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On Monday, 9/20 we can print our parking passes!!!


1. Go here


2. Click 'Get Gate Pass' next to our PIR date (TG 46 — 10 Divisions (323–330, 821 & 946) Graduate Friday, Oct. 1, 2010)


3. You will need the password for your recruit's graduation (In your Form letter)




It is my understanding that you can print as many gate passes as you need.


Taken from the Form letter...''All visitors age 13 and over must have valid, government-issued photo identification (driver's license, passport, etc.) Children age 12 and under must have a copy of their birth certificates or Social Security card."

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We are renting car from enterprise, spoke to them today and just have to mention you are going onto the Naval base and a sticker or something to that effect will be given to me to put in the car. Maybe just check with your rental agent about the insurance for going onto the Base.
my mom wants to know. we are renting a car from Avis. so we should be fine getting in by showing just the insurance card and registration that belongs to the rental??
We don't know the answer to this, so I would suggest you bringing your personal insurance card as well.
actually i'm stupid lol.... i read the gate pass and it says the contract to the rental serves as the registration and i'm assuming as long as i have my insurance for the rental with me i'll be fine. i can't bring my insurance card b/c then my dad won't be able to drive our car all weekend back at home lol!
your not stupid!, can you make a copy of your dad's insurance card at home, to be on the safe side?
you might be able to get something from your ins agent... to take for proof..... state farm sends us 2 cards per vehicle... we always keep one in the truck and the driver puts one in wallet
i'll ask my dad. worse comes to worse i could just make a copy of our insurance card and i should be fine right?? i just asked my gf who went to her fiancees grad about 3 weeks ago and she said it wasn't bad getting in. i should be ok with what they list on the gate pass.
I think you can still get into graduation without a pass because it is a gate pass. Just can't park on base. But there is always a shuttle.
That's good because as of right now I still can't get onto the site to print out a pass.
You could also park at the Metra train station which is one block from base. Then you can walk in.


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