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PIR June 2, 2017 TG 30 - 11 Divisions (167-176 & 930) Each recruit will be permitted 4 guests.


PIR June 2, 2017 TG 30 - 11 Divisions (167-176 & 930) Each recruit will be permitted 4 guests.

This group is for those who have loved ones graduating from Boot Camp on June 2, 2017.

A group to chat with others, ask questions, gather information, learn, laugh, even shed a tear as your loved one begins their journey to become a United States Sailor!

Members: 47
Latest Activity: 11 hours ago

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You need to be a member of PIR June 2, 2017 TG 30 - 11 Divisions (167-176 & 930) Each recruit will be permitted 4 guests. to add comments!

Comment by diannep 11 hours ago

Should have said "brotherhood and sisterhood!"  Sorry about that.  The SRs/sailors DO start close friendships!

Comment by diannep 11 hours ago

Yes, there is quite a "brotherhood" that comes at Bootcamp.  Many of these new sailors will attend A School together and get closer.  Some may even get stationed together.....

Comment by SailorKMom 17 hours ago
Thank you diannep! That helps me put my son's letter into perspective. Just going to be glad I received a letter from him and look forward to the next one!
Comment by Southern Mom⚓️ 18 hours ago

Thanks, diannep, it kindof made my day to get his letter;-)

Also, thank you for all of you words of wisdom and encouragement.  Much appreciated!

We as moms just need to know that, just as we are supporting and helping each other through this difficult time, our sons will be supporting and helping each other also.  There is a growing understanding of teamwork and how important each one is to the division.  There will be much camaraderie that comes out of this experience, I'm sure!  Our prayers are helping our boys!  Don't forget that:-)  Stay strong, moms! 

Comment by nfaith072 19 hours ago

Thanks ladies for all your kind words. I know we all need all the encouragement we can get. I couldn't get through this without you.

Comment by jm3712 20 hours ago

Toni, thank you, I know this is something that they have to go through, it's just so hard some times. Hanging in there :)

Comment by Toni 21 hours ago

jm3712 I feel your frustration.  My son said something similar in his letter.  Because of a few immature recruits they are all made to endure severe punishments and yelling.  Let's stay strong for them, and let them know we support them.  God bless.

Comment by jm3712 21 hours ago

Just received my son's 2nd letter that he wrote after his phone call this past Saturday, and he sounded so down.  He didn't sound that way when I talked to him, but it poured out in his letter afterwards.  I found out early on that they did remove his wisdom teeth, and I felt so out of control and upset, but that they told him it was necessary, but he said he was doing better and that is wasn't that bad.  He also said that after his phone call they were made to do Intensive Training because a few other recruits wouldn't stop talking.  I cried while reading this letter.  He said he's trying really hard because this is what he wanted and he doesn't want to disappoint us. My heart breaks for him, and all the other recruits. :(  

Comment by diannep 22 hours ago

Proudsailormom:  If it makes you feel any better....some SRs had been told by their own dentists before Bootcamp that the wisdom teeth didn't need to come out now....only to have the SR lose them at Bootcamp.  They err on the side of caution as far as wisdom teeth removal....if there is a chance they can give trouble on a future deployment, they will take them.  They may "watch" some of them and take them during A School if necessary.  At least the cost of the removal is on the Navy's dime!

Comment by diannep 22 hours ago

SailorKMom:  The really hard thing for the SRs is that they have no control over their lives right now....they are told what to do, when to do it, etc.  It is up to them how hard they work but they feel "controlled."   Yep, the military.  Some equate it to jail (so they think!) because they are contained on this base for 8 weeks and are disconnected from the "outside world."  In this age of electronic connection moment by moment, you can imagine how hard that is for some of them.  I read that drs are seeing addiction in even young children to cell you can imagine how many of the SRs are struggling with lack of connection via phone!  Might miss something!  :-)  No worries...A School provides them to be back in touch with the world!  Both a good and BAD thing, right?  :-)  They get through this and will be so proud of what they accomplished.


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