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Michelle  (Craigs Mom)

DEP-Leavin for bootcamp in April


DEP-Leavin for bootcamp in April

This group is for N4M members that have a loved one leaving for bootcamp in April...I will leave the year open so that even future Deppers leaving in the month of April of any year can join...Lets share stories, information, concerns, and questions

Members: 464
Latest Activity: Dec 28, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the Navy!!! This Group was started for the loved one of DEPPERS leaving in the month of April (although everyone is welcome).......What year you say? Well ......any year!

If you have April ship out issues/questions etc., need specific information, (or have some to share) or just want to talk to someone that is where you are, with a Recruit leaving for and arriving in BC in April, ...then this is the place to be. :-)

Remember, don't "miss 'em while you're with them!" :) Make the most of every precious moment together before they leave. This will be a big transition for both of you! We'll be here for you every step of the way...

Once your recruit has arrived at RTC, the next stop here is to join the group Boot Camp for Moms (and loved ones)  Hangout and ask questions in this group until your form letter arrives.

Within a week to ten days after your recruit arrives at BC, you will receive "The Box." The box will contain your recruits clothes, shoes, cell phone etc. If you do not receive the box, and your recruit did not take a cell phone it is very possible s/he donated clothing items.

Approx two to three weeks after your recruit arrives you will receive the "Form Letter". The form letter will include their Ship# , DIV #, their mailing address, PIR date, and the Security Access Form. The Security Access form needs to be completed and sent back to your recruit ASAP. Keep this letter in a safe place, it has the information you will need.

The date that is on the form letter is the official date for your Recruit's Training Groups PIR (graduation), Things can always change for an individual Recruit (due to illness, injury, failure to pass a final test etc.)! So, we always recommend that you plan, if possible, to purchase Refundable or Exchangeable plane tickets.

After you have received the form letter, join the group for your recruits PIR. There you can ask questions about PIR, training, hotels etc.Those groups will be posted in the Boot Camp for Mom's group.

Thanks for joining us. We hope you will realize you are not alone, and will soon make new friends, plus feel supported and encouraged! :)

**It is very important that your future Sailor be physically fit prior to shipping to the RTC (these are new standards beginning 1/1/2018) and that he be able to pass an initial run test. See Navy Sets New Physical Fitness Standard to Start Boot Camp. "The initial run standard is evaluated on the 1.5 mile run of the first Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) at boot camp. The initial run standard for male recruits will be 16 minutes 10 seconds and 18 minutes seven seconds for female recruits."

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Comment by lemonelephant on December 28, 2018 at 1:36am

Be sure to check out the discussion, Things to Do in the Last Month before Your Future Sailor Leaves for..., and to start discussing some of the things there with your future Sailor such as how to handle bad news and who will get the tickets for PIR.... 

If you have not yet joined Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones), now is a good time to do so and to begin checking out the Pages (found under the pictures of the Members) starting with OPSEC and PERSEC (Making Changes to Your Profile) (some of you have changes that you need to make--at least change 3) and then go on to Arrival and What Happens at the RTC. 

Comment by Lorma on November 12, 2018 at 12:47pm

My SR shipped out on the 7th. So with that I will be leaving this group

Comment by Phoenixmom on May 16, 2018 at 10:29am

PIR: May 18, 2018 TG 28 - 11 Divisions (209-218 and 928)  

PIR: May 25, 2018 TG 29 - 13 Divisions (219-226, 229-232, and 929)  

PIR: June 1, 2018 TG 30 - 10 Divisions (233-238, 813-815, and 930)  

PIR: June 8, 2018 TG 31 - 7 Divisions (239-244 and 931)  

PIR: June 15, 2018 TG 32 - 11 Divisions (245-248, 251-252, 255-258, 932)  

PIR: June 22, 2018 TG 33 - 8 Divisions (259 - 264, 816, and 933

PIR: June 29, 2018 TG 34 - 9 Divisions (265-272, and 934)

PIR: July 6, 2018 TG 35 - 5 Divisions (273 - 276, and 935

Comment by Phoenixmom on May 14, 2018 at 10:24am

This PIR is not up and running as of yet, please join when it is ready.

July 06,2018
273, 274, 275, 276, 935
Comment by Phoenixmom on May 14, 2018 at 10:23am

PIR: May 18, 2018 TG 28 - 11 Divisions (209-218 and 928)  

PIR: May 25, 2018 TG 29 - 13 Divisions (219-226, 229-232, and 929)  

PIR: June 1, 2018 TG 30 - 10 Divisions (233-238, 813-815, and 930)  

PIR: June 8, 2018 TG 31 - 7 Divisions (239-244 and 931)  

PIR: June 15, 2018 TG 32 - 11 Divisions (245-248, 251-252, 255-258, 932)  

PIR: June 22, 2018 TG 33 - 8 Divisions (259-264, 816 and 933)  (Keep checking and join when it is up.)

PIR: June 29, 2018 TG 34 - 9 Divisions (265-272 and 934) (Keep checking and join when it is up.)

Comment by Nursemom on May 11, 2018 at 5:20pm
So would Div 263 and 264 be brother divisions? Bamamom I think our sons could be training together and going to Charleston together, too, if all goes well?
Comment by Phoenixmom on May 11, 2018 at 5:12pm

Bamamom that is Great News for you all! YAY! So glad that the line of communication is open now, and you could Breathe once again! I tell all the Ladies that once the communication line is open thn all the anxiety, stress, worry is gone. Now these weeks will fly on bye.

Comment by Bamamom1970 on May 11, 2018 at 5:09pm

Got the form letter yesterday and letters for my husband and myself and one for his brother today!  Yes, there were tears, but they were happy tears.  He is in Div 263. He said it is way harder than what he thought and had read about, but he is digging deep and hanging in there.  He said he is adjusting and is going to be ok.  Can't wait til that phone call comes, but until then, I am relieved knowing everything is going ok.  These kids are way stronger than what they or us think.  He said he has been reading the book of Daniel in his bible and it has really been speaking to him during this challenging time, and the prayers are really helping.  Looking forward to graduation! 

Comment by Bandmom on May 11, 2018 at 9:10am

Pauleg, Just remember in boot camp, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.  You will get your form letter, a call at about 3-4 weeks.  you may get a handwritten letter once in a while (they can only write on Sundays).  I received a very short call at about 6 weeks, then the I'm a Sailor call the week of graduation.  I did make sure that while he was in boot camp I answered calls from all unknown numbers just in case.  Hang in there.

Comment by Phoenixmom on May 10, 2018 at 6:48pm

That is great News Receiving the Form letter! some will receive it before others it just depends if he/she had trouble with the run. here is a site to read and it will explain.

When to Expect Your Form Letter

On about their fifth business day at the RTC, the new recruits are tested on the 1.5 mile run of the first Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) at boot camp. The initial run standard for male recruits will be 16 minutes 10 seconds and 18 minutes 7 seconds for female recruits. See Navy Sets New Physical Fitness Standard to Start Boot Camp. Those who pass continue with BC. Those who do not pass are moved to FIT and will be retested in 48 hours and must pass in order to continue at the RTC. See Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) and Fitness Improvement Training ... for more information.


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