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Hi Everyone, 

First, I want everyone to know how grateful I am for this forum.  I have searched so many blogs and forums for support and I feel that I found it here with you all although my situation is different.   I am a spouse of a future sailor whose ship date is June 24, and I am just about to lose it. We were not expecting his ship date to be this soon but the rate he wanted became available and we jumped on the opportunity.  The downside is that we have less than 3 weeks to prep for BC.

Can someone share any knowledge they have about the current situation in bootcamp?  My understanding is the recruits will be in quarantine for 14 days and these days are not part of BC.  And that BC itself will only be 6 weeks as opposed to 8.  We could not get straight answer from his recruiter as to what to expect during these 14 days which definitely is making us anxious. 

I guess what we want to know is:

What type of activities can he expect during quarantine?

Will recruits be allowed to call home during this time since it is technically not bootcamp yet?

Thanks in advance!


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Welcome Tara, I will let the newer mom's that are going through Boot camp now answer your questions because they have a better idea on what to expect through this pandemic. I just wanted to welcome you and let you know we are here for you. Some of the ladies are working  or just busy and can't get on right away but be assured they will answer you. Glad to have you here. God Bless

Good Morning Tara,

Welcome to our group. You have come to the right place. If you post on the main page there is a lot of information for you to read. belovedbyhim just posted some for one of our new mom and it has a lot of good information in there. What to expect in boot camp, her blog is called the making of a Sailor. Yes he will be in quarantine for 14 days and they are part of bc. Boot camp is 8 weeks all together. 

There activities I believe is push ups  and some other things. They were allowed to but that privileged was taken away. So no they are not allowed to now. Hope this helps.  :)

Post on the main page so the other new moms can let you know what it's like in quarantine since some of their SR's are in there.

Welcome again. 

Hi Tara, 

Welcome! This is an extraordinary group that we've both been blessed to find.  My daughter left on the 27th and she's still in quarantine until the end of this week. It seems like the recruiters really don't know much because all the info he gave me was wrong.  He said she'd have her phone but they took it, and said she could have a Nintendo switch but they took that too.  She was able to call me quickly before they took her phone.  The most recent sets of bc recruits are all on this new trailblazing frontier along with you.  From what I've heard in the group, these two weeks do count, and they are doing some training to the best of their ability during the quarantine.  I'm hoping that by the time she is done, they will allow parents once again to the ceremony.  What I also wanted to tell you is if they still are not allowing you to go to MEPS to watch him swear in, you can see it afterwards on Facebook.  Join the page for your state. Mine was New York MEPS, 2nd BN, US Military Entrance Processing Command.  Her recruiter didn't tell me about it or seem to know about it.  My daughter texted me and showed me the page.  Hang in there!  BNMH's to you.  I'll keep you posted as her journey continues. 

Hi Tara - I see you've gotten a few responses to your question which is good!  You should be able to get most of your questions answered here in the boot camp group.  These are unusual times and things are constantly changing right now - look at it as good preparation for Navy life!

Here's the link to another group that will be beneficial to you.  It's not real active but there are a few ladies that check in there periodically:

Girlfriends fiances wives of sailors

Hang in there!


I am glad you at least posted a question in the discussion. I do recommend, as I just posted, that you also introduce yourself in the main comment wall on the BC Mom group. We have walked through BC with several wives / spouses, including some expected ladies as well!! I see that B'sNukeMom (who is one of the Admins for the site) gave you the link to some other groups that may be of help to you as well. If you wish to share with her your SR's (seaman recruit) rate, she may be able to direct you to a group for that rate as well. 

For up to date BC information, this is the group. I see that deniseg has answered some of your questions, she is just a few weeks ahead of you and has some great information as do others if you read through recent posts in the main comments section. 

The SR were allowed to have their phones and some electronic devices, during quarantine, but those privileges were lost when another SR did not follow orders. My impression from what I am reading is that everyone's situation, while similar is much more likely to me just as different and just as varied because of the quarantine. One mother expected her son to graduate last week and had not heard from him, finally had a call to find out they had been pushed back a week again. Now she is waiting for the "I'm a sailor" call this week. So, flexibility is the key. This time of BC uncertainty and silence is as much a part of your training as a Navy spouse as it is training for them.

No, recruits will not be allowed to call home during BC, but still have your phone ringer on high and close at hand. Because you never know when there might be a call - but "No News is Good News!!" 

