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I have been reading through the various discussions and was somewhat surprised by the sorrow in many of the mom's postings.  My daughter just finished basic and is now at A-school in San Antonio.  She signed up as a "Master of Arms".  I did not realize until I researched around just how dangerous of a job that could be and that she could get sent over to Afghanistan, or Iraq.  Although that does concern me, I find that I am not only a proud Navy mom, but very excited for my daughter.  She is having a great time, is pleased with her decision to join, and is looking forward to being shipped off someplace.  Her dream location would be Japan - -she's dreamed of not only going to Japan -- but LIViNG there -- since she was very young.  She's always been fascinated with the Japanese culture.  So I find myself not saddened by the "loss" of my daughter to the Navy, but excited for the many potential opportunties that will be offered to her as she begins her journey. And I do realize some of those same opportunities could be very dangerous....


And for now, I still get to talk to her whenever I want and can visit her soon.  Maybe down the road I will not be so excited, but for now, I am really excited for her and proud of her too.

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You've done a really awesome job there mom! Just look at how wonderfully well rounded YOU raised him, he was even helping 'teach' you! A very fine young man you have there! But, you were extremely wise, and Knew, your son was right, and listened to that voice inside to "Be Happy". Once you can make that peace with yourself even, it just keeps melding together and all are happy! Do be proud of him, he is a fantastic young man! God is most definately looking out and protecting this next special generation of America's future. I would much rather place it in THEIR hands, than at the hands of those who do not give any concern to America or her future, or willing to do anything for her. What could be a more honorable thing than ready to lay ones life for her? God Bless these young men and women, who are so much more than I could ever be! I know, the pride I feel for both my sons radiates outward that I no longer need say it, it just shows! It is incredible, sitting back and watching them stretch those wings, take flight into the most beautiful first solo stage! Ahhh!
You ladies are absolutley right. Tears welled up in my eyes reading your posts of how much love and how proud you are of your sailors. I too feel strongly about my boy and have enjoyed watching him grow.

The Navy has given him many opportunites, For such a young man in today's society and economy it was the best thing he could have done. He now has money set aside from his Gi bill, he has purchased his own car through the Navy federal, has learned a trade, and so much more.

He currently is deployed right now and of course I miss him like crazy.I go to the computer every day to see if I can get some insight as to what he is doing or how is day was.He will be away for his 21st birthday .

But to your point it is imperative to have your sailors know that you support them and love them, so that they can do their jobs at a 100% they do need to focus and not worry about things at home.

He has a girlfriend that they have been dating for almost four years, high school sweethearts and still going strong, plus he now is in stationed in VA and we are in CA so I know this is hard for him and is constantly thinking about her. AND when he does come home who does he want to see and spend most of his time with? I am rambling now I really like her and Imost importantly I know she really loves my son. She is educating herself while he is in the navy and mentioned that in June of next year when she graduates that she was looking at schools in VA to get her Doctrines degree.

Point thank you for the comment it always is amazing to hear from other women about the passion and pride they have for their children. Great job Moms !!
Christians is my son's 21st Bday and he's in Italy! He loves the Navy does miss home but is happy in what he does.

Hi JessicaB,


What does your son do to be in Italy?

I agree with you I let go let God...I put my son in God's hands and know he will be safe..I am so proud of my son that he chose to go into the Navy and I pray that he grows, learns, sees the world, does a great job. he just left Sunday for bootcamp, called us last night to say he got there and I think of him constantly..he wanted to be independent and see the world and have a career..I am so proud!!!  I look forward to the letters, the graduation, all of it!!  

Did you know we have two strong group in Northern California? Just click and click on "+ Join " Feel free to join both groups.
SF Bay Area Navy Families
Northern California Navy Moms
Hi Brittsmom, this is Lilli.
My son is doing Battlestations tonite, and I anxiously await the call tomorrow, and seeing him on Fridayfor graduating., just saw your note.
Congratulations to your Daughter, and you should be proud !!!!
There aren't many jobs in the Military that aren't without some danger, but as you said , this is her choice.
I must tell you, my Son is the youngest of 4, his oldest brother is in the Army, 39 years old, a Captain, and a PA.
he is married and has 2 teenage children, we live 5 min. away, and are very close.he chose the Army right out of high school, I was so mad and scared, he was in 3 years, and was in Germany during the Gulf war.
then he decided 17 years later to go back.and was commissioned.
He leaves for his 2nd tour in Afghanistan the end of May, we have had him back for a year, the time has flown.
My point is , no matter what we think, or do, if this is God's will or , if you wish, our child's destiny, all we can do is love them , support them, care and stand by them.if there are military genes in their blood (ha ha ) we will be helpless to sway them.
you will be scared and worried, and depending on where she goes, and I pray it is Japan, have concern and sleepless nights,BUT, you will be filled with such astounding love and pride, for her choices, it will ease any fear.I have learned the hard way, there is not much we can't handle, and if is their dream, it must be ours.
please hang in there, and know that she will do well.I will be praying for you and your family.Never did I think there would be 2 military men in my family...but it is what it is...stand proud you have a SAILOR !!! Lilli
Hello there! My husband has only been in bootcamp a week and is also going to be MA. I was a little shocked when he told me he job selection, but like you also excited. I think it will open a lot of doors for our family. My husband will be in San Antonio starting in June. Is there any advice you have for me? Have you been able to visit her yet? Once they get to school are they able to communicate more? I hope to tak to you soon!!!
You are a great mom! It is comfortingfor me to hear you speak that way about her decision.
My son is at BC now, he graduates on 5/14/10. I am very anxious to see him. But his dream job is Japan as well.
I dont know what school he is going to yet but I hope its within driving distance and that I can go see him.

