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**UPDATE 4/26/2022** Effective with the May 6, 2022 PIR 4 guests will be allowed.  Still must be fully vaccinated to attend.

**UPDATE as of 11/10/2022 PIR vaccination is no longer required.

**UPDATE 7/29/2021** You now must be fully vaccinated in order to attend PIR:

In light of observed changes and impact of the Coronavirus Delta Variant and out of an abundance of caution for our recruits, Sailors, staff, and guests, Recruit Training Command is restricting Pass-in-Review (recruit graduation) to ONLY fully immunized guests (14-days post final COVID vaccination dose).  


RTC Graduation

**UPDATE 8/25/2022 - MASK MANDATE IS LIFTED.  Vaccinations still required.

**UPDATE 11/10/22 PIR - Vaccinations no longer required.


Please note! Changes to this guide happened in October 2017. Tickets are now issued for all guests, and all guests must have a ticket to enter base. A separate parking pass is no longer needed to drive on to base for parking.

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This is meant to share information for those whose sailors are flying out of GL. There is other information posted in the BC Mom pages but those follow the "normal" protocol. I am sharing our experience and also explaining some exceptions to the normal, which have been common among my fellow friends, especially those in the Nuke Moms group.

First of all, after PIR, the Midway Ceremonial Drill Hall is only open for about 20 min or so till all the families clear out with their sailors, after hugs and pictures. A mass exodus begins behind the drill hall, as family members are allowed to walk over toward the Chapel and the NEX area, just follow the crowd. The NFCU branch at RTC is also open and they had drinks, cookies and restrooms available to the visitors. Although liberty is called immediately following PIR, each sailor is responsibile for their specific orders. Those staying in GL for A school have their own set of requirements which are discussed elsewhere. Sailors flying out from GL, generally are released for liberty immediately following PIR to spend the afternoon / early evening with their family. However, there are exceptions which I will explain later. Your sailor is the only one able to tell you their flight information. If your sailor forgot to write down the flight information, or didn't think they had any way of carrying it, as my son thought, they are allowed to return to their ship to retrieve it. That is about a 40 min round trip walk, in the meantime, you may visit the Photo Nex, or the regular NEX and look around. On RTC, you are not allowed to go to their ship with them. The Nex also carries deli type sandwiches and meals in their refrigerator section, if you have to wait long for your sailor. You may make purchases, they just won't be tax free.

At this point in time, if your sailor is free for liberty, they will know when they must report back to RTC that evening. It is always best to be early, even an hour, as there was a long wait line to drop sailors back off at RTC. You are not allowed to drop them off and let them walk back on RTC, they must be driven in. (It is my understanding that each person returning to RTC must have their ticket with them.) There is parking between the chapel and the Nex, so you can return a little early, park and then shop or just visit and take pictures with their fellow sailors. It is a good 20 min. brisk walk (no running) as I recall for them to return to report in at their ship or other designated spot. They can not be late and on time is considered late!  They may NOT have any electronics or cell phones. They are still on RTC, not off site, as those that stay in GL are. If they haven't already packed, they will need to pack, and prepare for one of two very early leave times on the bus. ( I choose not to post times for OPSEC) They will get what amount of sleep they can, before loading the bus. I took a small black drawstring bag to GL and we packed it at the motel: cell phone & charger, favorite running shoes, and a lightweight change of comfy clothes, that he knew would fit in his backpack. I took these to the airport the next morning. If they have a laptop, bring it in it's carrying case, it should hopefully be allowed as another carryone item, or place in the backpack.

Sailors will fly out from one of three area airports, usually the day after PIR, to their A school location. You should have the flight and airport information from your sailor. If they had to go pick up their orders after PIR and you see them, be sure to take a picture of the flight info or write it down. Do not leave RTC without knowing from your sailor their flight info. Remember they won't have any way of calling you with the information, unless they borrow a phone once they get to the airport. Your sailor will know which time their bus is leaving, so you can judge when they should arrive at the one of three airports. You may meet them there as soon as they arrive. If your sailor flies out of O'Hare, they will be dropped off near the USO office that is outside of security and be greeted by a USO volunteer who gathered all the sailors in one area. We were given instructions as to when to meet back for heading to the ticket counters and also a reminder that someone needed to stay with the sailors luggage. Each sailor has a large sea bag, a garment bag, black backpack, plus their manila envelope containing their orders to keep track of. The sailors fly out in their dress uniforms ( Tide To-Go pens for the whites / lint rollers for the blues). The backpack does not meet uniform regulation so it is carried in their hand, along with their garment bag, and orders, while they wear their sea bag. The USO is open for the sailors to visit and get food, beverages, and use the restroom (other restrooms are also available). The USO is small, so on the weekends only sailors and ID'd military are allowed. Other family members are asked to wait outside, however, they did give our sailor food to share with us.

