76. Nurse Moms
  77. Officers Moms
  78. Officer Candidate School Moms
  79. OS (Operations Specialist) Moms
  80. Pre-BUD/S Moms
  81. Quartermasters
  82. Religious Program Specialist
  83. Navy Reserves
  84. Navy Reservist
  85. Seal Moms
  86. Seabee Moms
  87. SECT - ET, FT & STS (in Submarine Field)
  88. SECF, Fire Control Technician for Subs
  89. Security Moms
  90. Snipe Moms
  91. Snipe Moms (Engineers)
  92. Sonor Technician Submarine STS
  93. Sonor Technician Surface STG
  94. STA 21 ECP Seamen to Admiral
  95. Sub Moms
  96. Supply School (Officer) Moms
  97. SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman)
  98. Headed For SWCC
  99. Yeoman Moms
  100. 900s Division Sailors


Check out Lemonelephant's Excel spreadsheet - we hope to incorporate at a later date.

 Ratings, A School Locations and links to Groups

Click on this file to go to a Discussion by lemonelephant who maintains and updates it. Fantastic Excel spreadsheet of groups collated by location.



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BQB..thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. It is VERY appreciated.

Thanks. be happy to listen - if I have time, I'll even make the changes.

P.S. I am stepping away from N4M this coming year, if you can pitch in that was be great.

The above groups are in existence already. Is there a group for Chiefs?  Perhaps you can start one. I didn't include groups with less than 15 members. I only looked for the groups w most members.
HI BQB- my son is an ET comm-radioman. I didn't see one for that, unless I'm blind!
Thanks for the lists, they are great!
This group has "ET" in their description but I don't know if they have comm-radiomen too.  Good question. Let's both of us poke around and see what we can find - if we find an existent group not on the list, I'll update it - unless it's a group composed of 5 or less - I didn't include zillion of small little groups.
BQB- I think the ET is part of many jobs. There is ET comm and ET nav and others I'm sure. I will poke around some more and let you know.
Is San Antonio the only MA "A" School?
Click on the file above, scroll down half a page, you'll see a bunch of A schools. Secondly, read the comments posted on your comment wall (click MY PAGE). Links have been provided for you to learn how to navigate this site. Good luck.
Thank you!


BQB, would you please add this to your GROUPS: Listed By Navy Job (Rating)



N          Nuke A School FAQ 




Will do.
My son is a PS (Personnel Specialist) but I don't see it on the list.  Is that something that could be added? If so, I would really appreciate it.  Thank you so much for the site.


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