This site is for mothers of kids in the U.S. Navy and for Moms who have questions about Navy life for their kids.



Choose your Username.  For the privacy and safety of you and/or your sailor, NO LAST NAMES ARE ALLOWED, even if your last name differs from that of your sailor (please make sure your URL address does not include your last name either).  Also, please do not include your email address in your user name. Go to "Settings" above to set your Username.  While there, complete your Profile so you can post and share photos and videos of your Sailor and share stories with other moms!

Make sure to read our Community Guidelines and this Navy Operations Security (OPSEC) checklist - loose lips sink ships!

Join groups!  Browse for groups for your PIR date, your sailor's occupational specialty, "A" school, assigned ship, homeport city, your own city or state, and a myriad of other interests. Jump in and introduce yourself!  Start making friends that can last a lifetime.

Link to Navy Speak - Navy Terms & Acronyms: Navy Speak

All Hands Magazine's full length documentary "Making a Sailor": This video follows four recruits through Boot Camp in the spring of 2018 who were assigned to DIV 229, an integrated division, which had PIR on 05/25/2018. 

Boot Camp: Making a Sailor (Full Length Documentary - 2018)

Boot Camp: Behind the Scenes at RTC

...and visit - America's Navy and also Navy Live - The Official Blog of the Navy to learn more.

OPSEC - Navy Operations Security

Always keep Navy Operations Security in mind.  In the Navy, it's essential to remember that "loose lips sink ships."  OPSEC is everyone's responsibility. 

DON'T post critical information including future destinations or ports of call; future operations, exercises or missions; deployment or homecoming dates.  

DO be smart, use your head, always think OPSEC when using texts, email, phone, and social media, and watch this video: "Importance of Navy OPSEC."

Follow this link for OPSEC Guidelines:



**UPDATE 4/26/2022** Effective with the May 6, 2022 PIR 4 guests will be allowed.  Still must be fully vaccinated to attend.

**UPDATE as of 11/10/2022 PIR vaccination is no longer required.

**UPDATE 7/29/2021** You now must be fully vaccinated in order to attend PIR:

In light of observed changes and impact of the Coronavirus Delta Variant and out of an abundance of caution for our recruits, Sailors, staff, and guests, Recruit Training Command is restricting Pass-in-Review (recruit graduation) to ONLY fully immunized guests (14-days post final COVID vaccination dose).  


RTC Graduation

**UPDATE 8/25/2022 - MASK MANDATE IS LIFTED.  Vaccinations still required.

**UPDATE 11/10/22 PIR - Vaccinations no longer required.


Please note! Changes to this guide happened in October 2017. Tickets are now issued for all guests, and all guests must have a ticket to enter base. A separate parking pass is no longer needed to drive on to base for parking.

Please see changes to attending PIR in the PAGES column. The PAGES are located under the member icons on the right side.

Format Downloads:

Latest Activity

Navy Speak

Click here to learn common Navy terms and acronyms!  (Hint:  When you can speak an entire sentence using only acronyms and one verb, you're truly a Navy mom.)

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Visite esta página para explorar en su idioma las oportunidades de educación y carreras para sus hijos en el Navy.



N4M GROUPS: Listed By Name of US Naval Ships (actual US Naval vessels in service)

GROUPS: Listed by Name of US Naval Ships (actual US Naval vessels in service)
 Looking for other Navy For Moms members with sailors on the same ship/boat?  

Here is a list in alphabetical order by name of ship. List doe NOT include groups with fewer than 3 members and/or groups which have been inactive in the last 8 months. Cllckable links have been provided. Just click on the name of the ship. Please post a comment if I missed your sailor's ship (with a link, if possible).  Please note that if your son/daughter is in boot camp, his/her barracks are named after ships. The groups listed below are not Navy For Moms groups designated for barracks (please see groups associated with PIR dates).  Edited & updated Feb 2017 by BunkerQB.

This list refers to the REAL thing - with sailors, guns, etc.