At the appointed time, the USO volunteer lead all the sailors and parents to their appropriate terminal for ticketing and baggage check in. The parents followed but waited until another check in area was opened where we received our guest passes. Be sure to have ID's for all parties, including children to receive gate passes. (Our group was very large - probably 100 sailors getting ticketed for various AA flights that morning - smaller groups may operate slightly differently). Once you and your sailor have gate passes, you will proceed to the security checkpoints and go through TSA security. Remind your sailor the day before, what the TSA guidelines are for liquids and what may or may not be placed in their backpack, especially if they are new to flying. They will check their sea bag and garment bag. Once passed security, you may proceed to the gate with your sailor until their flight. We actually watched the takeoff. Food may be purchased now, and empty water bottles filled. We definitely had some odd breakfast times. My son slept for almost an hour on my lap. He had one of the earliest flights out and we spent almost 6 hours with him at the airport!! 

Even if your sailor is not flying out until a later afternoon or evening flight, they will still be taken to the airport usually on the later of the early buses, and at least at O'Hare, I believe will be greeted by the USO volunteer. You must be there with your sailor before they go through security in order to get a guest pass. If you don't do it in the large group, or are at one of the smaller airports your sailor will have to wait for you. They will have to go to the airline for their flight and ask for a guest pass for you. We were reminded that this is a privilege that the airlines offer military families. Id's must be shown and you and your sailor all go through security together. Keep in mind the earlier you do this, the less likely you are to encounter crowds and long lines. If your sailor is waiting for you, they should get their tickets and bags checked ahead of time, preferably with any other sailors in their group. This will help insure their checked bags stay together when loaded. If they go on through security you can not get to them and they won't have their phones. It is my understanding, from other posts, that the USO areas for the other two airports are within the security area. And I believe that O'Hare has one within the security area as well. If you can not be there when your sailors bus is to arrive at the airport, then my suggestion is you plan to meet them at the ticketing counter of the airline they are to fly out from, if at the smaller airports, as it may not be feasible to meet at the USO. Also, encouarge your sailors, if they don't have a mate around to borrow a phone from to ask someone. It is always my pleasure to let someone in need use my phone to reach a family member.

Keep this in mind though, depending on the A school and number of sailors flying out there will be one sailor in charge of a group. (I forget the title) but that sailor is responsible for making sure that all of their sailors board the flight. In our sailors case, the leader was responsible for securing the transportation from their destination airport to their reporting duty site. My son's group was so large, once they arrived, they had to wait for a 2nd transit to transport them and their luggage. This is one of the reasons it is not recommended to give your sailors an extra piece of luggage with clothes, etc. even if the airline will fly it for free when they travel on orders. As you plan your time to rendezvous with your sailor, please keep in mind all of the other variables and that other young new sailors are all trying to get to their destination, under orders, without any mishap. Stay as flexible as possible and keep your family and your sailor at the gate where they are to board. If you are waiting a long time and need food, send a family member to get it, not your sailor. The airlines started early boarding and had room for our sailors to actually fly up front, so they were ushered on first, but we had a straggling sailor and our leader was getting very nervous about all of them boarding together and being on the plane, her responsibility was to make sure they were all there. So be considerate. It is hard to say good-bye but be strong and let them go.

Now for the exceptions:

#1 - Your sailor may not have their orders finalized prior to PIR as was the case with our son. This seemed to have happened a lot this fall with various ratings, the main one I saw this happen to at our PIR was Nukes and Subs. Needless to say, we sat in the top row of the Great Hall balcony and when we reached our son to finally get a hug after PIR, his words were, "I am not on liberty yet, I have to get my orders still, I will meet you at the Nex or outside the chapel. I have to go." And he was off. We waited almost 6 hours, I believe, outside the NEX and later the chapel, seeing our son pass back and forth a couple of times, gleaning tidbits of info. We finally figured out where there was food in the NEX, since they no longer had a food court as another mom had told us. The last time our son passed by, he finally had his orders. Thankfully, my husband thought to take a picture on his phone of the flight info, or we would not have known. It still took a long time for our son to get from the NEX to his ship, find someone by then to check out with and walk back to us near the chapel. (He was also developing blisters on his heels due to the dress shoes.) By that time it was after 4:30 pm as I recalled. We headed to our motel which had a restaurant next door. While our sailor showered and napped in comfy clothes we ordered pizza and brought it back to the motel room where we ate. Due to the long delay with finalizing his orders, my son could not find his RDC to check out with and did so with the Quartermaster. My son gave his word, he would at 8 pm, regardless of the other's return time. Ahead of the crowd, we returned him at 7:30 pm to the parking lot. He checked with a few shipmates, deciding to head on back to his ship. He made it just in time to report to the Quartermaster. (Don't underestimate your sailors knowledge of how long it takes them to traverse RTC! He was encouraging us to leave earlier.) Our PIR was before the tickets, so we stayed on site to wait for our recruit. He had no way to call us, and our pass was only for PIR. If I was doing it now, I would check when I pick up my tickets to find out if you have a delayed sailor whether you need to stay at RTC or if you can come back and pick them up with only your ticket. Especially if your sailor hasn't told you in their "I'm A Sailor" call that they have their orders finalized and in their hands. I was just glad our plans to take the shuttle had not worked out and we had driven to RTC.

