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900's division sailors


900's division sailors

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900 Division Duties

Here is a description of the 900's Division duties written by a former Sailor:

900 divisions are performing divisions. There are 3 types of 900 divisions which will be explained in depth a little further down; staff, state flags, and triple threat. 900's PT less and have much less slack for people who can't pass their PFA or their swim qual, not because we're assholes, but because our "free time" is spent at the drill hall.

Staff divisions, which are all male, run graduation. Their division provides the reviewing commander, master-at-arms, and adjutant for the graduation ceremony. Basically those are the guys that stand right in front of where the CO is sitting and issue commands to the divisions, etc. Their division also has an honor guard that gets inspected by the reviewing officer and/or commanding officer (not 100% sure on who performs the inspection lol). Other than that, they have door openers, bell strikers, bodysnatchers, etc. They go off of very specific cues that help graduation run smoothly.

Next is state flags, which is an integrated division. Obviously they carry state flags, along with U.S. territory flags, and they're kind of like one giant color guard. Their division also provides the actual 5-man color guard (2 rifles, U.S. flag, Navy flag, POW flag) and the drum line.

Last, but not least, is triple threat, which is also an integrated division. They have a band, a choir, an armed exhibition drill team, and non-performers if you don't make the cut or get cut from one of those three. Not sure if all MUs have to be in a triple threat, but I know if you are an MU in a triple threat division you will be performing a solo while the band is playing. The Navy band plays at the beginning of graduation and provides the music you hear in the drill tape during the ceremony, but the triple threat band plays a few songs by themselves and with the choir. I wasn't in band, but I heard the music was prettyyy easy. As for the choir, most of our non-performers came from not making the cut for choir. If you've never done armed exhibition and only have experience in band color guard or armed regulation, you can still do triple threat drill team. For the band people, the rifles are a lot heavier, but you'll get used to it pretty quickly. For armed reg. people, most drill teams do simple, clean moves and save the cool fancy spinning for the RPCO or ARCPO, so as put in the work you're fine.

If you're interested in being in one of these divisions, be aware that only one 900 division is formed per week, but not all week. For example, I arrived on a Tuesday which happened to be the first day they were screening for triple threat. We got a majority of our division strength on Wednesday, with a few stragglers on Thursday. We're housed in ship 02, the USS Reuben James, which is the closest ship to pretty much everything. Only 900 divisions live in ship 02, and when you first get there you'll be sharing a compartment with a senior division that's about to graduate.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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Ship 02 Div 951

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Ship 02 Division 949

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Ship 2 Div 948

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Comment by lakerunner11 on Thursday

Just found out my SR is ship 2 div 951!  I can't wait to hear more.

Comment by chatwithchristi on September 3, 2019 at 10:04pm

MyNavyRoo, Div 952 should be Ship Staff/Honor Guard. My son was in 940 and was Honor Guard and did not have music or ROTC experience. Honor Guard carries the rifles at graduation for inspection. Ship Staff can be an assortment of duties at graduation.

Comment by MyNavyRoo on September 3, 2019 at 9:39pm

Just found out my Son is Ship 2 div 952!!!  Not sure what he will be doing as he does not play music and wasn't part of rotc.

Comment by Mom of a sailor (Deanna) on August 11, 2019 at 9:19pm

DIV 944 making phone calls! Got to talk to my daughter for almost an hour! So excited. She sounded well and in good spirits. Prayers for test number two and next week’s PFA.

Comment by Rose of OH on August 10, 2019 at 9:30pm

Chasemom, I'm happy you got your letter! My son says he thinks their Division has what it takes to be exemplary!

Tammy_Girl I'm glad your son had a good experience in Boot Camp! 

MomofaFutureSailor(Deanna) Glad you found my wordy post helpful! Yep, I think I've got the 900's rotation worked out in my head now, and 947 is the next Flag (or "Sticks") Division after 944. (I could be fuzzy on that, but one of our expert moderators can help me out if I'm wrong!)

I just posted a link to Boot Camp Terms on the discussion for Ship 02 Division 947:

Comment by Mom of a sailor (Deanna) on August 10, 2019 at 8:27pm

Rose of OH - Thank you for the very thorough explanation, it made things make a lot more sense. My daughter is in DIV 944. She too said she carries a flag.

Comment by Tammy_Girl on August 10, 2019 at 8:04pm

Rose of OH --how exciting, thanks for sharing.  My son had his PIR 12/14/18 --but I so enjoyed reading your son's Navy journey through boot camp.  My son was in a 900 Division as well, it was all male though.  Kudos to your son.  My son never thought boot camp was that bad.  So happy and proud of you and him.

Comment by Chasemom on August 10, 2019 at 6:57pm

Hi Rose, we got a letter yesterday from our SR. It sounds like things are going ok for them. 

Comment by Rose of OH on August 10, 2019 at 6:40pm

So, here are a couple of news bits I got from my son in the first "real" letter from him. He wrote it on Wednesday, it was postmarked Thursday, and arrived today. Not bad for the USPS. 

He claims that the first 48 hours after arrival at BC was rough, since they weren't allowed to sleep for 40 hours. Yep, 40--not a typo! He said they had to stand almost the entire time, except while they were eating, so his feet were pretty tired (his exact words were "my dogs were barking for a couple of days.) After that, it hasn't been bad at all, he said.

He said that they "were in HOLD from Tuesday through Sunday" the first week--waiting for the DIV to fill up, I assume--, then did all of their medical last week and got cleared for "full duty" on Friday. 

He likes being in a 900 DIV, and said his selection for it was connected with his ASVAB scores, Rating, run time, etc, though he did not know that in advance. (He certainly is NOT a musician, nor has he ever marched or carried a flag or been in ROTC or anything like that.)

He had a chance to write to us on Wednesday because he had all 4 wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday, which meant he was able to stay in his rack (bed) and rest, study, and sleep all day Wednesday. 

At 24, my SR is the second to oldest in the DIV. He said that counting him, there are about 10 Nukes in the DIV. (I don't know if any of the Nukes are females--will have to ask. Just curious.)

Apparently, they all have jobs in their compartment, and his is "Forward Hold P.O." which involves passing out supplies from the cleaning closet. Not exactly a grueling task! But he's practically a grandpa there, you know. LOL

He passed both his initial written test and PFA workout. Yay!

He said there are "about 47 guys and 40 females" in DIV 947. They will be performing State Flags in 3 graduations starting September 13 and ending with their own. My SR is currently assigned the CA flag, but that could change. Nothing is guaranteed in the military!

He said as of Wednesday they had not been given any hint as to when they might be able to call home, but he said if they find out when long enough in advance, he'll try to write and give us a heads up. 

He mentioned Sandboxx, which I have read about on this website, and said it really expedites mail, so I may figure it out and give it a try. 

Has anyone else connected with DIV 947 heard from their sailor yet? I hope they are all having a positive experience! 

Comment by Rose of OH on August 10, 2019 at 5:48pm
So glad you heard a good word from your daughter's boyfriend, poolywho. It's like winning a prize to open the mailbox and see that letter in there!

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