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Well I know a lot of us had been posting ideas bout what to send in care packages. I know I see a lot of cool stuff then when it comes time to send a package again I cannot remember any new ideas! So I would love to have one place to come to get a ton of cool ideas! So feel free to post any ideas you have about what to send even if it seems obvious!!! Thanks in advance for the help!


So far: I have sent Christmas Candy, sunflower seeds, snack packs of oreos, nutter butters, and chips ahoy, crystal light packets, an OSU shirt, a keychain photo frame that I can add pics to and send it to him, some of his favorite mints, some wherthers originals, razors he likes, our chrismas card, some picutres, I am getting two magazine subscriptions he wants. I am also gonna buy some beef jerky.


I would love any suggestions! <3

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Ethan has asked for Spam and Qtips so far. lol     I send jerky in every box and he likes protein bars. When he was home I showed him the Old El Paso tortilla stuffers that you heat up in a microwave and can put in a tortilla or he thought he could just eat out of the pouch. He also said the Uncle Ben rice pouches would be good to. I'm goin to send cookies and rice krispy treats when I get around to it. There aren't as many in his shop now so there could be enough to share. You can always find a theme and go from there. One wife, decorates the inside of the box and then gets things to go with it. Football theme, Thanksgiving dinner (too late for that but you get my drift) You could do a New Years theme and throw in a party hat or some horns along with the goodies you send. I have a Flip video camera and would make movies of Addie and burn them onto a CD. The USO and Rocketlife will let you make a photo book for free and they will send it to anyone that is deployed. Here's the link   

If he chews gum, Ethan always was asking for that and I bought lots of hand sanitizer to send. I sent a 'little' and I mean little box with bandaids, advil, Pepto Bismol tablets, just a few things that would help without going all the way to medical if he needed something. I asked when he got back if he ever used it and he said, one bandaid and a couple advil is all. I told him it was because he had it there and that it kept him healthy. lol

christmas peeps!

beef jerkey, chocolate candy, thermal underwear, writing papers, gum, cough drops, dvd movies,

Love the group meagan, Thanks

I have been reading many post and ideas, this is what I have come up with. I have no idea what he'll use but I figure he can always give what he doesn't use away.  I hope once he get the first pkg he can let me know what he likes.


The Christmas care pkg, lots of Christmas cookies, pralines, candy canes, in a Christmas stocking w/name and a Christmas card. Starbucks Christmas instant coffee, paperback book, and international phone card.

Next care pkg

Nongshim Bowl of noodles, add water and heat. Hormel have a big variety of Compleat meal, just heat up, Armor dried beef, small pks of crackers, beef jerky, jar of peanuts, single serving peanut butter pks, pretzels, batteries for reading light. Travel size deodorant, tooth paste, toothbrush, floss,  single serving drink mixes, hot coco mix, movie size candies, gum, chap stick.   Small tide to go  mini pen, I really don't know what he use at this time. He did give me the name of his favorite author so I will include a book with each box.


I sent alot of stuff last year, but after being on the ship for the TC, I got to see what it available to them daily and whats not. Like they have access to cereal all the time, and a large variety to pick from, they have access to trail mix packages, granola bars and pop tarts to. He has a microwave in his shop, so its easier for me to send complete meals and silverware, than it is to always send a bowl for him to heat up in. The bowls sometimes arrive cracked and then he has nothing to heat up stuff in. I witnessed the food, and its aweful, sometimes cold, dried up, tasteless, etc. They are not lieing when they say its terrible. They will stay alive on it, lol but its not good. ANYTHING FROM HOME IS GONNA BE APPRECIATED!! I am sending the Hormel and other brand complete meals, the large bowl ones that you remove lid and put in microwave, and he loves the mac and cheese that goes in microwave. This next box I send Im sending some home canned sloppy joe meat and then a bowl to heat it in and some fritos and canned cheese sauce to eat it with. I send gum, a bunch of medicine stuff such as pepto pills, kleenex, excedrin PM, advil, carmex, triple antibiotic, band aids, cold pills, etc. Its nice to have that without having to go down to the store if your sick. He told me he used the cold pills and the triple antibiotic alot last time. I send protien bars, popped top canned fruit and veggies, canned juices, popcorn for microwave, jerky. This last christmas box  had lots of christmas candies, his gifts, stocking full of stuff, tooth brush and tooth paste, peeps. He got chocolate candy from me last year and he said it arrived just fine, it wasnt melted at all. My daughter sent her own box this time and she put in Jiff to go, a tiny bottle of ranch dressing, (he has small fridge in shop) chocolate covered cherries and blueberries, chocolate pretzels, candy, slim jims, BIG pixie sticks, suckers, sour candies, he loves sour stuff. I hate it, lol. But there is almost unlimited possibilites for boxes. Its what they like that matters. I go to the dollar store and Big Lots for my stuff. They have alot to offer. Canned juices are nice because they are not allowed to take a container of their own down to the galley to fill up. They have to use a glass from down there and then leave it when done. That stinks but its the rules. A emtpy water bottle is nice, they can fill it up in the galley or in the berthing and take to work with them. Hope this helps. I have changed a little bit of what I send this year to make sure he gets good stuff, I promised better boxes than last time because of how bad the food is. If I can help out with any ideas, let me know.

great ideas ladies keep em coming! I know there are times I get stumped at the store so hearing all these different ideas can help us all out!

I love doing arts and crafts and I wanted to send him something special, so I crocheted a tiny sailor with the "dixie cup" cover. I figured he would get a kick out of something that I had made. I think that they would enjoy something hand made, a nice reminder of the people that really miss them back home.

I'm totally new to all this care package stuff, but I'm a little surprised at how bad the food etc is on board. I suppose I assumed that sailors would be fairly well cared for in that respect.

I finally got some ideas for things to send today (ipod headphones, peanut M&M's and Slim Jims lol!) TBH as a British person I have to find out what Slim Jims are before I find any to buy hahaha!

I can see the challenge of putting a box together could be rather will keep me entertained.

Do most of you use those USPS flat rate boxes? Is there a limit on size??


Glad to see you hopped over here and joined us!! :) Slim Jims are yummy!! lol well I love them! haha they are like beef jerky sort of? lol its hard to explain! I need to buy hubby some of those too! lol


As far as food goes... its not very good. The cooks end up cooking 3 meals for almost 5000 ppl so they are hard pressed to cook anything extremely well. Its a tough job. Some sailors actually got scurvy one underway!!! So send lots of food! Also I send snacks bc they can buy them on board but it gets pricey so its cheaper if I send them!


I use these boxes usually. You can order some online and have them sent to your house for free! :) they cost 12.95 to ship. No matter the weight so pack em full!

you will also need this customs form which you can also order for free!


I decorated the inside of my box this time and might do the same next time. I am also gonna try and do cakes in a jar!

I've sent cake in a jar to my sailors. I will send a container of frosting along with it also or you could get a tube of the cookie frosting and send. I always send the tub because it is cheaper than the tube and there is always someone who will eat the left over frosting in the tub. lol I think I am going to send pie in a jar the next time. Ethan doesn't eat many sweets but one now and again doesn't hurt and since it will last as long as it isn't opened, he can save it for a day that he just needs a little homecooking :)

good idea! My sailor doesnt care for sweets a lot either! But I know he loves a little something every now and then

How do you make a cake in a jar? very curious =)

I will post a link just a second I am attempting mine tomorrow!!! 


I have seen some sites say to boil the jars too. Idk for sure about that aspect. You can use any regular cake recipe. I am using boxed ones bc I am staying with a friend and she doesnt have a lot of baking stuff that I would need and I dont want to be a bother. :)


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