#2 - Not every sailor that is going to A school out of state will necessarily fly out with their TG or other division mates. Some sailors are held back at GL for various reasons in what is called THU (Temporary Holding Unit). This is not on the RTC site, I believe it is with the housing for the A school sailors. This generally happens because something is missing from the medical or security file that MEPS did not catch. My main familiarity is with this happening to the Nukes headed to Goose Creek, SC (GC) for their A school, but it can happen to other sailors as well. There can also be delays at the A school, such as when the various hurricanes hit, and local evacuations or airports closures were in place, the sailors stayed in GL. Sailors in THU are allowed to have their phones and laptops with them. Their stay in THU can be anywhere from a 1 -2 days to several weeks. I am familiar with various scenarios of recent THU time, from other friends of mine. While in THU, your sailor will be assigned a job or task to do, and some say it is worse than bc, and they just want to get to A school. Depending on the school, being held in THU doesn't necessarily mean your sailor won't class up with others from his TG, so continue to encourage your sailor. While your sailor may not be happy with this situation, I know moms especially who really appreciated having the extra time to spend with their sailor that weekend.

#3 – Any other scenario not yet known or shared that deviates from the normal expectation!!

Bottom line, stay flexible. If your sailor actually flies out, they will most likely do it sometime on Saturday, whether early morning or later afternoon. If they are held in THU, then they will be allowed liberty on Saturday and Sunday, just like those sailors that stay in GL, if they fly out on Sunday, it will still be limited. Plan your travel as best as you are able to accommodate alternate scenarios and remember, only they can give you, their flight info, and you are not to share that with others. Do not post anything online about their travel, until you know they have safely arrived at their destination and reported to their new command. Then you can let family members know they are safe and sound. Phones are allowed only at the airport or in THU, they are not allowed to return to RTC the evening of PIR with their phones. Those who do are in violation of protocol.

These comments are based on our experience with a Nuke sailor flying to SC the end of August 2017, which was also prior to the new "ticket" rule.

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I realize this is long, but it is intended to be a place where I can direct other family members, especially those who are Nuke, to a place for more detailed information that is not shared in the other pages regarding flying out from GL to A school.  Also, if someone has a specific question, they can post it and it should come directly to my personal email so that I know to get online and respond.

Is the family suppose to bring the sailor is packed luggage? And I 've read where boxes were sent home. Do these boxes contain the clothes and other things the sailor took to bc?

Charbo3 - I am glad you found this helpful. Phoenixmom also sent you a link if you go to pg 3 of this discussion, if you did not notice it.  Re: packed luggage, most families just bring an extra change of clothes, favorite tennis shoes, and underwear for their sailors and then also their cell phone and charger. Some bring laptops. I just brought these items in a drawstring bag that I took to the airport and my son was able to fit the items into his backpack.  They do not have a lot of room to carry extra stuff, they can't wear their civilian clothes until they "phase up" (earn the privilege to) and it depends on how long their A school is and size of their BEQ (bachelor enlisted quarters). If you know your SR's rating then hook up with that group and they will be able to give you more information on what is worthwhile or not to send with or to your recruit.

Re: box sent home - Yes, your SR will send home a box with their cell phone and clothes they were wearing. Sometimes it is called, "kid in a box", I think ours arrived about a week after he left for bc.