Best wishes with your daughter..

I too am a very proud Navy Mom. My son's PIR was April 16 and I was so proud as they all marched in and so proud of how very military he had become in the 8 weeks at BC. He is a very fine young man as all of the young men and women I met that day. He is currently at A School in Pensacola and we have talked to him several times this week. He is happy with what he is doing and that for me is a good thing. I miss him and his laugh but I know that he is doing what he wants to do and there are wonderful opportunities for him in the Navy. For the new Moms, Dads, Sweethearts, Wives and Husbands you will have some tough days but you will have some wonderful days to come. I am proud of not only my son but all the sailors new and not so new. God Bless each of you and your families.
Hello Moms and future recruits and current sailors. It is my time to "Pay it Forward". My son's adventure began in 2004, when after 2 years of college, he was not happy where he was attending college , saw a commercial on tv about the Navy, and at that time their recruitment slogan was "Navy, Accelerate your Life". And that is exactally what he has done and I am so proud of him! He enlisted that year, went through boot camp and was chosen as the "Honor Recruit" for his Division and received his award during the PIR 10/01/04. He left a few hours later on the day of graduation for "A" school in Meridian, Mississippi to learn to become a Yeoman(like an Administrative Assistant), with him having 2 years of college he got to go in as an E-3. He did very well at "A" school and got his first choice, when he was assigned his duty station-Pearl Harbor, Hawaii!! He was there 3 years and excelled and got early promotion twice and when he left he was E-5. His next duty station, Lemoore California with the Black Aces Squadron of fighter jet pilots as their yeoman who traveled with them wherever they were sent. Just one week after arriving in California and moving his wife in there, he had to leave for deployment on the USS Nimitz and got to see a part of the world he had never seen which took him to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Guam. It was during this voyage he earned his Aviation Warfare Wings, became a certified scuba diver and decided to make a LIFE career in the Navy, but wanted to become a Commissioned Officer. There are 3 ways to do this once you are already enlisted in the Navy, He served 5 years enlisted and when he had returned from his deployment on the Nimitz he attended college in Lemoore and earned an Associate Degree. To become a Commissioned Officer, you must have a Bachelors Degree. To obtain this he could apply for a NROTC scholarship, or apply for the BDCP(Bachelors Degree Completion Program)STA 21 program, attend school on his own once out of active duty using his Montgomery GI bill. And there was the Chief Warrant Officer program, which is different in that you don't have to have the Bachelors Degree but an Assoicate. He choose to apply to the one with the closest deadline-the NROTC. He got it first try!!! So he graduated with his Associate Degree in May 19, 2009, then had to attend 7 weeks of classes at the Navy Science Instiutue in Newport, Rhode Island starting on May 24th. He graduated from there on July 3rd and received the Leadership Award!! He then had to move to Tampa to attend the University of South Florida starting his Junior year with his 2yr. NROTC Scholarship in August 2009. He is to graduate with his Bachelors Degree May 2011, will then be Commissioned and if all goes well as he follows his dream, on to Flight School to become an NFO-Naval Flight Officer. So far he has passed all of his tests for pilot and NFO, both physical and academic. I am one proud mom!! We had never had anyone military in our family and this was all a new world to us. The Navy is a roller coaster ride of emotion but all worth it in the honor to serve this great country of ours. So I agree with others on here who have said that the military life is not for everyone, but for those who choose it, are dedicated to achieving success and set goals, it is an outstanding life experience. My son's 5 year enlistment enabled him to get on the path to become a Commissioned Officer. His superior Officers wrote letters of recommendation for him when he applied for his scholarship. His experience and his performance during that enlistment period helped him become that "Officer in Training" that he is today and with no regrets! He will tell you it is a lot of hard work but it will be worth it in the end. So anything is possible once your recruit/sailor enters into the Navy world. There are just endless possibilities out there that they would not have had otherwise. We live in a small town in Kentucky, no where near any Navy base or the ocean. So this is a totally different way of life for my son. He always loved swimming and the ocean when we would vacation near it. When he was assigned to the Black Aces squadron in Lemoore, it opened up his eyes to the Aviation side of the Navy. He was always very athletic and he got to play football for the Navy team on base at Lemoore and also got to play for a semi-pro football team in California, something he would not have had the opportunity for in Kentucky. So there is so much out there for these sailors/recruits. As a nurse myself, I know the Navy Nurse program is a great opportunity to see the world and be a nurse too! So I welcome all the new recruits to bootcamp with enthusiasm and you new moms to this site, NavyforMoms was just beginning when my son first got to Pearl Harbor in 2004 and it has grew into an amazing support system for so many moms, dads, wives, girl friends, sisters, etc. It sure did help when my son was deployed on the Nimitz. So good luck to all new recruits/sailors and I thank you for your decision to serve this country!! May all you achieve your goals and follow them to your dreams coming true!


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