          name of group                                   last date of comment/activity

  1. USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72        (last comment Nov 29, 2019)
  2. USS Alabama SSBN 731                   (last comment April 12, 2019)
  3. USS Alaska SSBN 732                    (last activity Oct 25, 2016)
  4. USS Albany SSN 753                        (last activity Dec 12, 2019)
  5. USS Alexandria SSN 757                   (last comment Dec 2015)
  6. USS Annapolis SSN 760                    (last comment Oct 2013)
  7. USS Antietam CG 47                         (last comment Nov 2015)
  8. USS Anzio CG 68                              (last comment May 2015)
  9. USS Arleigh Burke DDG51                 (last comment Feb 2016)
  10. USS Arlington LPD 24                        (last comment Feb 2016)
  11. USS Asheville SSN758                      (last comment Nov 2016))
  12. USS Ashland LSD 48                         (last comment Dec 2016
  13. USS Bainbridge (in Norfolk)                 (last comment Dec 2016)
  14. USS Barry DDG 52                            (last comment Jan 2017 active)
  15. USS Bataan LHD 5                             (last comment Dec 2016)
  16. USS Benfold DDG 65                         (last comment Dec 2016)
  17. USS Blue Ridge LLC 19                      (last comment May 2016)
  18. USS Boise SSN 764                          (last comment Aug 2013)
  19. USS Bonhomme Richard LHD 6          (last comment Dec 2016)
  20. USS Boxer LHD 4                              (last comment Mar 2016)
  21. USS Buffalo SSN 715                        (last comment Jun 2016)
  22. USS Bulkeley DDG 84                       (last comment Sep 2015)
  23. USS Bunker Hill CG 52                      (last comment Sep 2014)
  24. USS California SSN 781                     (last comment Dec 2016)
  25. USS Cape St. George CG 71              (last comment Jun 2015)
  26. USS Carl Vinson CVN 70                  (last comment Feb 2017 active)
  27. USS Carney DDG64                           (last comment Mar 2016)
  28. USS Carter Hall LSD 50                     (last comment Dec 2016)
  29. USS Charlotte SSN 766                      (last comment Oct 2012)
  30. USS Chicago SSN 721                       (last comment Aug 2015)
  31. USS Chicago SSN 721 Pearl Harbor    (last comment April 2012)
  32. USS Cleveland LPD 7                         (last comment June 2012)
  33. USS Cleveland LPD 7                         (last comment 2010)
  34. USS Columbia SSN771                       (last comment Aug 2014)
  35. USS Columbus SSN782                      (last comment July 2014)
  36. USNS Comfort Family AH 20               (last comment Nov 2015)
  37. USS Comstock LSD 45                       (last comment Aug 2016)
  38. USS Connecticut SSN 22                    (last comment Jan 2016)
  39. USS Cowpens CG-63                          (last comment Apr 2015)
  40. USS Crommelin FFG 37                      (last comment 2012)
  41. USS Curtis Wilbur DDG 54                   (last comment Dec 2013)
  42. USS De Wert FFG 45                          (last comment Dec 2013)
  43. USS Decatur DDG 73                          (last comment Apr 2016)
  44. USS Denver LPD 9                              (last comment May 2014)
  45. USS Dewey DDG 105                          (last comment Nov 2016)
  46. USS Dubuque LPD 8                            (last comment June 2012)
  47. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN 69    (last comment Feb 2017 active)
  48. USS Emory S. Land AS 39                   (last activity Aug 2016)
  49. USS Enterprise CNV 65                        (last activity Jun 2016)
  50. USS Essex LHD 2                               (last comment Dec 2016)
  51. USS Farragut DDG 99                          (last comment Aug 2016)
  52. USS Fitzgerald DDG 62                        (last activity Jun 2017)
  53. USS Florida SSGN 728                         (last activity Nov 2015)
  54. USS Forrest Sherman DDG 98              (last activity May 2016)
  55. USS Fort McHenry LSD 43                   (last activity May 2013)
  56. USS Frank Cable AS 40                       (last activity Aug 2016)
  57. USS George Washington CVN 73        (last activity Jan 2017 active)
  58. USS George H. W. Bush CVN 77          (last activity Jul 2017 active)
  59. USS Georgia SSGN 729                       (last activity Feb 2017 active)
  60. USS Germantown LSD 42                     (last activity Apr 2017)
  61. USS Gonzalez DDG 66                         (last activity Feb 2017 active)
  62. USS Gravely DDG 107                           (last activity Feb 2016)              
  63. USS Green Bay LPD 20                         (last activity May 2015)
  64. USS Gridley CG 21                                (last activity Jan 2016)
  65. USS Halyburton FFG 40                         (last activity Feb 2014)
  66. USS Hampton SSN 767                         (last activity Aug 2014)
  67. USS Harpers Ferry LSD 49                     (last activity Dec 2016)
  68. USS Harry S. Truman CVN 75               (last activity Jun 2017 active) 
  69. USS Henry M Jackson SSBN 730          (last activity Jan 2017 active)
  70. USS Higgins DDG 76                              (last activity Dec 2013)
  71. USS Hopper DDG 70                              (last activity Aug 2016)
  72. USS Howard DDG 83                              (last activity Jun 2016)
  73. USS Hue City CG 66                              (last activity May 2016)
  74. USS Iwo Jima LHD 7                             (last activity Mar 2017 active)
  75. USS Jacksonville SSN 699                     (last activity Oct 2015)
  76. USS Jason Dunham DDG 109                 (last activity Aug 2015)                
  77. USS John C. Stennis CVN 74                  (last activity Dec 2016)
  78. USS John Paul Jones DDG 53                 (last activity Dec 2016)
  79. USS John S. McCain DDG 56                  (last activity May 2015)
  80. USS Kauffman FFG 59                            (last activity Nov 2013)
  81. USS Kearsarge LHD 3                           (last activity Feb 2017 active)
  82. USS Key West SSN 722                         (last activity Dec 2016)
  83. USS Kidd DDG 100                                 (last activity May 2016)
  84. USS Lake Champlain CG 57                    (last activity May 2016)
  85. USS Lake Erie CG 70                             (last activity Aug 2015)
  86. USS Lassen DDG 82                              (last activity Jul 2014)
  87. USS Leyte Gulf CG 55                            (last activity Jul 2014)