Hi Chipmunk, So you asked me some questions about this past Friday's PIR and subsequent flight/airport etc... So not knowing what was going on before 4/15 - our group that was headed out to FL together (approx 16) were told the day before that they were going to be bused out shortly after liberty check in to Chicago O'Hare airport.  They left around midnight.  They stayed in the USO lounge basically right up until time to go through any security and board a 6 am flight out.  My son's father was able to go to the airport in the wee hours and hang out with him while he was at the USO.  I don't know if he would have been allowed through the gate since he also moved his flight up to 6:30 and so they basically went through security around same time and then parted ways to board their flights.  They got NO sleep all night after graduation so they were pretty bug eyed.  Once they arrived at A school, they were given a very short debriefing to get them through the weekend and then turned loose other than muster all the way to this morning. So they fortunately had a full day off yesterday and they were able to rest and get their rooms set up.  Also if any of the Mom's are curious - our group is in "indoctrination" in a building to themselves for 3 weeks until they will be moving to their real room and put into the general population at which time they will be able to use civilian clothes within approval and also get some liberty including overnight liberty.  So happy to hear that as I plan to drive down and see him and we are thankful to have him close enough by to do that.  I hope everyone's experience goes well and yes - FLEXIBILITY is key.  NO need to stress on anything you cannot change.  Once you accept that, life Is easier LOL. Have a great day ladies!

Hi Lila, 

Since this is not posted on the last page of this discussion, I just want to mark this as dated April 18, 2022. 

Thanks for the update, I appreciate your response!! I am surprised that the sailors were able to stay in the USO lounge, because my understanding from being there with my son was that it was not very large (at least at that time) but it is good that they were able to stay there. 

It sounds like things are progressing back to the way it was when my son was there almost 5 years ago, as I shared above. I am glad that you were able to quickly figure out FLEXIBILITY!  

Regarding INDOC, each A school will have slightly different housing circumstances and liberty rules and when they are able to wear civilian clothes, so for others reading this, be sure to check with your sailor and see what their specific rules are. 

Phoenixmom - here is the shorter version, so you can find it and copy and paste it as needed, if I am not on BC Mom main discussion group. 

This is my short concise version of what PIR is like for sailors flying out of GL.

The normal scenario for sailors flying out of state to their A school is that they will be released for liberty immediately following PIR. They may spend the rest of the day with their family and are expected to report back in the early evening. Your sailor will know when they need to return and plan for being back at RTC about an hour or more prior to their report time. In the Navy, on time is considered late, and you will want to avoid the long line of cars waiting to get back on RTC. You should be able to return to RTC (be sure to have tickets for everyone) and your sailor with his ID.

Your sailor may not bring any electronics back to RTC, including their cell phones the night of PIR. If your sailor's flight out is the day after PIR, they will leave at one of two very early morning departures for one of the three area airports. Flights out are based on where the Navy got the best ticket prices, so just because one group for an A school flew out of O'Hare, doesn't mean all of them will. Be sure to get flight information from your sailor before you leave them at RTC. Only they are allowed to tell you their flight, and you are not to share their flight information with others, especially not on social media. You may meet your sailor at the airport to give them their cell phones. If you wish to go to the gate with your sailor, they will have to take you, or in the case of very large groups, the USO volunteer might assist you in acquiring a guest gate pass. Be sure to have ID for everyone, including children, and be prepared to go through TSA security with your sailor. You may stay with your sailor at their gate until they depart on their flight.

This is the normal scenario, there are a few exceptions. These exceptions and further details are explained in in my discussion  What PIR weekend may be like for those flying out of GL Sometimes your sailor has to finalize their orders, in which case they are not actually on liberty immediately following PIR, and you will need to wait for them at the RTC NEX. Other sailors have been moved to THU and they most likely will not fly out that weekend. They are not housed on the RTC site and may have their phones and computers and you will most likely be able to spend the weekend with them, just as parents of GL A school sailors are able to do.

How many gate passes can a sailor get at the airport? 

Seabeemom - I don't think there is a limit, within reason. But everyone has to have their ID or TSA approved ID for children. I know of one family, that there were five or six and one was the grandmother, they all got passes and went to the gate. Another, I know their teenage daughter forgot her ID in the car and they ended up not being able to get a guest pass for her and so I don't think any of them went in with their sailor. 


  1. Ok there are 4 of us and I’llake sure my teenager has his school id .thanks 

The ID for your teenager has to be a TSA approved ID, I believe, the same as if they were going to fly on the airplane, I don't know if a school ID will qualify. I had to have a state ID or my son's birth certificate for us to go to PIR (pre-ticket days), We got him a state ID, which he will also need to get on base for his brother's A school graduation. You can double check with the airlines, you might call American Airlines or look up TSA rules to find out. The airlines issue these guest gate passes as a courtesy to the military families, but you go through the same security.

This worries me! My 14 year old daughter does not have an ID & I didn’t realize we needed one! What do I get for her?

Her birth certificate (a copy works), SS card, or school ID will work. See page 4 of The Form Letter. It has "Identification" at the top. Those will also work at the airport.


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