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Hi everyone!

I'm so happy to hear some of you are getting to talk to and see your loved ones!! The first few weeks of boot camp were the hardest with zero communication. New Moms.. my heart goes out to you!!!

Along with many other families, I haven't been able to see my son since January when he went to boot camp due to this virus.

He is now in A/C school (I think that's what it's called)in VA. We are able to talk/video chat which I am SO thankful for!!

My son is struggling and I know he just needs to see us and he'll be okay. He is in a two week quarantine after leaving GL. We have been quarantined at home since March 21st so we're all clear and healthy.

Does anyone have information about on base visits in VA? Who can I contact to find out more information?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Your sailor will be the best one to keep you informed on the CVID lockdown for the base. I know from my sailor who is in A school in SC that his bases lockdown may end sometime next month.

Somar - Thank you!! He said last night the only date he knows of is June 30th.

somar - Just curious, do you know if they have told the sailors at GC, if they are allowed to have visitors - Like meet them at the Panda Express? There is a spot where we could pick up our sailor and meet him near NNPTC that was public access? Or if they were allowing visitors into NNPTC. I was just wondering. 

Joanna-I'm sorry to hear about your son struggling.  I also have not been able to see my son since January when he graduated boot camp.  I am thankful that we were able to be part of that and I know since then the parents of sailors have not been able to be part of the graduation and my heart goes out to you all.  We were to go to his graduation from A school but that was when everything started to get crazy with rates skyrocketing and that was put to a halt.  My son has made it to his base and is currently in quarantine.  It has been a struggle for him as well.  They have put him up in a very comfortable temporary housing but 14 days is a long time to have nothing to do.  I know it is necessary but it still isn't easy.  Just reaching out to let you know I understand the struggle both for our sailor and for us as parents.  Stay strong and lots of prayers.  

Jodi B - Yes, the quarantining can be hard and rather boring!!  Just an FYI - I don't know if your sailor likes to read or not, but my son would download audio books and download reading stuff into tabs on his laptop. So, that he could read even when not able to have access to data or WiFi - He had to do a couple of Hurricane Evacs during his A School and Power School Training. Now he has things downloaded on his phone, so when he does have freedom on the ship to have something to listen to, it is available already since he can't usually download. Just a future conversation topic to have with him. 

Hi Joanna,

I did not see your post here. Yes, as far as sailors traveling those restrictions have been extended until June 30th, but it also depends on the base and location. Some places are allowing family members to come visit, some are not. Some might, but the sailors just have not asked for permission. So, as hard as this is, YES, your sailor is always the best source of information for you.

I will still see if I can figure anything out for you. What A school is he attending, do you know? What is his rate? 

Chipmunk - all he has said is sometime next month we could see him. Just keeps asking when will we come. My response to him soon as you let me know when the restrictions have been lifted. We haven't seen him since he left in Jan. Graduated boot 3/27. Due to quarantine and him getting strep while in quarantine he only arrived in GC last week.

somar - thanks for the update!! I understand how hard this is to not see your kids. But I think it is especially hard to have our kids go to BC and all through that process, and then leave for A school without a chance to connect one on one!  

As far as I know, travel restrictions are still in place through June. As far as getting on base- you have to have a military id in order to do that or be with someone that will sponsor you while there. If your sailor is just starting A or C school, they have to earn privileges (rank up within the school) before being allowed off base, allowed to wear civilian clothes or have visitors. That’s how it was for my son when he was in A/C school. It also depends on his command.

I know it’s hard, but the quarantines are for everyone’s health and safety. Protocols must be followed or it can put a whole command at risk. I feel your pain as a parent. My sailor is stationed in VA and we have not seen him (and my dil) since the first week in December. We found out by FaceTime on Easter that they are expecting our first grandchild. We haven't been able to give hugs or help my dil while he’s in and out of underways.

Boot camp is for making sailors; but it’s also for making Navy families out of their loved ones. It teaches us to handle the separation and little to no contact and make the most of calls, letters, emails and visits together. Hang in there, be strong.

A suggestion- if he is able to get packages and mail- get his address (posted usually on the quartermaster board in his barracks ), and send a care package with his favorite cookies, snacks, books...anything to give a little bit of home in a box for him. Letters too help- just like in boot camp.

Sending you nmhs (Navy mom hugs).

Cameronsmom - Thanks for your reply!! Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first grandbaby. I understand how hard this is. Our first grandbaby was born almost 6 months ago and I was able to be down there for a few days afterwards, and then our sailor got to see his niece at Christmas but we have not been since, it is so hard.  My daughter found an APP called Family Album that lets her send pictures and up to 3 min. videos from her phone either to members in her group. She can set it up to send to either a phone or in my case to my computer email. It is the only thing that has eased the aching arms of this grandma. 

My sailor is stationed in VA as well and there are a lot of young moms/ wives of sailors on his ship. It is hard to hear their stories of struggle during this time, I wish I could just go and help each and everyone of them. 

Thanks Cameronsmom-  I need to hear this as well. I struggle sometimes with not seeing mine either. Mine has been in for almost 3 years. He is in Florida for the time being.

Congrats on becoming a grandma. I know it's hard when they are so far away. 

Thanks again for your encouraging words. BNH's to you.  


I sent a private message to you. You should find it in your inbox that is in the upper left corner. 


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