There is some limited exercise that is going on and some fitness testing, I believe as others have mentioned. My suggestion, when you are really missing your guy, that is when you exercise, think about him, encourage him through that bond of the spirit that you have with each other as a couple, write letters - but not how much you miss him - you are working on learning how to be strong and tough as well. He needs to know that when he is away, you are able to hold down the home front. Do read BelovedbyHim's recent comment in the main group post. There are things she mentioned there that are important for you two to get accomplished before he leaves, especially with regards to finances and notifications in an emergency. 

Also, I think he may be able to read, so pick up a few inexpensive paperbacks, that he can leave behind, pass along or even toss once he goes from quarantine to RTC. 

Don't hesitate to ask more questions. Navy hugs to you, sea sister!  You can do this. It is hard. My husband was Army reserves but also traveled with work. We grow stronger as they do as well. 

Thank you all so so much for the warm welcome and for answering some of my questions.  I feel better now knowing I have a big group of strong ladies I can call on for support.  I will definitely post on the main page and will also keep you gals posted as I learn new (and hopefully correct) information from my SR's recruiter. 

Much love, 


Hi Tara,

It's a good thing that you found this site prior to your spouses' ship date.  There is plenty of information on here and so many fantastic ladies to seek advise.  When my son shipped to GL the day after Memorial Day he had his last MEPS the day he flew in GL and was then sent to quarantine for 14 days.  Before he left from home he was told he could bring his cell phone since he would be in quarantine.  But when he arrived at the hotel he just learned that he wouldn't be able to keep it due to people abusing the rights to have a phone.  Later that night I unexpectedly got the "I'm here, I'm safe call.  The call was about 15 seconds and so I assumed from that point on that will be my last call  from him for now.  He was able to bring a few items with him during quarantine which your spouse could ask his recruiter on such items.  My son was able to bring tennis balls, jump rope, playing cards, exercise bands.  I hope this helps.

He is also married with a young soon-to-be 10 month old baby here at home.  I'm actually trying to get his wife to join this group. 

Hi Tara (and Zanes G-ma)  I did just post last night for a new mom who's SR (Seaman Recruit) was leaving later this year but I will post it here again since it was just as one of the Veteran moms was sharing her news.

– Welcome!! First off, Take a DEEP Breath...... Let it out!! Good! Now Do it again..... and Again.... And One More Time!!!! I know if feels scary and some of what I'm about to suggest will also seem scary but it's going to be OK!!! I cried like someone had died when my son left. That has been nearly 7 years ago now! You have a lot to learn but we will be here to help and teach you!
You don't have time to learn a lot before your husband leaves. I suggest that you read my blog So you have an idea what Normal looks like. It seems that some of this stuff is happening while they are in Quarantine  

I also HIGHLY Suggest you watch the Videos on the Left of this page on "The making of a Sailor:

Since you are Married there are a few “Scary” things you will want to address before he leaves.
1. have a Power of Attorney for his Health, Bank and any Property (car, house....) he may have. You can get these for Free but may need to pay to have it Notarized.  It's worth it!
2. Talk with him now about who and when he'd want to be notified if something happened back home. They don't get to come home (Normally) and some young people decide they are ok not knowing until after BC For anyone not immediate family.(Immediate Family is Mom, Dad and siblings, unless your recruit is Married in which case it's Spouse and Children. Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles are not considered immediate family unless they raised the recruit) Don't forget to ask about pets and friends.
3. Get the paperwork ready for him to get a Passport before he completes A School. He may not need one since they can usually travel on orders when overseas but it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. We were told my son would not need one but his first duty station was in Italy. He could travel anywhere in Italy but he couldn't go to any other country. That meant he had to scramble to get one when he came home on leave a year later so he could go to Germany to ski the Alps and Tour Castles! He could have done more but he didn't have a passport.
4. Watch the Videos “The Making of a Sailor”. That will show what “Normal” Bootcamp is like. Please keep in mind that your sailor may or may not have a”Normal” time due to COVID. Lots has changed and keeps changing on a near daily basis.
5. Memorize and repeat (daily, hourly or moment by moment) “No News is Good News!!” and “Semper Gumby” (Always Flexable)
6. Additionally as a spouse go with him to set up joint bank accounts at Navy Federal Credit union if there is a branch near you.  They don't have to use NFCU but it's advisable since they understand the Navy life and have support worldwide 24/7.( Among other benefits)
7. They will CALL home during Bootcamp!!  You have 2 for sure calls, the "I'm here" 15 second scripted call and the wonderful "I'm a Sailor" call (They don't call them this, that's just what we call them)  Nearly every SR will also have the "I'm still alive" call -- That one can be tough- homesickness and getting yelled at takes a toll), They can also earn additional calls (up to 2 more for a total of 5 calls in 8 weeks).