  88. USS Louisiana SSBN 743                       (last activity Dec 2016)
  89. USS Mahan DDG 72                               (last activity Sep 2016)
  90. USS Makin Island LHD 8                       (last activity Feb 2017 active)
  91. USS Maine SSBN 741 Bangor                 (last activity Apr 2015)
  92. USS Maryland SSBN 738                        (last activity Nov 2016)
  93. USS Mason DDG 87                                (last activity Sep 2016)
  94. USS McCampbell DDG 85                       (last activity Dec 2016)
  95. USS McFaul DDG 74                               (last activity Apr 2015)
  96. USNS Mercy AH 19 (2010)                       (last activity May 2012)
  97. USS Mesa Verde LPD 19                         (last activity Jun 2015)
  98. USS Miami SSN755                                (last activity Aug 2014)
  99. USS Michael Murphy DDG 112                 (last activity Jun 2016)
  100. USS Michigan SSGN 727                        (last activity Jan 2017)
  101. USS Milius DDG 69                                 (last activity Mar 2015)
  102. USS Milius DDG 69 Friends and Family    (last activity Aug 2015)
  103. USS Mobile Bay CG 53                           (last activity Dec 2016)
  104. USS Momsen DDG 92                             (last activity Feb 2017)
  105. USS Monterey CG 61                              (last activity Jan 2017)
  106. USS Montpelier SSN 765                         (last activity May 2016)
  107. USS Mustin DDG 89                               (last activity Feb 2017 active)
  108. USS Nassau LHA 4                                 (last activity Apr 2011)
  109. USS Nevada SSBN 733                           (last activity Dec 2016)
  110. USS New Hampshire SSN 778                  (last activity Nov 2016)
  111. USS New Mexico SSN 779                       (last activity Dec 2012)
  112. USS New Orleans LPD 18                        (last activity Feb 2016)
  113. USS New York LPD 21                             (last activity Dec 2016)
  114. USS Nimitz CVN 68                                (last activity Feb 2017 active)
  115. USS Nitze DDG 94                                  (last activity May 2015)
  116. USS Normandy CG 60                             (last activity Dec 2015)
  117. USS O'Kane DDG 7                                 (last activity Jul 2015)
  118. USS Oklahoma City SSN 723                   (last activity Apr 2015)
  119. USS Oscar Austin DDG 79                       (last activity Sep 2016)
  120. USS Pasadena SSN 752                          (last activity Sept 2016)
  121. USS Paul Hamilton DDG 60                      (last activity Jan 2017)
  122. USS Pearl Harbor LSD 52                         (last activity Jul 2017)
  123. USS Philippine Sea CG 58                        (last activity Jan 2017)
  124. USS Pinckney DDG 91                             (last activity Feb 2014)
  125. USS Pittsburgh SSN 720                          (last activity Feb 2017)
  126. USS Ponce LPD 15                                  (last activity Apr 2014)
  127. USS Port Royal CG 73                              (last activity Oct 2016)
  128. USS Princeton CG 59                               (last activity Nov 2016)
  129. USS Ramage DDG 61                               (last activity Jul 2016)
  130. USS Rentz FFG 46                                   (last activity Dec 2013)
  131. USS Reuben James FFG 57                      (last activity Apr 2015)
  132. USS Rhode Island Blue  SSBN 740            (last activity Dec 2016)
  133. USS Rhode Island Gold  SSBN 740            (last activity Dec 2016)
  134. USS Robert Bradley FFG 49                       (last activity Oct 2013)
  135. USS Rodney M. Davis FFG 60                   (last activity Nov 2014)
  136. USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76  Families     (last activity Feb 2017 active)
  137. USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 (Wifes, GF)    (last activity Jul 2016) 
  138. USS Roosevelt DDG 80                             (last activity Sep 2016)
  139. USS Ross DDG 71                                    (last activity May 2016)
  140. USS Rushmore LSD 47                              (last activity Aug 2015)
  141. USS Sampson DDG 102                           (last activity Jan 2017 active)
  142. USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG 58                 (last activity Sep 2014)
  143. USS San Antonio LPD 17                           (last activity Jun 2016)
  144. USS San Francisco SSN 711                     (last activity Dec 2016 active)
  145. USS Seawolf SSN 21                                 (last activity Nov 2014)
  146. USS Shiloh CG 67                                      (last activity Mar 2013)
  147. USS Shoup DDG 86                                    (last activity Jan 2016)
  148. USS Simpson FFG 56                                 (last activity Jan 2015)
  149. USS Spruance DDG 111                              (last activity Sep 2016)
  150. USS Stockdale DDG 206                             (last activity Nov 2015)
  151. USS Sterett DDG 106                                  (last activity Mar 2016)
  152. USS Stethem DDG 63                                 (last activity Sep 2014)
  153. USS Taylor FFG 60                                     (last activity Sep 2012)
  154. USS Tennessee SSBN 734                         (last activity Dec 2016 active)
  155. USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71                (last activity Feb 2017)
  156. USS Topeka SSN 688                                 (last activity Jun 2016)
  157. USS Tortuga LSD 46                                   (last activity Aug 2014)
  158. USS Truxtun DDG 103                                (last activity Nov 2015)
  159. USS Vandergrift FFG 48                              (last activity Dec 2014)
  160. USS Vella Gulf CG 72                                  (last activity Mar 2016)
  161. USS Vicksburg CG 69                                 (last activity Mar 2015)
  162. USS Virginia SSN 774                                 (last activity Nov 2015)
  163. USS Virginia SSN 774 (second group)           (last activity Mar 2012)
  164. USS Wasp LHD 1                                        (last activity Jan 2017)         
  165. USS Wayne E Meyer DDG 108                     (last activity Jan 2017)
  166. USS West Virginia SSBN 736                       (last activity Mar 2016)
  167. USS Whidbey Island LSD 41                         (last activity Dec 2016)
  168. USS Winston Churchill DDG 81                     (last activity Sep 2016)