Part 2-- Your recruiter is NOT a reliable source of information!  Their job is to get warm bodies to Boot Camp by whatever means possible and hopefully legally.  It's not that they don't care or Love the Navy and want your SR to do well, but there are limits as to what info they have access to and what they are Allowed to share due to OPSEC and PERSEC rules!
OPSEC= OPerational SECurity  PERSEC= PERsonnel SECurity
As you have been advised, Join the main page discussions for the fastest answers to your questions or support for concerns.  We are all volunteers from all over the country with different experiences.  We will do our best to find the answers you need as quick as we can. 
Try and share him with his mom/dad if they are close.  The ability to call or write is limited so reach out to them to share when you get news and ask the same if they get news. Please don't make him choose, He needs all the positive support he can get right now!
I was a Navy Wife for 7 years.  My DH was in ROTC during college and we moved to his first Duty station in CA 2 months after we got married.  Due to a SNAFU we didn't have a place to stay when we arrived after driving all night to make it on time (His swearing in was delayed due to a mix up at the University so we had less than 48 hours to pack, say goodby and drive from CO to CA) I had to learn quickly how to navigate the Navy machine.  Keep ALL your important papers handy and have several copies available (Marriage license, SS Card, Birth Certificates, A copy of HIS orders!) You will need these until you are issued your Military ID card! Learn that the Navy thrives on Paperwork and KEEP copies of all "Official" documents for Just this side of Forever!!
The life of a Navy wife is not easy but it is worth it!! You will learn that you are stronger than you know and that you can love deeper than you thought! Work hard on supporting him and getting support for you while you are apart!  It is NOT easy, this life you have chosen, but you CAN make it great!  Love is a Choice and you can Chose to love him no matter where life or the Navy take you! Commit yourselves only to each other and choose to remain faithful and your Time can be the most beautiful and rewarding time!! We were apart for over 5 of those 7 years he was in and there are times we miss it.  Last month we celebrated 32 years of marriage (35 together)
Welcome to the Fleet and the Family!

BelovedbyHim - Thanks for sharing with Tara! 

Tara - I do want to make one comment with regards to bank accounts. I as well highly recommend getting a NFCU account set up before your husband leaves. There is also an Easy Start or First Start 3 year CD that your husband will be able to set up if he wishes. It offers their highest rate of interest. It is worth asking about if you can go into one of their branches and set it up. Otherwise, they have 24/7 help online. He will need to have his check Direct Deposited to that bank account or that CD to be able to be utilized. I am telling you about this now, because I think one of our other wives had a surprise when her husband set it up and changed their bank accounts while in BC, I don't recall the details exactly. 

Also, be sure you  have a joint account with NFCU - they are much stricter on their accounts and have to have a POA vetted (approved by their officials) before it can be utilized, but with a joint account it is a lot easier ( I am joint on my son's). 

Third, this is information that I gleaned from my sailor and his experience with other married friend's of his. NFCU is great and they will deal with things world wide, but as I said they are also stricter than some and if they see an issue with an account where the security might have been jeopardized, they will freeze the account. - So be sure to ask them about this, and my sailor had the impression that having a second bank account as an emergency fund was a good idea, if this should happen. I know this is a lot to process in a short amount of time - but it is the stuff that is harder to deal with afterwards.

Another suggestion is to also get your passports - If you can find a location at a university or a stand alone office they are much faster. If you go to a PO and they say they have to help the next postal customer in line first, just smile and leave. (You will save yourself spending all day waiting for them to finally help you - a lesson my daughter learned). It is not mandatory but highly recommended and depending on your location may be easier to deal with now than later. 

One last thing, here is a link to one of the information pages on the main BC Mom page which will be very helpful to you. Recruit pay & info for spouse

All the best to both of you. I echo BelovedbyHim's comments about marriage and staying strong and committed to each other. It is worth it!! 

Hey Tara,

Just checking in to see how you are doing? How's everything going? Getting everything ready for bootcamp? Let us know how your doing.  

Take care.

Hi Tara,

My son started Quarantine 02-June.  I've been entering data from other Moms/Loved ones into a spreadsheet and I think I know what to expect now!  The confusion for me was that everyone seems to start quarantine on different days of the week.  Boot Camp start dates are Mondays and PIR dates are Fridays, which makes sense.  I wasn't sure if he'd be in quarantine exactly 14 days from when he arrived (late in the day of MEPs but not his Ship Date!) and then is on hold until the next Monday or what.  But it appears that they are making up some time during quarantine, probably getting a bunch of the forms out of the way and SRs are rolling into the next Monday for week 1.  The average is 27 days from start of quarantine to receipt of the form letter. (I have a line on the spreadsheet that calculates where I am at today - 20 days!)

Best of luck!


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