You may also find members with sons/daughters on a particular ship in one of the following groups, or start your own - it's easy and fun:

               AMPHIBIOUS (GATOR NAVY)   Active

               CARRIER FAMILIES  Active

               DESTROYER MOMS  Active

               FRIGATE MOMS   (last activity May 2014)

               HELICOPTER SQUADRON 14  (last activity Jul 2013)

               MN MOMS & MINEMAN MOMS  (last activity Jan 2017)

               PELELIU READY GROUP (AMPHIBIOUS SQUADRON 3) (last activity Dec 2014)

               SUB MOMS  Active

I have listed 168 groups associated with ships plus the above 8 groups. If you have a group that is currently active and would like to have the link to your group included on the above list, please post a comment with the link and/or send me a message.


Checked the information on the ships as they are listed with the Naval Vessel Register.  You'll find it quite interesting.

Click here for a chart of ship classifications  NVR Ship Hull Classification Symbols

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Would you please add the USS is Ship 14 Div 317! PIR of 08/23/2013

Thank you,


These ships are actual vessels in the fleet, not the ships at the RTC. You have joined PIR 08/23/2013 TG 41 and there will later be a discussion within that group for Division 317 and its brother division, Division 318.

 mucho ships  good for USA!

I like the link. I'll incorporate the link into the body of the above discussion. Thanks mucho. :)

Please create a group for USS John F Kennedy. My daughter is assigned to that group...Ship 9, DIV 381.


These groups are for actual vessels in the fleet, not for the "ships" (barracks) at the RTC. You have joined the group, PIR 10/11/2013 TG 48 -12 Divisions (379-388, 820 and 948); Divisions 381 and 382 are brother divisions and train together and will have Battle Stations-21 together, so look for others with loved ones in either division.  There is a discussion within that group for the two divisions.

You may also want to join, or at least check out, Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones) and PIR Reference Information. There will be a lot of great information and support for you in those groups as well as in the PIR group. Be sure to check out the Pages (found under the pictures of the Members) and Discussions within the groups. Arrival and What Happens at the RTC within Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones) will let you know what is happening, but you will also want to check out the other Pages in all of the groups.

(Group names within this reply are clickable links.)

USS GETTYSBURG Having it on here may increase the membership.


USS RUSSELL (DDG 59) It hasn't been active in a while. If it were posted, it might be more active. I've sent someone there today.

# 59 above should be USS George H. W. Bush CVN 77

The "H"


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